Weekend Happenings

I didn’t have a super busy weekend…plenty busy but not super busy.  I have my daughter Kelli’s kiddos here on Saturday.  I warned her that I had a cold but we both agreed that the kids had remnants of colds as well and we thought we all got if from the same place.

From left to right, it’s Emmett, Georgia, and Eli.  Previously they were all really hard to take care of.  Nowadays, it’s getting much easier.  The boys are talking and can say, limitedly, what they want.  That has been so helpful.  What isn’t as helpful…they get into Georgie’s “set ups”.  She just freaks out but it is so much better now.

The kids were immediately… …

How Can You Foster?

How can you foster? It’s a question I get all of the time.

“How can you let the dogs go?  I would get too attached” is another thing I always hear.

“I could never let them go” is yet another thing I hear.

I’ve been fostering dogs for about six months now.  Oh, my word…I love it.  Fostering totally fits me and my lifestyle.
-I like being busy.
-I like breaks from busyness.
-I like fixing bad or hard situations.
-I like flying under the radar.
-I like sharing my blessings.
-Chaos doesn’t scare me.
-I’m not afraid of vomit or poop.

Another truth…I love volunteering and being part of a bigger group, but I hate meetings where people argue over the color of the curtains in the kitchen at church.  I hate meetings where everything is tabled for the next meeting because there are too many “feelings” involved.  I hate being any part of anything where someone says, “this is the way we’ve always done it”.  Once someone says something like that, I’m headed to the exit sign.

I’ve been with the rescue now for 6 months.  Never once have I heard anyone bash another person.  Never have I heard arguments over anything.  I love it.  Everyone has a common goal of doing whatever we can for the dogs and for the families who are going to adopt.

My own kids have kind of laughed and rolled their eyes saying, “Can you believe my mom has five dogs at her house right now?”…Then Kalissa went with me when we met Connie and handed off Rusty to her.  Oh my.  To see their happiness…to see Rusty go to like Connie like they were meant to be.  Kalissa said, “Yah, I can see why you do it.”  She even got teared up over it…I did too.  We both got attached to Rusty, but seeing Connie, was priceless.

Kalissa and I talked about it on the way home.  I told what I have to tell myself over and over again… If I keep another dog, that means I can’t help all of the other dogs that need help.  That’s why I can give them away.

You might remember Annie…She was the first pup that I fostered that I gave away.  I got her after I got Izzy.  She’s the pup that Carver latched onto and was really upset over when she went to her new home.  When Carver got upset, I thought again about if doing foster care was the right thing.  I decided it was.  Carver, and all my grandkids, need to learn to be helpers even if in the end, there is a little pain.

Giving Annie to her… …

Puppies….and Dogs.

I have news about my dog fostering.

Miss Mindy is HOME!!!  Not her furever home but with me home.  WHEW.  What a long haul for her, the vet, and me!  She was originally spayed back on February 1st.  She was home with me on the 2nd and 3rd.  She landed back at the vet on the 4th and is finally back with me on the 8th.  Oh, what a joy to see that sweet little face.

Mindy had a rough few days.  Her spay surgery was that one in a million that didn’t go smoothly.  She ended up with an infection that required IV meds…poor girl.  She had improved on and off but never made the complete progress they wanted to see so on Wednesday they opened her back up, cleaned up the scar tissue and everything and she is now back home with me.  WHEW.

I have her meds.  Lucky me, I get to give her meds.  She actually has done okay with taking them and she’s still small enough to sit on my lap so it’s not too hard.

I’m working with the family to try to figure out when they want to pick her up.  She was cleared by the vet to go with her new family as early as today but I’m a little leary about that as she seemed fine last week at this time but then Saturday everything went south.  If the family is committed to keeping up with all of her meds and watching that incision, she can go home.

The poor girl is going to have to wear a cone for 12-14 days.  It was stressed that she’d have to wear it for the FULL 12-14 days.

We’re working on figuring out a good time for us all…but before long his sweet girl is will be on her way to her new life.

Next up I have a report on… …

Pup Update

Before I get to the pup update I want to give you all a big shout-out.  Do you remember some time ago I mentioned that I put together a needs list for our rescue?  The updated list is HERE.  I delivered everything when I picked up my last pups and the rescue coordinator was so impressed by your generosity.  Believe me, I was too!!  She ended up taking this picture and did a write about you all on their Facebook page.  We all want to thank you.  It’s support from others that really keeps up going.  THANK YOU so much!!

Now to today’s post:
You all might remember that last week I got some foster puppies.  I started with three and am down to two.  One of the black ones was only at my house for a day and then he went to another foster.  Before he left, he got lots of loving.  If you missed the story about me getting them, you can find that HERE.

They were vetted on Wednesday.  All three went.  The boys were neutered and shots and the girl the white merle colored was spayed and given shots.  Her name is Mindy.  The boy I’m fostering is Mork from the old television show Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams.  The other dark male is Mahomes.

Here is my after school crew getting some puppy snuggles.

The kids just love… …

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