Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

**We gathered all of the Double Wedding Ring posts in one page.  If you want to review a past step or start your own quilt you can all of the posts here.**

We’re plugging along.  We’re cut and ready for some sewing.  First we’re going to making the rings.  We’ll be making LOTS and LOTS of rings.  The main thing to remember when making these is that there is a narrow and a wide end.  The narrow ends are ALWAYS together.

There is so “secret” to the sewing.  It’s just regular chain piecing.  You can see in the photo below that I have a bunch done behind the needle and I’m starting a new batch.

Feed two right sides together through the machine….

Once those are through find a piece that is different and feed those through.

Easy peasy.  All the narrow ends are together…all the wide ends are together.

There needs to be six pieces in each small arc.

Feel free to add your new pieces on either end.  Just make sure that the narrow ends still are together.

I suggest having a bucket or pan with your pieces in to dig through find colors that will contrast.

After you get a bunch sewing, head to the iron.  I don’t iron until all six pieces are sewn into the arc.  Here’s my first pile….see? …

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along-Cutting Efficiently

We have a page with all the Double Wedding Ring steps here.

Hey…are we ready to get started on your Double Wedding Ring Quilt?  Last week I suggested you need to:

-decide on your pattern size
-make templates (optional)
-pick your fabrics
-get a 28mm small rotary cutter (optional)

I told you that I am making mine just like the last one I made so…I’m aiming for this….Some calculations will be happening and it might end up just a little bigger…we’ll see.  It depends on how long my momentum sticks with me.  I have no rules or plans for all of this.  We’ll just make it up as we go.


I had a leftovers from the last quilt so I am using them.

I had PLENTY more to cut though and Kelli was fabulous and helped me out a bit with that.

I thought I would give you some cutting tips…but before I do that I would like to make a suggestion.  Cut out enough things to make nine blocks.  Give it a try first before you cut it all out.  This really isn’t a hard quilt once you get the hang of it but it’s not a quilt that everyone want to put the time into.  Nine “centers” would give you a cute little table mat…but if you’re ambitious and determined, go for it.  Cut out the whole quilt!!

Now onto the cutting instructions for the CENTERS and MELONS…. …

The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

**We gathered all of the Double Wedding Ring posts in one page.  If you want to review a past step or start your own quilt you can all of the posts here.**

For now, the Whatever Wednesday posts are going away.  In place I am going to be sharing with you a Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along.  I made this back in early 2014 for Kelli and Jason as their wedding quilt.  After the wedding Kelli and I submitted it to American Patchwork and Quilting.


It was featured in the June 2018 issue four years after I made it!  You can find back issues of the magazine here if you want one.

People had asked me for a quilt along so they could make one…I had said yes….and then life got busy.  I was hoping to start in June but here we are in July just starting.

I’ll be posting about the quilt on Wednesday’s of each week.  I’ll put in a linky in case anyone else is quilting along and wants to share.  I don’t want this so be super regimented…that for me is no fun so some weeks I might not get anything sewn on this….Life is more important than quilts!!


If you’ve studied double wedding quilts you might know that they come in all sorts of sizes and coloring.  Traditional is white where I have blue with scrappy rings…but now days, there is no normal when it comes to double wedding ring quilts.

This is another double wedding ring quilt I made.  This was for our son Buck and his now ex-wife Jen.  Notice that the centers are a variety of navy blue colors.  Notice that the rings are patterned.  There is a gold/cream pattern happening. …

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