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Tackling the Main Floor

If you read the blog regularly, you know that I’ve been tackling my sewing room.  It’s still not done…Last week I didn’t get any time to do anything up there but…I shifted gears and did some work on the main floor.

Carver was at my house four days and two overnights.  On Thursday we both had enough of each other.  He asked if he could watch TV and I said, “Sure”…and that was the start to the changes I made on the main floor.

I started with the childcare stuff.  I hadn’t parred down and gotten things to a “grandma” level of toys.  I started with cribs.  I had two on the main floor.  Nope.  I don’t need two.  I did end up keeping one after calling Kayla and she said she preferred having one on the main floor for when Jasper I kept one.  The other I gave back to the family that borrowed it to me.  Then I realized I had another crib in the basement.  I messaged one of my childcare parents to see if their new childcare provider wanted it…she did.  Then asked if she wanted a table…she did…then I ask..and then we came to the conclusion she’d take whatever I wanted to get rid of.  Hallelujah.  That was awesome.  That gave me just the motivation I needed to clean stuff out.

Carver wasn’t so hot on some of the toys finding new homes.  I’d have to sneak stuff into a box so he didn’t see.  We ended up putting aside several toys for him to take home.

By the time I finished, the back of the pickup and the front seat were full of things.  I am so happy to have all that childcare stuff GONE!  Honestly, I still have enough stuff that I could start a childcare but this much is an okay amount.  What a can of worms I opened!!

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There was a time in my life that I thought I was invincible.  If I set my sight on something, I was going to get it.  If I wanted something I was going to achieve it.  If something was working against me, I was going to beat it.

It was this attitude that let me start smoking when I was 16.  I was an occasional smoker…not a lot.  By the time I was 19, I was a regular smoker…again, not a lot.  At best I maybe ever only smoked about a half a pack a day.

I heard the warnings….but I didn’t listen.  I was invincible.

HJ-Story :: Love is.. Feeling Invincible | TapasNothing was going to get me.  The bad stuff from smoking happened to other people.

As I got older..and pregnant, I stopped smoking.  I wasn’t going to risk my baby.  But after that baby was born, I started smoking again…remember, I was invincible.  That stuff wasn’t going to get me.

Before long I was pregnant again.  I quit smoking again.  I had the baby and started smoking again….because remember, I was invincible.

Before long I was pregnant yet again…this time I quit smoking for good.  I quit because by now, I realized this stopping and starting was silly but mostly, because I didn’t want to afford it.  Trust me, I still thought I was invincible….Things weren’t going to get me.

My first real encounter of learning that things weren’t always going to be in my control and  I wasn’t as invincible as I might have perceived myself to be was in the fall of 1989.  It was the start of what Kramer and I deemed to be our “year from hell”.

Kelli got very sick.  We seriously almost lost her.  She had epiglottitis.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, that’s when the “flipper” in your throat that moves between your windpipe and esophagus swells shut.  She was in intensive care for six days and things were iffy for awhile.  She eventually came through that and has no lasting problems from it.  It was very scary though and it was the real beginning of me learning I wasn’t invincible.  Bad things could touch me.

That was in the fall.  Coming around to January Kayla got really sick.  We ended up bring her in the ER and the thought was that she might have meningitis.  They needed to do a spinal tap.  We consented to it.  When you sign the consent, you do it with the understanding that there is a chance the people doing the procedure might “slip” and damage the patient for life and paralyze them.  Kayla didn’t have meningitis but she also didn’t walk for two weeks…previous to this Kayla had walked everywhere…even ran.  It was a scary two weeks.  I can’t tell you how many times I regretted allowing them to do the procedure, but at the time, it really was the right choice….she had been so sick.

Then in February Kramer’s mom got sick with heart issue and ended up with an angioplasty.  Buck was born.  Kramer lost his job.  Kramer found a job.  We had to move.  Remember that girl who was invincible?  My invincibility shrank.  I learned I couldn’t control things.

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A Wednesday Outing

I had a mix up on scheduling.  This posted yesterday for a brief bit.  It was supposed to be for tonight.  Sorry for the mix up.

Remember my beagle pup Rosie had issued with housetraining which let me to taking her to the vet?  You might remember that she went to the vet, had a UTI and crystals in her urine so had to go a special dog food….well, it was time to get her tested again as her bag of dog food was getting empty.  We needed to know if she needed to stay on the special food or if we could try normal food.  The only way to figure that out was getting a urine sample tested.

So Wednesday I called to the vet.  With Covid-19, I didn’t know if things had changed.  I found out I could collect the sample and then once I got to the vet office, I could “leave it in the window” outside.  They would do the necessary testing and find out if she needed to still be on the special food.

I got the sample collected and packaged up.  I was ready to go out the door and then thought, hmmm.  I wonder if Kalissa would let me pick up the boys and they could ride along with me.  She’s been super careful not to let the boys in my house.  We’ve only gone on walks together or interacted outside.  I thought I would be pretty safe for me to drive over there, pick them up, drive to the vet clinic and come home.  I could chat with Carver…Gannon could hang out and Kalissa would get about an hour’s worth of time to herself…

So I called and Kalissa answered the phone she said, “Oh mom, these boys.  I’ve got to get out of here.”

I laughed and she wanted to know why I was laughing.  I said, “Well I was just calling to see if I could kidnap the boys.”  I went on to explain that I understood if she wanted to “keep me safe” but I thought it would okay if I picked up the boys and took them for a drive.  I told her I thought it would be a win for everyone.  She said yes…I was so happy.

So with Rosie’s urine sample in hand and car seats installed, I headed over to Kalissa’s to get the boys.  Oh my….what fun we had!!

Carver had to bring a sandwich with.  He made it himself.  He chatted the entire way there.  I drove about 40 mph most of the time unless a car came up behind us.  We found the houses of all the people he knew along the route.  We had to drive through the farm implement dealer so he could see all of the machinery.

He had to find Jamie, the fire department chief’s house.  We had to drive slow because someone was putting up a shed and he wanted to see the telehandler.

The whole time he talked and talked and talked.  Carver has always loved car rides and always loved looking out and seeing what was going on.  We passed the farm where Craig, Carver’s dad works.  Carver saw the tractor in the field and he started in on if Daddy was hauling poop.

Every place we passed he had to ask a question about or comment on.  It was so cute.

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Floss Tube: Jo’s Country Junction Episode 2

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