A Curious Ruby

For Christmas my son Karl asked for a trapper hat.  I didn’t really know what he meant until he said that he wanted one with the ear flaps and to just google it.  I was a little shocked he wanted one but then he explained that he walks about a 1/2 mile to college each …

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Weekend Visitor

Over the weekend we had a visitor.  Barnaby….better known as Barns. That’s Barns all decked out in his Christmas sweater.  He is HUGE.  He is a mastiff and boy oh boy is he a big boy. Kelli went to pick something up off the floor and met Barns face to face.  Honestly, his head is …

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Dixie Finds a Home

Last week on Thursday I got an email from the Humane Society saying that someone had questions about Dixie, our foster dog.  I emailed back some information and crossed my fingers.  The lady got back to me and said she was checking with her husband.  I was really hopeful. Then about 45 minutes later I …

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