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The Craig and Jo Show: Sewing Room Updates

I told you a long time ago that I was going to tackle my sewing room and really get it organized.   This all started about the time Covid struck this spring.  I did a lot then but then stalled out.  I was stuck on where to go next.

Then Lori Holt did a video on how she was redoing her sewing room (watch that HERE) I was so inspired I started fixing my sewing room again.

I was trucking along really good and then more Covid hit and Buck, who was going to help me put together an island with a countertop, shouldn’t come to my house.  Covid in Iowa is terrible.

So I was stuck again.

Then I saw that some local junking ladies were having their junk sale.  That was just what I needed.  I’ve been scouring for sale sites looking for a dresser but didn’t see anything that I thought would work.

The gals showed a preview of their sale….  I’m just showing you a few pictures.

You can see that there were a lot of dressers.  This one was my favorite.

This is only a small sampling of the photos they had of their preview.  I was so wanting to go.  With Covid as it was, I knew I really shouldn’t go.  But, DARN, I wanted to go.

The sale opened at noon on Thursday.  I knew it would be so busy.  UGH.  This is really the best sale around.  Everything is reasonably priced.  Oh, I was so mad at Covid.

Kelli came over on Friday and I told her about my frustration.  Then we got talking about it and decided that we would go.  We decided we thought being this was the second day of the sale, the crowds would be gone.  If we went and there were a lot of cars, we just wouldn’t go in.  So off we went.  It’s only about 15 minutes away.

I was so excited when we got there because… Continue reading

The Craig and Jo Show

It’s been some time since there has a been a Craig and Jo episode here on the blog.  Since Craig started working on the farm, he’s typically working on the weekend and there isn’t a lot of time to do anything extra.  Also, we have gotten a lot of the things done around here.  Of course, there is always something we could do but nothing urgent.

You might remember that I bought this old piece for my entertainment center before Covid….

(I’m requesting that you not leave any comments about mounting the television on the wall.  It’s on my list but I have to afford a new television first.  I think I’ve talked about it long enough that the kids have it on their radar for me for Christmas/Birthday.)

I’ve wanted to put a back on this old piece with cubby holes ever since I bought it.  I almost didn’t buy it as there wasn’t a back.  I put blocks and small toys in some of the bins.   The kids’ napping stuff goes in here too.   With no back, as time goes on, some of the toys sift their way to the back of the bin and fall out the back.  It’s a pain.  Plus I have wanted to hide the cords and in general, just make it look neater…another reason I want a wall mount television too.

I can stand things so long and then I just can’t anymore.  Enough is enough and I want all the projects done.  That was what happened Labor Day weekend.  I finally quit feeling sorry for myself that Kramer isn’t here to do all the things for me, pulled up my big girl pants, and started doing the things I can do.  So on Labor Day weekend, I decided it was time to start on the project.

So I had the local lumber yard set out lumber for me and had Karl pick it up.  Karl cut the boards for me.  (check out my new vanity for the downstairs bathroom that the boards are sitting on!!)

I stained them…

…and on Sunday…. Continue reading

Season Two: The Craig and Jo (and more) Show

It’s been a long time since I had the Craig and Jo show.  Well Sunday was the day for us to start our “new season” as Craig said.  Kalissa had worked the overnight the night before and needed a quieter house to sleep in…and there was a larger snow even overnight that made Craig need to work on Sunday morning.  I volunteered to watch the boys until Craig got back from working and then we could start a few projects.

Karl and Carver joined in on the fun of working.  It all started with a lot of little things….

First furniture moving….

I had a busy weekend which included a road trip with Kelli to hunt down some living room furniture.  It was successful and I’ll tell you more about that day and do a living room update for you in another blog post.

From there Craig hung pictures in the upstairs bathroom and living room. 

He bent some hooks in the upstairs bathroom.  He was hopping from project to project.  Most of the things really didn’t take long.  It took longer to find the items needed to fix or hang it than it did to actually do the job.

Carver was a big helper.  On a break from being in the garage, he went out and started shoveling snow.  He vowed to do the whole back patio but was back in the house in 15 minutes because his “hands hurt”.

While the boys were busy, I was watching Gannon and making food.  Craig put in a request for burritos and Fruit Pizza Brownies (recipe HERE).  I was a good mother in law and made his request.

From there Craig and Karl started in on the bathroom in the basement.  I’ve been wanting to spruce it up.  Kramer and I never did anything with it.  We had it on our “to do” list last winter but then he got sick and all projects went to the wayside.  We did hire someone to texture the walls.  He did a “meh” job.  He never textured behind the toilet. UGH.  Now I have to somehow deal with that.

Anyway…the bathroom had a cement half wall about 18″ tall.  I talked to Craig on a different day wondering how we were going to make that look okay.  Our idea was to do this…cover it with wainscotting and put a cap board on top.  To do that Craig and Karl searched the garage to find a tool that pounds a nail into cement…then support boards and then the actual wainscotting.

Here’s how it is looking now…. Continue reading

The Craig and Jo Show: The Dishwasher Edition

I had been having trouble with my dishwasher.  I couldn’t get it to drain all the time.  This was about 3 weeks ago.  I hit the cycle rest button, changed the setting and it seemed to be better.  I was happy.

But last week, this started happening.

The water wouldn’t drain.  UGH.  I was so frustrated.  I loaded the dishwasher again.  I changed the setting like this before.  Same thing.  At the end of cycle the water wouldn’t drain.  UGH.

I decided it was time for me to figure it, or time for a service man, or time for a new dishwasher.  None of it sounded good to me.

To the computer I went.  I wanted to fix it myself if possible.  If I couldn’t I thought I’d ask Craig.  He’s so busy but maybe on a rainy or snowy day he might be able to help.  I was the first option though so at the computer I googled, “Dishwasher won’t drain”.

Lots of Youtube videos came up.  I tried to find one that had the closest dishwasher to mine.  So I retyped, “GE Dishwasher won’t drain.”  I found a few but not the exact.

I watched and figured out first get the water out so I can see what I’m working with.  I tried the things they suggested….that didn’t work.  So I started bailing the water out.  I got that done and started taking the dishwasher apart.

I cleaned the filter..I cleaned out below.  Nothing worked.  Next I figured out the drain was clogged.  Ugh.  That means going under the sink.

Under my sink didn’t look like any of the videos.  They all had garbage disposals and I don’t have one.  Hmm.  Okay, what is the drain?  I am so embarrassed.  I know nothing.

By now I was more than frustrated and the second that happens, I cry.  Seriously, why does frustration more than any other emotion, make me cry.  So now I was on the phone to Buck.  I sent a picture.  What did he think was the drain for the dishwasher.  Me I thought the tube on the bottom right.  Buck said,  “Mom, your plumbing is different than anything I’ve seen.”   Of course, like I said to you all, I don’t have a garbage disposal.  We chatted, I crawled all the way under the sink and realized myself that it was the PVC pipe on the upper left.

I told him and got off the phone, went to get a plier and got Kramer’s.  I was crying all over again.

Oh my word.  Who knew a clogged dishwasher drain could be so emotional??

Well about then Kalissa called and asked if I could watch the boys.  Her car had been acting up and it was time for a new one.  It was snowing and Craig was getting off of work to go with her to get it.  They were hoping I would watch the boys.  I said yes, but could Craig give me 20 minutes or so when they got back to look at the dishwasher.

I had it all apart…I really didn’t think it would take much more time than that….and it didn’t.

He stuck a “snake” in the dishwasher drain and like that it was all better…see? Continue reading