Dog Adoption Event

We had a busy Sunday.  The kids were home.  We had an outing with friends and Polly needed to go to the Humane Society’s Adoption event.  Even though I have fostered, I’ve never been to an adoption event before.  Even though I wasn’t in the market for a dog, it was nice to see all …

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Stress Reliever: PUPPIES

The week before the wedding was crazy here.  Many things had waited until the last minute and that had us scrambling. One day Kelli was here on the verge of tears….I told here come here.  She came to the computer where I was sitting and we spent about 30 minutes looking at Lonesome Grove Beagles‘ …

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Fun in the Mail

I have been having such fun getting the mail lately even though I have to step out in the VERY COLD Iowa temperatures.  My mail box has had a couple bills but the fun mail FAR out weighs the bills. A week or so ago I asked blog readers to send me one 2 1/2″ …

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