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Latest Project in Living Room

Back in June of 2018 I bought this table at an auction for $1.

It was super ugly.  No one else bid on it.  Me, I loved it right away.  I’m the person who roots for the underdog and this table was definitely the underdog.  Kramer was living then and I was sure he could make this “nothing” into a “something”.

Well, it sat and sat until Kramer had the time and an idea.  So about 6 months later, he started working on it.

He made a rustic top for it.  The boards were flooring boards that had that were leftover from the house remodel.  If you’ve been a long time reader you know that we recycled boards from an old farmhouse for our flooring here in this house.  He left the chippy gray paint on the boards, stained them, and then varnished over the top.  I loved the look.  He was very hesitant about it but in the end, liked it.

From there he cut the legs off thinking it would make a great coffee table.  I totally agreed.

His intention was to have me paint it and then we’d sell it in our antique booth.

Then Kramer got cancer and passed away.  The piece sat in the garage.  I couldn’t sell it.  It was the last piece we had jointly worked on.  It was really sentimental to me.  YEP, that’s me getting all sentimental over a one-dollar piece of junk from an auction.

We stumbled over in the garage for about 3 months and then the living room furniture was finally delivered.  The way the couch and the loveseat fit together, I needed something in the corner.  I needed something exactly this size.  We lugged it in from the garage and thought the size was perfect and that solved my want to keep the piece.

Then it sat.  It wasn’t painted as we both had intended it to be.  Kalissa thought it was fine as it was…me not as much.  It sat there as I couldn’t decide what color to paint it.  I thought I wanted the graphite Annie Sloan paint…but kept second-guessing…maybe I should do a white or cream.  Finally, I decided to just paint it.  Any guess on what color I picked??  I picked….Read More »Latest Project in Living Room

What’s That??

There’s a wonderful gal that works at the antique shop where we have out booth.  She’s so good at helping me with pricing things and giving me an idea on what things are.  Rarely can I stump her.  I thought it might be fun today to send you and tell you the same things I tell her and see how you all do.

First item up…this…

We’ll call this item #1.  Any guesses on what it might be??  Any suggestions on a price?

This is item #2…Read More »What’s That??

My Weekend

I did as much as I could this weekend.  Everyone here has a little feeling of “this is our last mostly normal weekend” for awhile.  There is a bit of an apprehension around here.  Radiation and chemo started yesterday and we were all unsure of the unknown.  I think that “unsure of the unknown” can be a lot to manage if people aren’t careful.  So I tried to do things I would “normally” do.

So what was that? I had a day with Kalissa.  It’s been WAY to long since I’ve been to the antique booth we have in Harmony, MN.  There is a great gal that works there that I previously didn’t know but now would call a friend.  She’s great.  She works there and has been so kind to move things around and manage the space for us since Kramer’s diagnosis of lung cancer in January.

February was a nightmare for sales.  Between the snowstorms and terrible weather along with us not getting there to stock the booth we had poor sales.  With the birth of Gannon, Kalissa hasn’t had much of a chance to stock her booth either.  Needless to say, a trip to take care of things was LONG overdue.

I took pictures of my booth but didn’t realize until I was already home that my camera was on the wrong setting.  Ugh.  The pictures aren’t the best…sorry. Bear with me.

This is the back wall of our booth.

Right now I have a lot of glass out.  WAY more than I usually have but remember that auction I went to and bought salt and pepper shakers at for $2 a flat??  It was same auction I bought quilts and fabric at.  (read about that auction HERE)

….and the auction that I bought all of the pottery and ceramic stuff at? (read about that auction HERE)
Well, it was time to sell the stuff I got at those auctions.  So far, the salt and pepper shakers have been selling really well.

See the red cooler that is plaid.  It’s in mint condition.  I paid $1 for it and looked it up on Ebay.  It sold there for $90.  We won’t get that price around here but I did know to price it MUCH higher that I would have.

My $1 auction map is up and ready to sell.

The frames that I bought and cleaned have been selling well too.  I’m so glad.  Buying is such a risk.  I laugh and say it’s like playing the lottery.  We buy and hope it pays off.

People have suggested we give this up being Kramer has lung cancer and we have so much going on now.  We don’t want to give anything up.  We love the life we had and want to hang on to it.  Until we know that life HAS to change and there are permanent problems, we’re going to hang on to it all.  We might not stock as often as we have.  We might not get to as many places to buy but that’s okay….we’re still doing okay with it all.

Enough about us though.
Here is Kalissa’s booth….Read More »My Weekend

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