Community Quilts from Lori

Lori has been busy working on quilts for Sharehouse a facility that helps people with addictions.  It’s a wonderful cause and we’re so lucky to have Lori who works so hard to provide quilts for residents that are able to graduate from their program.

Lori writes:
“Happy New Year!

I have two completed quilts to show you today, thanks to Adele from Utah.

This first one is flannel, 70” x 86″.  It was pieced so nicely and Adele had also sent a flannel backing for this one.  This quilt will surely be a soft, cozy, and loved quilt for someone.

This photo shows the back of the quilt, I love how the light shines through.


And it is usually … …

Community Quilt SOS Update

I thought I would give you all an update on my SOS regarding Community quilts.  You might remember about two weeks ago I wrote and told you all that was overloaded with quilt tops.  I needed some help to find some new finishers.  You can read that HERE if you missed it.  I ended up completely overloaded with people offering to finish quilt tops.  I have never had such a big response.

I sent tops out to 22 people with them getting anywhere from 3-10 tops.  I had intended to try to keep a count of how many I had but I quickly lost count.

I got more requests for quilt tops….there were 36 other requests in my email.  There were 26 more responses in the comment section on the blog.  WOW.  What an overwhelming response.  I love it.

On Thursday last week, I decided it was time as I had a bunch of people emailing me again about why I hadn’t gotten to their email.  I finally had a day with no kids and space to spread things out and try to organize things a bit.  Here is what it looked like.

I had stacks of quilt tops everywhere throughout the kitchen and dining room.  It wasn’t an easy task.  Some people what quilts for hospice…some for kids…some for homeless…many people had a request.  That involved a lot of sorting.  Some people only wanted three.  If they didn’t specify how many they wanted… …

Community Quilts from Ray

Wouldn’t you say, it’s a great day for some quilts from Ray!! He recently sent a couple of quilts to share with you and today’s the day we’re going to do that.  Ray sent these to me right at about Christmas time and I’m finally getting to sharing the quilts with you.

Ray writes:
Merry Christmas from a very cold southwest Florida, at least for us it is cold. I can still remember what cold is from living in Dubuque for a couple of years. The low last night was 38. They put out falling iguana warnings even. (Iguanas are large lizards that live in trees. When the temperature gets below 45 they go into a sleep state until it warms up again. While in the sleep state they fall out of trees because they are totally inactive.)

Since it is so cold and not much else to do, I finished a quilt that the wonderful Cresco ladies sent me.


I still have it on my bucket list to visit them one day. Any group that can put together a fun quilt like this must know how to have a great time. Everything about this quilt says, “Let’s party!!”

I used the circle meander motif because it is a fun pattern and white thread.

The backing is from Maureen M in OH.

My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, and Maureen for the goods to make this fun quilt.

In between the holiday hustle and bustle, I finished… …

Community Quilts from Karin

I always love getting email from charity quilters.  It just warms my heart to know that good things are happening.  Today’s quilts are from Karin.

She writes:
Good morning Jo! Hope your Christmas was merry and bright and everybody was healthy. We don’t generally have a big celebration, as the family is all spread throughout the country, as are our friends, so I spent quite a bit of time at the long arm. That’s okay though because that’s my happy place.

I was able to finish up the quilts that came from Patty K, down in West Palm Beach and I used quite a bit of the backing material that Linda W from Williamstown New York sent me back last winter.

First up we have a beautiful and well-coordinated patchwork of charms that were provided originally by you, Jo. I know that neither of you could possibly know this but purple hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower. And purple and green is one of my favorite color combinations.

I quilted this one with the light lilac backing that Patty included and purple thread in the bobbin and on top. The quilting motif was loops and leaves, one of my favorite ones to do.

I practiced my circles in the thin solid purple borders, but it appears I still need more practice, as some of them turned out more like eggs than circles.

This beautiful quilt finished up at 32 by 42. I really loved this quilt and loved working on it, and if I didn’t have a better place to put it, I probably would have kept it, lol.

The next quilt in today’s parade was …

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