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Chicken Update

Several of you have asked how life is without the chickens…remember we got rid of them about a month ago?’s good and bad.  I don’t miss chicken chores-not that there were lots of them to do.  We’ve been so busy that it’s nice not to have that one extra thing to worry about.

It has been incredibly hot here with high heat indices for the last week so I am glad to not be worrying about chickens out in the coop.   I do however miss have eggs readily available.  I do miss standing there after doing chores and just watching the chickens peck.  I also miss having something to do with my food leftovers.  The chickens loved watermelon rinds and other food scraps.  Now I almost feel wasteful not having a use for watermelon rinds anymore.

My egg holder in the refrigerator has looked so different.  There have only been white eggs.

Then when I was at the grocery store this week there was a discounted carton of eggs for 75 cents that I quickly snapped up.  There were only 11 eggs in the carton.  When I got the eggs home I loaded them into my egg container in the refrigerator.  Now it looks a little more like normal…brown eggs and white eggs.  I miss my brown eggs and I am too cheap to buy them in town.

For now, I am happy with no chickens.  I just can’t care for them the way they need right now.  We’ll see what happens at the new house once we are settled.

Steaming Eggs

I was stumbling around on the internet hopping from blog to blog and stumbled upon a blog that suggested steaming eggs rather than boiling them.  Of course, I can’t find the blog that I first saw it on….if anyone knows, drop me a note and I’ll add a link.

For those of you who don’t have fresh eggs, let me tell you, peeling farm fresh boiled eggs can be a nightmare.  This blogger claimed that farm fresh eggs that are steamed will peel nicely.  She suggested using this Norpro Deluxe 3-Piece Bamboo Steamer Set.

Skeptical me…I had to try it.  I order the steamer from Amazon….then soaked the steamer in water as the directions suggested.   I put 1″ of water in my big frying pan, then put the eggs in and turned on the burner to medium high.  I put the cover on…

20 minutes later….I opened the steamer then put the eggs in ice cold water.

Once they were cool enough to touch we peeled them….

So what did we think….THUMBS UP!!

Something else I really like is that the eggs don’t have that “greenish” ring around the yolk.

We have gone on to use the steamer to make green beans…those were yummy too.  All in all, I love the new steamer!! It was well worth the $18!!

A New Pecking Order

Yesterday a family came and picked up my old hens and a few roosters.  Comparatively the coop looks empty now.

I have 22 hens and one rooster left.

Every three years we get baby chicks in the spring.  We raise them with the old hens.  Then in the fall when the chicks start laying, we get rid of the old hens.

I don’t know exactly how many they took but I think about 24.  They were planning on butchering the roosters and keeping the hens as long as they still laid eggs.

I did keep my old favorite hen.

I have another who looks like her too.

It’s hard to see them go but I can’t afford to feed them once they aren’t laying very many eggs.  It helped to see that this family was a group of animal lovers.

The chickens were a little skittish last night after we had caught  the other chickens.  This morning they are more calm again.  Before I knew who the bossy chicken was and who was the shy chicken.  Now with the old gals and the rooster gone, it’s going to be interesting to see what the new pecking order will be.

Chick Update…not all good news.

My baby chicks aren’t babies anymore…that makes me happy and sad.  I don’t need to check them hourly…I don’t need to worry about them as much.  They don’t need special feed and they have even been integrated with the old hens.  That’s all good news.  Sad news…we lost one chick…and I am afraid we are going to loose another.  See this gal.

Notice the foot on the chick in the upper left.  It’s all gnarled.  Both of her feet are deformed and don’t work right.  She gets along quite well despite the deformity and amazingly the other hens don’t single her out and pick on her.  I just don’t know if things will stay that way.  I am watching her diligently to make sure the other chickens don’t start picking on her.  I just wish there was more we could do, but there is not.  I hate to loose her, she’s my future green egg layer and that breed really lays lots of eggs.

I ordered my chicks through McMurray Hatchery. Whenever anyone orders from there, they send a free chick with the order.  I got a mixed batch of chicks…a couple of this breed and a couple of that breed.  I was suspicious from the start that a little white chick was the free chick.  It’s so hard to know though because chicks often start out as one color and turn a completely different color.  See…that little white chick has become this….(the real ugly one with feathers not all developed and black/brown wings)

The other ones around it are much larger, in fact all of the other chicks are much larger.  I am starting to suspect that it is a bantam (miniature breed).

All of the other chicks already have all their feathers and I can identify their breeds…this one, I can’t and that makes me believe it’s the free one.

It has a little comb so it’s making me wonder if it will be rooster too.  Time will tell.  I am enjoying the chicks.  It’s fun to watch them grow.  The only thing not fun is paying the feed bill.