Waucoma Quilt Show

Sunday Kelli, Kayla and I went to the Quilt Show in Waucoma.  A local gal along with her mom’s help put it on as part of a 4-H project.


For our small little town population 250 or so, there were lots of quilts.

The first quilt was this wonderful embroidered snowman quilt.


This one was done by the show coordinator for her 4-H project.


One from me and Kelli…our Golden Sunset that was featured in Quiltmaker Magazine.


So many pretty quilts.


This was a T-shirt quilt done by a local junior high boy….



This one was cute..all Charlie Brown fabric…


Here’s Perkiomen Daydreams made by me and Kelli.




The pink on was done in flannels…oh so soft.


This quilt has make it’s way across Iowa taking awards through 4-H.



Made by Kelli….with tutorial here on the blog.


This one is mine and Kelli’s.  It’s from Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks Spring ’13 issue.




This is a reversible quilt.  I have never seen anything like it before!!






There were lots of quilts and it was so fun to see them all.  Our little town has little to no cultural events so this was a real treat.  I hope they do it again next year.

Apple Day

Sunday was apple day.  With frost on the way we wanted to get the apples picked.


The old tree is awfully old and in terrible shape.  We lost  half of to wind a couple years ago.  Everyone has told up to just chop down the rest but it is still producing apples.  This year, they are especially large.  In the photo below it shows three apples.  They are almost softball size.  I pealed the three of them and they made 7 cups of apples!


In the evening Hubby and I peeled and peeled.  He used the Pampered Chef peeler that I have.

Sadly, I ended up peeling many by hand.  The peeler just doesn’t cut up really large apples.  That’s okay though, I appreciate any help I can get.

We ended up peeling 11 gallons.  One gallon went in to an apple crisp and the other 10 gallons went into the freezer.  We have about that many more to do but by the time we were done in was 9 pm and I was already pooped…I had another not so relaxing weekend.

On Kraut and Other Things..

Last week on Wednesday night Hubby said let’s stay here and get a bunch of stuff done so we can put longer hours in at the house this weekend.  I was all for that until he mentioned getting the kraut canned. It was time.  It had sat it’s six weeks and it needed attention.  I just didn’t feel like dragging all the equipment in to do it.  He could see I really didn’t want to do it but offered to help.

When we get to the new house…all this is happening in the garage and all the canning equipment is going to be in the cupboards so there won’t be as much dragging up and down stairs.

True to the nice guy that he is, he helped….well he helped as much as he could with an injured finger that can’t go near anything salty. (Remember his incident with the saw-he’s still healing and still has stitches)

I ended up staying up until 11:30 getting the last jars through the canner.  This is only a portion of what we did.  There were 27 quarts in all.

In the morning I woke up to jars covering the counters…I know he can carry jars to the basement so I think I just might save that for him..after all, he did offer to help…right??

A New Batch of Calves

You might remember a couple weeks ago I did a blog post about steers being sold from the farm.  Well the guys have the manure hauled away.  They have new bedding in place and all the repairs have been made to the facilities.  They were ready for a new batch of calves.


Anytime we put fresh bedding in, the steers get all excited and frisky.  They are just crazy about it.  You’ll notice in the pictures there is a lot of dust.  That’s because of the steers running through the bedding and lime kicking up dust.  They will settle soon and before long, they be comfortable in their new home.


There were 93 in this batch.  They came from Kentucky.  So far, everyone appears to be healthy and happy.  Tomorrow they will get checked over closely and get shots to keep them healthy.


Notice a couple staring to the right in the photo.  They are both looking at Ruby who is on the other side of the fence checking them out.

These guys will be here on the farm for a year or so before they are ready for market.  In the mean time they’ll be well cared for and will get their breakfast at 6 am every morning when Hubby has their feed mixed.

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