Quilt of Valor Blocks

Have you heard about Kevin the Quilter’s Quilt of Valor Block drive??

Last week in amongst all the wedding hoopla is when I heard about it.  I had about 10 minutes worth of time that I didn’t have anything going on and I just decided right there and then that I would stop the madness, make the blocks and send them out.

Boy oh boy was I ever glad that I did.  It had been a day or so since I had touched the machine and those few minutes are just what I needed for a much need AH>>>>> moment.

They are off and in the mail.  It’s so nice to do something for someone else!!  It just makes me feel good all day.

The blocks are super easy to make and great for bigger or an old pro…Head on to Kevin’s blog and see if you’d like to help.  Just to sweeten the pot, Kevin is giving away a gift certificate-a $100 gift certificate to Missouri Star Quilt Company to one participant who sends in five blocks.  In all complete honesty, it took me 15 minutes to cut out and make the blocks.  Give it a try and let’s support Kevin and our American Quilt of Valor recipients.

Charity Sewing Anyone??

I am wondering if any readers out there might be interested in doing a little charity sewing??  I have four projects..some easy some a little harder.  If someone volunteers, I will sent the package to them that they picked.  They can sew the pieces to create a single sized bed quilt something like 60″ x 80″ sized.  You are welcome to donate it to the charity of your choice or you can send it back to me and I will machine quilt it, bind it and send it on to the next disaster that is collecting quilts.

First up, I have this…When I bought a scrap bag from Goodwill, this was in it.  It’s just a small center.  I have some other fabric that coordinates with it in the bag next to it.  There is no real pattern to it.  Someone could add some red if they want and this could become a quilt of valor.  There probably isn’t enough fabric in the bag to make the entire top.


Next up, my girls and I cut up this fabric to make jelly roll or 1600 quilts.  We cut the strips at 3 1/2″ so it will go together faster than one of those quilts.  We have two cut…you can volunteer for just one if you wish.  This is fabric from a new Moda fabric line.


The last pack of fabric I have is from another scrap bag that I got from Goodwill.  This on is filled with bright larger triangle that have a seam allowance pressed over.  These would need to be ironed and then cut triangles of a background fabric and sew half square triangles.  There are lots there so I think there would be enough to make a charity quilt with it.  Any takers??

I’m trying to clean out my sewing room and help charity causes.  Any chance any of you want to help out.  Just leave a comment here or send me an email at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  If this is successful, I will try to put a few more projects together…together we can help lots of needy people.

Charity Quilt

In all the hustle and bustle I managed to squeeze in enough time to do another charity quilt.  I had hoped this one might get in the shipment of charity quilts going to local shut ins, but I didn’t get it bound in time.  Oh well..we did send four for shut ins and I am sure there will be more opportunities to give away quilts.

This top was sent to me by Mary Borer.  Mary had sent MANY other quilt tops.  I added the border fabric, backing and binding.


I am guessing these block might have been part of a millennium exchange…just a guess on my part.  All of the fabric are very different and all of the neutral background pieces are a millennium print.


It really is a fun little quilt.  I did some clam shells for the quilting on this.  You can see them here when it was still on the frame.

Thanks for sending this one for quilting Mary….I am gradually getting to the last of your quilts.

Charity Quilts: Practicing with New Toys

I love working on charity quilts for so many reasons.  I like helping others who want to clean up UFO quilt tops.  I like helping people who are disaster victims.  I like helping people who are organizing relief.  BUT…I’ll admit.  I like machine quilting on my long arm and I like practicing on quilts  I always figure that someone who is truly in need doesn’t mind if I experiment with a different batting-or thread-or new quilting design.  The quilts are still fine when I am done with them but definitely not show quilts.

My newest toy that I am experimenting with is a little template to make a clam shell (and other) designs.


I have to put my base plate on the machine when I use the tool.  Then I just position it which is easy to do and run the machine along the arch.  It has taken a bit of practice to hole the template in place yet not hold it down too hard so that the machine can still move.


Then I just reposition the template and go over the arch again.  It isn’t hard but of course harder than a simple stipple.


It wasn’t the ideal design for this quilt but it’s allowed me to practice and I am sure the recipient will be happy with it.  If I can get this bound in time, this quilt is heading out to an elderly shut in the area.

Although it’s wonderful to help out others, sometimes it’s nice to know a charity quilt is staying here close to home.

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