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Community Quilts from Ray

Yahoo!!  Emails came in from Ray for some community quilts.  I’m so happy to be able to share them with all of you.

Here is the quilt top as it was sent to Ray…

Ray writes:

I thought I would try to get a bit of Autumn in the air since tomorrow is the first day of Fall. Weather here in Florida is beginning to cool a bit and not as much rain. I understand up North where you are the evenings are getting cooler. This top came from one of your readers, Holly M. in Indiana.

She sent me three tops and some additional fabric and I wanted to make sure this one was ready for the fall season. I love how she used rail fence blocks set on point to make the top. The black HST’s really set it off as well as the green blocks in the corners. I found a pumpkin meander pattern for the quilting.

The backing came from the Florida stash and looks like it was picked just for the top.

It is truly amazing how the community quilts, fabrics, and contributors all come together to make these stunning quilts.

Many, many thanks to all for your contributions, Jo, Holly, Pat and Deb.

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Community Quilts: Tanzania Quilters

Celesta sent another email with pictures of the latest quilt finishes for the Tanzanian Quilt Project.

Celesta writes:

I have some more baby quilts we’ve finished. I think with garden produce getting ready, and still making masks, everyone has slowed down on finishing baby quilts, but with cooler weather and not as much outside work, I’m sure we’ll get to catching up again.

The first quilt top came from Teresa in Orem, Ut. She writes that she started this quilt top just before her daughter was born, she is now 25 and decided a mother could use this quilt in Tanzania. That sounds like some of my projects that haven’t gotten finished yet, but it’s never too late!


The tulips in her quilt are so cute, and the narrow blue border with the red and white stripes really make the tulips shine.


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Community Quilts from Ray and Friends

Oh, Happy Day!!   Ray sent an email with more finished quilts to share!!

Ray writes:

I finished two community quilts that have great stories to go with them.

The first quilt has its beginnings with Stoney M. in Wisconsin. Stoney has sent me several quilts in the past to long arm and then donate. In the last batch of tops was a pattern and all the fabric needed to complete the top and the fabric was already precut. All that needed to be done was to sew it together. Maryann S. often brings me quilts to long arm and then she donates some and gives some to friends. She has seen Stoney’s quilts before and absolutely loved them. When she saw the pattern and the fabric, she asked if she could finish the top for me. I said sure.  Here it is…

Here it is finished….
Maryann completed the top and selected the backing to go with the top.

I used a stipple stitch for the quilting.

What a wonderful quilt and it looks like the puppies and kitties are ready to jump off the quilt and have some fun.


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In My Mail…

My mailbox has been busy and I think it will be busy in the near future too.  I’ve had several boxes and letters come in besides what I am telling you about today and I’ve had several people ask for my address as they plan on sending something to me.

Before I get to the actual boxes I want to tell you about a few emails and phone calls I’ve gotten.  My blog friend Jean and others have contacted me with requests for my blog friend Nell’s email address.  Nell teaches on an Indian reservation and she teaches a quilting class.  I mentioned that in a blog post and many have contacted me wanting to send donations Nell’s way.

Jean shared her thank you card that Nell and her class sent.  How sweet.  I love that you all are helping Nell teach these kids valuable skills.

Today’s first package came from Elaine.  She was so sweet as she sent all of this as well as postage money.  I so appreciate it!!

Elaine’s box was full of great goodies.  Here is a kit to do a three yard quilt.

This UFO was in the box.  I haven’t decided for sure but I’m thinking about keeping this and finishing it myself.  I have a couple benefit quilts I need to do next year and this would make a great quilt.

There were coordinating scraps…and I think these cheater blocks need to go in the project too.

There were scraps too…

..and more scraps.  I snitched a couple of the greens as I have a quilt I’m saving greens for.

There were lots of these blocks.  They are scraps pieces randomly sewn together.  These will make a fun quilt.

Thanks so much for thinking of the charity quilt project Elaine!!  All of these are goodies are so appreciated.

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