Early Birthday Present for My Feet

I bet after reading the title of the post you’re thinking I got new shoes…WRONG.


Hubby and I got a mat to go along my quilting machine to help out my feet.  I’ve tested it out a few times and my feet love it.  We only got enough to put together an 8′ section but it is really big enough.  I was worried that I might trip on it but I haven’t at all.

I was talking to the gals at the local quilt shop who have a machine like mine and I was complaining about getting a sore back when I quilt.  They suggested raising the frame.  They showed me how the shop owners husband built blocks to go under in.

Next time we are in town…I am taking hubby into the store to show him so he can make me some.

This is my kind of present…practical and very useful and better yet, I didn’t have to wait until Saturday to open it.

Weekend Visitor

Over the weekend we had a visitor.  Barnaby….better known as Barns.

That’s Barns all decked out in his Christmas sweater.  He is HUGE.  He is a mastiff and boy oh boy is he a big boy.

Kelli went to pick something up off the floor and met Barns face to face.  Honestly, his head is as big as hers.  He’s well over 120 pounds and is supposed to put on more weight.

He has the most beautiful brindle coloring.  Best of all he is very-very gentle and well behaved.

Ruby was completely intimidated by him and stayed far away from  him.  Puppycat didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

A couple times during the night a toy or bone would be under the table and Barns (not knowing his own size) would go  under the table to get it.  The table would lift on one end and catch us all off guard.

Barns is great to have a visitor and I REALLY do like him but, I don’t think I’d like that big of dog in my house every day.

New Year’s Resolutions

So do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I have.  I don’t always, but this year I think I am going to.  With birthday number 48 just passing, it has me remembering that next comes 49 and after that birthday number 50.  That 5-0 birthday scares me a little…just like birthday 30 scared me.  40 didn’t faze me at all.  The big 5-0 makes me think I should have taken better care of myself but then I realized that I should quit thinking about 50 and start living a little better at 48 so 50 can be a little more pleasant.  That sounds like a much better plan. The activities and choices we make today have a significant impact on the way we age in the future.  So what am I doing to be living a little better at 48 that will help me grow old a little more gracefully? Dogs Here’s me, the dogs, and their glow-in-the-dark leashes. Here are my resolutions:

#1  I am going to move more.  I didn’t say run marathons….just move more.  In the past year or so I have gotten lax in walking.  I’ll be honest.  I am not good at walking myself but I am really good at walking a dog.  Why is that?  I think I know.  I am a caregiver type.  I care for other things but caring for myself…not so much.  I’ll walk the dog because it needs to be walked but I’ll give you every excuse I can not to walk just me.  So…I plan to keep fostering dogs.  They need to be walked so I’ll walk them.  That’s my plan for moving more.

#2  I am going to keep taking my medications and keep going to the doctor when I should.

#3  I am going to drink more water…I try for the recommended eight glass… don’t make it and quit altogether.  So it’s time for a new goal.  4 glasses of water each and every day…no pop substitutes.  I bought myself a bag of lemons so I can have lemon water.  That might help.  I know four is WAY under the recommendation but if I have a smaller goal of four and always make it, working my way up to five won’t be so hard.

#4 Keep quilting… it just plain makes me happy!! #5 Keep my attitude or gratitude.

So those are my resolutions…with a New Year right around the corner, you’ve probably started thinking about your resolutions – but have you taken into consideration how the activities you chose to participate in now will help you Get Old? Making lofty New Year’s resolutions always make me sad-they typically include deprivation and I can never stick to them.  I hope you make some goals-attainable goals-for the New Year.  I’d love to have you grow old along with me. What are you doing to Get Old well?  Tell us at GetOld.com and join the conversation on Twitter.com/GetOld and Facebook.com/GetOld. I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Pfizer and Get Old. I received compensation for this post. All opinions stated are my own.  


Dixie our foster dog has been doing just great. She’s broke out of her shell and hangs out with Ruby quite well.  For the last week I’ve let her outside without a lease.  She runs outside, does her business and comes back in.  Over the weekend she started making a loop around the house with Ruby and then comes back in the house. It’s been so nice.

Tuesday I had let the dogs out and started making lunch.  Before I knew it, Hubby came in to eat and the door bell rang, the door opened and in walked Ruby and our neighbor.  WHAT!?!?!  I got distracted making lunch and didn’t realize how long the dogs had been out.  Our neighbor said Ruby was at her house!!!  WHAT??  Ruby never leaves the yard…ever…but worse than all of that, “WHERE WAS DIXIE??”

I jumped into the pickup and went to the neighbor’s…I called for Dixie..no Dixie.  The neighbor was looking too.  She came around her house and yelled that she didn’t see her.  I told her that the dogs name was Dixie…she said Gypsy…No Dixie.  We didn’t see her.  I drove back home thinking maybe she was home.

Nope..not at home.  I grabbed my cell phone.  Hubby looked and called for her around the yard.  I headed back towards the neighbor’s.

I got a little ways past the neighbor’s and thought I saw white along the road.  Yep..it was Dixie.  I pulled over and Dixie sprinted away…FAST.  I got out and started calling and calling.  She stopped-then turned to look at me.  I called and called.  She tilted her head and then came sprinting towards me.  AH….disaster averted.  Lesson learned on my part.

Well Dixie was not only completely soaked but she STUNK…I swear she had rolled in every dead animal scent between here and neighbors.  I am just sick about my part in all of this.  I am suppose to care for her-not let her out on the road!!  It was an honest mistake on my part.  Up to this point she didn’t give any indication at all that she would do this.  I just trusted her a little too soon.

After baths for both of the dogs, it was a new shirt and a little self scolding for me.  Then I went to send a Facebook message to the neighbor thanking her for her help.  That’s when the neighbor said, “Gypsy might be a better name for her…she does like to travel.”

I am still a little sick about the whole deal….as for Dixie…she’s trying to get back in my good graces.

It’s working.

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