Weekend Visitor

Over the weekend we had a visitor.  Barnaby….better known as Barns. That’s Barns all decked out in his Christmas sweater.  He is HUGE.  He is a mastiff and boy oh boy is he a big boy. Kelli went to pick something up off the floor and met Barns face to face.  Honestly, his head is …

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New Year’s Resolutions

So do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I have.  I don’t always, but this year I think I am going to.  With birthday number 48 just passing, it has me remembering that next comes 49 and after that birthday number 50.  That 5-0 birthday scares me a little…just like birthday 30 scared me.  40 didn’t …

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Dixie our foster dog has been doing just great. She’s broke out of her shell and hangs out with Ruby quite well.  For the last week I’ve let her outside without a lease.  She runs outside, does her business and comes back in.  Over the weekend she started making a loop around the house with …

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