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Charity Quilts

Mail Call from Ray

Ray has been getting packages right and left. Today’s post is a peek at all the things that have been sent his way.

Ray writes:

“The mail has been coming in and I am determined to get it caught up before it gets totally out of control. I am not complaining. Just saying that some organization is needed and I am not one to stay organized, anymore. 

This group of four adorable snail’s trail quilts came from Ann B in PA. She said she made them a few years ago as a part of a rainbow scrap challenge and had never done anything with them. I get to be the lucky guy to get them and finish them and donate them. Life is GOOD! They are all 41 x 52. Perfect size for baby blankets or smaller kids. Ann was nice enough to include backing and binding for all four.

Bev C in NY said she had some quilts and UFOs that needed to be rehomed and I received a wonderful box of surprises. Best of all I get to share those with you…

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Community Quilts from Heartwarmer’s Quilt Guild

Hello. I have a parade of quilts from blog reader and quilt finisher Lynn.

She writes:

In October of last year, I picked up some tops from you that the Cresco ladies had just delivered.   The Heartwarmer’s Quilt Guild in Buffalo Center is working on finishing them. 

We are tying the quilts and just took five to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. I have attached pictures of the ones taken this week.   We are still working on some more.  Thanks again for sharing. 

I am so glad that Lynn’s group finished these up and are sharing them today. It’s a great way for me to remind readers and potential finishers that tieing quilts is perfectly fine. They all look great and will warm and comfort the recipients. If you are…

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Community Quilts from Ray

Ray spent much of February and March scrambling to get quilts finished for the Airing of Quilts which is a fundraiser for his church’s outreach program to help those in need.  So many great things are done with the money that is raised.

Ray writes:
“I finished another quilt to include in the Airing of the Quilts.

The top is a panel that was included in some donated fabric, not sure who it came from, unfortunately. The selvedge says “GUARANTEED DUTCH JAVA PRINT”. A Google search leads me to believe it is a South Africa batik.

The fabric is as pretty on the back as it is on the front which would also make me believe it is a batik of some nature.

Regardless, it is…Read More »Community Quilts from Ray

Community Quilts from Ray

I have fun quilts to share with you today.  All of them are from Ray.  One of the quilts is a wonderful splash of color and the other has a wonderful story.  Grab some coffee and read along…

Ray writes:

Cheryl P. in CO. made this top and sent it to me to finish. I just got it put together.

She did an awesome job of piecing all the quarter log cabin blocks. It is so very scrappy and delightful.

I used the…Read More »Community Quilts from Ray

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