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Community Quilts: The Cresco Ladies

As you know, much of the fabric that gets sent to me, I find homes for with charity quilters.  When my postage fund is big…I ship it out across the states.  When my fund is small, I bless some of the local ladies from around NE Iowa with fabric… I’m really luck as within my area there are a couple groups that I know of who do Quilts of Valor, two groups that do general charity quilting, and a project Linus group.

Anyway..the last time the Cresco ladies were here and picked up fabric they said that they have a lot of quilt tops and were wondering about someone to finish them.  I told them I was sure I could find someone to finish them and donate them onto charity so..the next time they came, they came with a load of quilt tops…I think 33 in total.

I sorted through them.  Most were baby quilt sized…a few larger.  I decided to contact Ronda and see if she was overloaded or in need of tops.

The ladies only sew with what is donated to them so they are make-do quilters.  They come up with some fun results.  I thought this one was so cheery.

This one was interesting.  Someone fabric painted all of these girls.  That made the fabric stiff.  I messaged Ronda to see if she knows if this will work for quilting machine or not.  I was nervous about it.  It’s so pretty though.

Then there were baby quilts galore.  The ladies end up making cute little baby quilts and are so creative to use what they have and make the best of it.  Here’s a sampling of the baby quilts…. Continue reading

Community Quilts

I have lots of apologies to write before I get to this post.  First off the email got lost and I didn’t get it.  Then I got it and it got buried…and now I have a couple pictures that won’t load!!  Ah.  It’s been a bugger of a post to get to you as the latest thing that happened was I had the WHOLE POST WRITTEN only to find a glitch in my blog program and the whole post didn’t save.  So this is the second time I’m written the same post.  Trust me, the life of a blogger isn’t always perfect recipes, amazing quilts, and good ideas.  It’s a lot of computer glitches and problems with things working smoothly….case in point, there are two pictures that were sent for this post that simply won’t load for me.  UGH.

But onto the quilts…these are from Linda.  She writes:
I have been making children’s quilts to be donated to cancer units of our local hospitals by members of KEYS, a group of musicians who visit the cancer units to entertain the patients there. 

I have mixed fabric gifts from others and my stash with your gifted fabrics to provide a wide variety of quilts to donate.

What fun colors a kiddos is certain to love.
Looks like a disappearing nine patch…right?

Oh look…Linda is a crumb quilter…see? Continue reading

Community Quilts…Ronda’s been busy

Ronda’s been busy again!  I love Ronda emails.  They truly brighten my day.

Ronda writes:
The first top with the asymmetrical pattern in browns and greens was one that you forwarded on to me from Jan in Wisconsin“.

She also sent the fabric that I used for the backing and binding.  It finished at 52 X 59 and since it’s not so girly-girly will be a good one to go to the Father’s with Children Shelter.”

The second top was sent to me from Debbie in Holland, NY“.  Continue reading

Special Delivery

My last goodies didn’t come in the mail.  Instead it was delivered to my door by Patti.  She is so sweet.  She’s the neighbor of one of my childcare families and is a blog reader.  Even though we live in the same general area, I hadn’t met Patti until about 8 months or so ago.  I was at the doctor’s office.  I can’t remember for sure but I think I was in for a blood test.  She was so sweet and introduced herself to me.  That’s always fun for me.

Well recently she stopped at my house loaded with goodies…

On the top of one of the bags was this card…so appropriate and so appreciated.

Look…new dish towels.  I love getting them.  I go through them so quickly and I’m terrible about purchasing them for myself.  The embroidery is so cute.  I love embroidered towels.

She also sent a cross stitch chart and one that is so appropriate for me.  It says, “You’ve got this! Be You, bravely.”  I want to stitch up a couple fall things but after Christmas, I’m putting this cross stitch on my list to get done.

Patti told me to keep what I want..pass on what I want.  There were LOTS of flannels….really cute one too!

Some were big chunks…some smaller.  As tempted as I was to keep them all, I passed a lot of it on to a gal that does layettes for Lutheran World Relief.  I was so tempted to keep some flannels but I knew they would be much better passed on to my friend that does the layettes.

These were the things I ended up keeping.  The flannel pieces are small…the homespun will get worked into a quilt for sure…the magazine has been bedtime reading.  It’s a treat as I don’t have a subscription to any magazines anymore…I still love looking at them!

Of all the things…this is what I was so excited about.  It’s a Kaffe stripe.  There is a quilt I’ve wanted to make with these for a long time…but you know me, I have to collect and collect first.  The quilt is all made of these stripes and it’s been on my bucket list to make for YEARS…more than 10 years, I’m sure. So this piece went immediately to my collection.

My other tote of goodies came from Mary Jo when I met her in Decorah.  (Yes I’m that far behind on blog post writing)

It was filled with goodies too.

Debbie Mum..I remember you.  I had the biggest crush on these prints.  I bought so many.

I was way into crafting and selling crafts.  These were many of the prints I used.

Check out this panel…so cute.

There was a big chunk of this.  I’m sending this on to a charity quilter to use as a backing.  PERFECT.  There’s a nice sized amount.

This one was my favorite and I’m for sure keeping it.  Mary Jo told me to whatever I wanted with the fabrics.  This batik will find its way into one of my quilts for sure.

So you can see that my mailbox isn’t the only busy place in my house for incoming fabric.

I so appreciate everything that comes my way.  I love seeing the faces of charity quilters as some of this will be passed to them.  There are few things in life are more precious than validation by another.  When we support the efforts of others, that’s how we appreciate and validate their work.  When I pass things on to other charity quilters, they get that validation.  It’s wonderful to be a part of that!!  THANKS.