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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Pup Update

Before I get to the pup update I want to give you all a big shout-out.  Do you remember some time ago I mentioned that I put together a needs list for our rescue?  The updated list is HERE.  I delivered everything when I picked up my last pups and the rescue coordinator was so impressed by your generosity.  Believe me, I was too!!  She ended up taking this picture and did a write about you all on their Facebook page.  We all want to thank you.  It’s support from others that really keeps up going.  THANK YOU so much!!

Now to today’s post:
You all might remember that last week I got some foster puppies.  I started with three and am down to two.  One of the black ones was only at my house for a day and then he went to another foster.  Before he left, he got lots of loving.  If you missed the story about me getting them, you can find that HERE.

They were vetted on Wednesday.  All three went.  The boys were neutered and shots and the girl the white merle colored was spayed and given shots.  Her name is Mindy.  The boy I’m fostering is Mork from the old television show Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams.  The other dark male is Mahomes.

Here is my after school crew getting some puppy snuggles.

The kids just love…Read More »Pup Update

New Puppies!

If you’re new here, I foster dogs and puppies through HEART Animal Rescue.  You can find out more about them HERE.  We are a foster rescue group.  All of the dogs are fostered in a home while they are getting their vet work done and we’re finding a new home for them.  We work out of the tri-state area of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Last week I contacted the rescue coordinator and told her my house was so quiet without a pup or extra dog here.  She laughed and said there would probably be puppies coming in.  She wasn’t sure exactly how many or what breed.

It can be iffy when we hear there are puppies to pick up, especially if the dogs are coming from an Amish surrender.  Many don’t have phones so communication can be sketchy.  Also sometimes at pick-up, they will say, “Oh, take this one too” or “We thought there were three but we sold one before you got here”.  It’s always a mixed bag of possibilities when the dogs are picked up.

This time there were three.  They are mini Australian Shepherds.  There are two males…the tri-colored ones.

The merle is the one I’ll be fostering.  She’s a …Read More »New Puppies!

Lefty Finds a Home

The pen in my kitchen is empty.  It’s a little sad.  Ever since just after Christmas I’ve had a pup here.

I told you all before but it bears telling again.  THANK YOU for buying items from the Amazon links I provide.  Amazon gives me a small commission for sending you to Amazon.  I save those commission dollars and buy things that I know you all would want me to have…like this fence for the puppies I foster.

I had a tall higher one with a hard-to-use latch for the door that was much taller and more cumbersome.  This one is perfect.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  These are for indoors and outdoors and come in many sizes.

I used it for…Read More »Lefty Finds a Home

Left Behind Lefty

My little Lefty is getting left behind.

You might remember that I got Pancho and Lefty shortly after Christmas.  I think it was the 31st.  Lefty is the one on the left.

Lefty had an approved adoption before he has even gone to the vet.  We thought he would be going to his home on January 3rd, but that person backed out.  She never met Lefty.  She just thought circumstances that had come up made her believe that it wasn’t the right time for adding a new pet.

Lefty had another approved adoption.  He was supposed to meet his new family on the 13th.  But, that adopter called back and decided that she was older and maybe a puppy wouldn’t be the best idea.  She never met Lefty…just decided they weren’t a good fit because of age.

So, we’re working on …Read More »Left Behind Lefty

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