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Community Quilts

Ronda is busy juggling grandkids and summer but is still finding time to work on charity quilts.  Oh I admire her!!

Ronda writes:
The first quilt was made from a top sent to me from Karen S. in Chino, CA.”

She also sent the red binding.  The backing came to me from you, Jo, but originally from Carla.  The quilt finished at 58 X 69 and was donated to the CSADV.”

Next up is another top sent from Karen S. in Chino, CA.  I love this pattern!  And the colors are beautiful!

“Karen pieced the backing and also included the binding.  It finishes at 73 X 90, so would work well on a single bed.”

I will save this for one of my neighbor’s fundraisers as she asked me just the other day if I had any quilts to donate to raise money for improvements/repairs on the building where she volunteers teaching English to non-English speaking adults.”

And the third quilt was a top sent to me from Diane in WA….”
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Community Quilts from Ronda

Ronda sent finished quilt pictures…YAHOO.  I love seeing them!

Ronda writes:

The Annual Humane Society Quilt Auction was held a couple of weeks ago and with the help of you and your readers I donated five quilts.  We always attend the auction because it’s fun to see the bidding wars when two or more bidders really want the same quilts.  Attendance was down slightly this year and the bids didn’t get pushed up to what we’ve seen in other years.  I still think it is a good cause, though, and will continue to hold back some of the quilts I finish up for next year’s auction.

   The first quilt I have to share with you is one I put together from twenty beautiful flowering snowball blocks sent to me from Catherine B. of Sewell, NJ.

I added the inner border from fabric in my stash to bring out the little red squares in Catherine’s blocks.  The outer border is fabric from Karen S. in Chino, CA.  The backing is some you sent to me, Jo, which came from Carla originally.

“The completed quilt is a nice lap size at 57 X 69.  I will save it for the next fundraiser.”

 “The second quilt top was sent to me from Jean D. In Seguin, TX.  She also sent the paisley fabric possibly for me to use as the backing, but I decided to add two side borders to make the top just a little wider.”
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Community Quilts: The Mail

I had gotten a box of community quilts goodies when Kramer was sick and now am finally getting to post about them.

These goodies were sent from LaNan.  She is from Iowa and recently hit up a going out of business sale at a quilt shop.  The owner had passes away and family wanted things gone.  Aw.  That would be so hard for a family to deal with.  On the flip side, it was great for customers.  They got great deals….

There are yards and yards on these three different fabrics.  They are wonderful colors and will match MANY quilts.  The one to the far left has a Civil War feel to it and would work on many of those style of quilts.  The kiddies in the middle are fun.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there are 10 yards or more on each of these pieces!

The shop was also selling out all of the display quilts.  To get an idea on how cheap things were, this was $10!?? Continue reading

Community Quilts: Ronda Edition

Ronda has been busy.  She was so sweet and didn’t send any photos for finished quilts for a bit while I was busy sorting out my life.  Now I’m up and going so the “eye candy” of Ronda’s amazing community quilts is back.

Ronda writes:
I thought I’d better start sending you some pictures of the quilts that I’ve finished up before I forget who sent me the tops/fabric, etc.

The first top was one you sent me that had been donated to you anonymously.”

I love all the striped fabrics!  It makes it look like a string pieced quilt, when actually it’s just a clever use of stripes. 

The backing came from Karen V. in St. George, Utah and the binding came from Nikki in Virginia.  The colors of the stars match perfectly with the stripes to make for a “stars and stripes” baby quilt.  This will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The next top came from Jean D. in Seguin, Texas.  The center is just one big piece of fabric which was bordered with the orange fabric.  This just goes to show that you don’t need an intricately pieced top to make a child’s quilt, as long as you have a cute print to start with.”

The backing and binding came to me from you and I think you said you got it originally from Sandra in Texas.  If you look closely at the print of the backing, it looks like little whales!  This is also going to the Ronald McDonald House.

The third top was sent to me from…
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