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Community Quilts from Cathy

I have quilts from Cathy to share with you today.  Cathy wrote a great note along with her pictures so you can learn a little more about the group that she works with too.

Cathy writes:
This is Cathy K from Utah. Back in February or March, you sent me 21 quilt tops to finish. I’m a volunteer for the Salt Lake Chapter of Quilts for Kids. I’ve finished the first three of these quilts. Yay! 

In our QFK chapter, we mostly have women with long-arm quilting machines to finish volunteer quilts, but I make a lot of quilts myself and also finish tops that are donated. I do the quilting on my domestic Bernina. With donation quilts, I usually stick with basic stipples, loops, and crosshatch patterns.

The first quilt is a darling red and green monkey quilt. I believe it and the other two quilts I’m showing, we’re stitched by those amazing Cresco ladies. At least I hope they were because I added them to the quilt labels! All the batting and backings are from my stash. In the monkeys’ quilt, the green polka dot backing is a much better match to the front than the camera makes it appear. It was quilted in a basic viney loop pattern.

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Community Quilt from: Cheryl in Dallas and an Unknown Quilter

I have a quilt to share today from Cheryl in Dallas.

Cheryl writes:

“Hi Jo,  This quilt top came from one of your blog readers whose name is unknown to both of us.  I sure hope she/he lets us know the name of this charity quilter.  When I received the project, it wasn’t finished:  most of the blocks were sewn into rows, but, the rows were of different sizes.  Oh, no!  I studied the blocks for a while and realized the squares were not all the same size.  Maybe the quilt maker got discouraged and decided to move this project along to someone who would look at it with fresh eyes.  To remedy the variation in sizes, I took all the blocks apart and recut them to 6” squares.  


I have never made an Around-The-World quilt, so I was very careful not to get the squares mixed up.  I resewed the squares, cut out the borders with the excess fabric the Unknown Quilter provided, and viola! a fabulous Around-The-World.  Would it be cheating if I took credit for making this new-to-me pattern?  Yeah, guess so.  But I do appreciate the inspiration.  This is another “simple” design that looks marvelous.


I quilted this one with the digital pattern called Ancient Scrolls.  It was designed by Sarah Ann Myers and digitized by Patricia Ritter.  It’s available at

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Community Quilts from Kathleen and Ray

Kathleen sent some finished quilt pictures to me this spring and I lost them, but have since found them.  YAHOO.  I felt terrible for losing them.  Here are her quilts.  I didn’t get any names on who donated them.  If it was you, please leave a comment so we can thank you.

The first one is a pretty chevon quilt in rainbow colors.  Gannon loves everything rainbow and commented that he loved this quilt.  I think he has good taste!!

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Community Quilts from Chris

Chris is a newer finisher to the bunch and I’m just thrilled that she joined us and is already cranking out finished quilts.  I just love adding new finishers and I always have tops here just waiting for anyone who volunteers.  I just got a message from someone with 22 quilt tops and they are looking for someone to finish them.  It’s a great problem to have…so I have to ask, is anyone wanting to finish some quilt tops??

Chris writes:
Here are three quilts I recently finished. I’m pretty sure they’re all from the Cresco Ladies. I provided the backs, batting and binding, and quilted all of them on my old Bernina.

The first I named “Monkey in the Middle.” It features an adorable embroidered monkey swinging from a branch.
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