…and so it begins.

Today was day one of chemo and radiation.  For those of you just catching up with us, Kramer, my husband, was diagnosed with lung cancer back in January.  He’s been tested and tested and tested and after a failed surgery to remove his lung mass, it’s been decided that he will need to undergo chemo and radiation.

In his case, they use both treatment together.  Every Monday for a 6 weeks, he gets chemo and radiation.  Then Tuesday through Friday he gets radiation only.  We have a 90 mile drive one way.

We’ve had a few people offer to drive Kramer so I can work and we’ve taken them up on that offer.  We are also juggling things within our family so we can make it work.  Mondays are going to be my day to drive.  With chemo happening on Mondays it will end up being a long day with chemo lasting about 4 hours we thought it best that I cover that day.  Kalissa and Kelli volunteered to be here and hold down the fort with the childcare kiddos on Mondays.  We have drivers or arrangements for childcare to be covered on a good chunk of the other days.

So here we are…..

I told you that we have been upgraded to Oncology parking….
It’s nice.  It’s right next to the building.  Easy access is going to be especially nice as treatment goes on and he gets more fatigued.

Today was a day of so many firsts….all we never planned on experiencing…all we wish we weren’t learning more about…but things we are we are navigating.

I am so glad that we are in this together.  Even though this is hard, there is no place I would rather be than with him.

I stitched my day away in the waiting room…and then in the infusion room.

This is what I am stitching on now.  …

Roger’s Medical Update

Well Monday was doctor day.  Kelli was a real trooper and held down the fort here at childcare.  Those kiddos are a hand full and it’s a testament to Kelli’s good nature that she tackled the bunch of them.  We are ever so grateful that she did.  Kelli and all of our kids have been fabulous.  We are so blessed to have our kids.

Mondays for the Cancer related doctors in Lacrosse are busy days.  In the morning the group meets and discusses all the new cancer cases from the previous week then in the afternoon the patients come in and meet the team to learn about their case.  UGH.  Who would ever like Mondays if that was your job??

We crossed the bridge, crossing the Mississippi River going from Minnesota to Wisconsin and started our newest journey together, our fight against this cancer.

We were a little early and sitting and waiting was a little nerve racking.  Of course we want good news and were optimistic but there’s always that one little nagging fear.

So in the afternoon Hubby first met with a team of four health care professionals.  After that, there were two more appointments.  It was a lot of information to take in….a lot.

This is what we found out…. …

PLEASE READ: The Latest at the Kramer House

Life is interesting.  Some days it’s more interesting than others.

Hubby had something going on with his finger and went to the doctor in December to check it out.  Then had a follow up appointment in January on the 23rd.

Leading up to the 23rd I noticed that Hubby wasn’t quite himself…he was sleeping more.  He seemed more winded.  I just had a funny feeling about things.  So I started hounding him asking that he get a Chest CT scan.  When I got mine in November I saw how easy it was to get a scan done. I thought he should get one. I hounded enough to the point that he got frustrated with me.  For some reason, it was just extra important to me so I kept hounding.  On the way to the doctor on the 23rd he told me he was going to ask for one.  I was so relieved.

On the next morning on the 24th the computer dinged.  It was an email.  I checked it and it was a test result from the doctor.  They had done blood work and other things so I quick looked at the computer and SHOCK!  It was his Chest CT Scan result and it said he likely has cancer in his right lung.  Oh my word.  Who wants that news?  Who ever wants to be the first to know the news?  I honestly thought the results were blood test results.  I was completely blindsided.  I had nagged and nagged for him to get the test expecting that it would give me peace of mind that he was fine.  I really never thought the opposite and that he’d actually have cancer.

It was hard.  Do I call Hubby and tell him?  Is the doctor going to call him?  What do I do?  I had a house full of childcare kids and I just read the news that my husband likely has cancer.

I called Kalissa.  I told her.  She said she’d come right over.  Thank heavens she wasn’t working.  I called Kelli.  I needed someone to help me figure out what to do about telling Hubby.

Do I go to the farm?  Do I call him?  Do I wait from him to come home?  AHHH.  Ugh.

Just then Hubby called me.  The first words out of his mouth were “What do you know?”  It is a saying he says to me all the time.  I swallowed hard.  I still wasn’t set on how I was going to tell him.  I stalled and said, “What do you know?”  He ended up telling me that the doctor’s nurse had called and they wanted him back in that afternoon for a further test because something showed up on the scan.  I was so relieved.  He knew.  AH.  So relieved.

Hubby came home from work a few hours later.  I was still a bit of wreck.  Every thought had ran through my mind…and Kalissa’s.  UGH.

So Hubby started talking to me and I realized the doctor’s nurse didn’t tell him the results of the test so I had to tell him after all.  In the end, I think it was better that it came from me.

We ended up at the doctor.  Kalissa watched the childcare kiddos.  This time they did a CT Scan with contrast.  The doctor, who we can’t say enough good things about, came in on his day off to only see Hubby.  We waited a half hour to see him but what a cool guy to come in for one patient.

From there we were told he needs to move on to Lacrosse to start seeing specialists.  A PET scan was scheduled for Wednesday of this week.We had the PET scan done and then were on to see the doctor.

Here’s what we found out….
It likely is cancer.  There are no other spots or concerns besides the original mass a maybe a lymph node or two near.  There is a remote possibility it could be an infection…but likely cancer.  There was not really any more news.  The doctor suggested a biopsy and had an opening in the schedule to do it the next day so we stayed overnight and that happened yesterday.

I spent LOTS of time in the waiting room working on this…. …

Cross Stitch and Doc Update

I’ve been in a cross stitching mood lately.  I finished this….

I started this piece in the spring.  I had a little bit done, summer hit and it got left.  I didn’t touch cross stitch all summer.

Then last Sunday I needed a little brain rot time so I turned on Acorn TV and watched and stitched for most of the afternoon.  I ended up finishing my piece.

Right away I started this…. …

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