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Reliving the Past

Last weekend Karl asked me on a date.  The theater in Cresco had decided to open but there are no movies available to they are playing some classics until the big box office movies make their way back to the theaters.

Up for date night with Karl was Jurassic Park.

I was SUPER hesitant to go.  Karl wanted to go really bad and Karl and I are the moviegoers of the family.  We depend on each other to be the date.

We ended up looking up to see what days it would be playing.  It turns out it was scheduled to be there all week.  I told Karl I would try to go but I’d have to go on Monday as I was sure there wouldn’t be as many people on Monday.

I’m trying to get out a little more but still make good choices.  I told Karl if there seemed like a lot of people there, I’d skip the movie and drive back home.  He was okay with that.

We got to the theater, went in, and we were two of 11 people who were there.  We both felt really comfortable with that.  All of the groups of people were really spread out …way more than the 6 feet of social distance.

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At the Movies: Frozen II

My birthday was the 14th…is was also deer hunting weekend here and the boys, Buck and Karl, are hunters.  They hunted a lot, then quit, and are back to hunting again.  Anyway, Buck was home and he brought Scotty to hang with me.

Sunday morning I realized that Frozen II was playing at the local $1 theater.

Related image Well that sounded like something this Grandma needed to see and something they would enjoy too.  I’ll admit, I love Disney movies and am thrilled the grandkids are getting big enough to go to the movies.

Scotty and I called Carver to see if him and Kalissa wanted to go too…and they did.  Scotty is four and Carver is three.  Neither had been to a movie before so I wondered if this was going to be interesting….we decided to try.

The boys did pretty good.  Carver was getting antsy at the last 15 minutes but then the movie got exciting so he ended up doing great.

Carver was not a fan of popcorn….

Scotty ate his whole bag of popcorn!!

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At the Movies: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I told you earlier about the whirlwind day away Karl and I had on Sunday.  It was lots of fun…hanging with Karl always is.

Anyway, we have accumulated a pretty long list of movies we want to see so we thought we better take one in so we could get one checked off our lists.  The one we picked, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

a beautiful day in the neighborhood movie poster (11” x 17”) Tom Hanks Photo
I’ve long been a Mr. Roger’s fan so it’s was no surprise that I was so interested in going to the movie.  How could I not love anyone who worked so hard to help children?

Here is the official trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

Here’s a little synopsis:
Lloyd Vogel is an investigative journalist who receives an assignment to profile Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers. Fred’s empathy, kindness and decency soon chips away at Vogel’s jaded outlook on life, forcing him to reconcile with his painful past.”

Trust us, the movies is so much more than that!!

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At the Movies: Harriet

You might remember a bit ago that I went to see Downton Abbey.  While there, I saw a preview for this movie, Harriet.  It was billed as a movie that told the life of Harriet Tubman, best known as a conductor on the underground railroad right around the Civil War time in the US.

If you’re a long time blog reader here you know I like all things historical so there was no doubt that I would go to the movie…even by myself which I did.

Image result for harriet movie
This time going to the movie myself was no big deal.  I went to a matinee and as one blog reader said, going to a matinee doesn’t seem like date night so it doesn’t seem like a big deal to go on your own.  I agree!  I wasn’t the only one by myself and that made it all a little easier.

As for the movie…pretty good.  Here is the trailer…. Continue reading