Catching Up

Last week I wasn’t feeling the best.  I caught the cold that Kalissa’s house had.  We’ve been really careful to not spread things with the childcare kiddos so I told the parents I had a cold and everyone decided they would figure things out and let me get over my cold in peace.

It was just what I needed…physically and mentally.  I think I put myself on too much of a hamster wheel and I needed to get off.  I had added so many things on my plate that I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the reason I got my cold was that I wasn’t taking any time for myself.  It happens to us all from time to time.  I’m better now…no lectures, please.

So…I slept in and took it easy.  I got lots of things done that were on my list but nothing that took too much energy.

I got my taxes prepped for my tax person to finish…

That was easy to do…I sat at the table with a Kleenex box.

I did some touch-up work I’ve been wanting to get done.  Nothing was taxing at all.  (Except the taxes.  Those were taxing. HA!)

I spruced up my frame on this…this is an old Country Threads pattern that I love.

See the big ding on the upper left?

My Old English Scratch Cover to the rescue….You can find it HERE on Amazon.  This stuff is a miracle worker.  Just rub it on and the scratches and scuffs are all better.

When I cleaned my sewing room I found these…They are monthly pieces I made years ago.  The frames that all of them were in were beat up and not looking good from their time in storage so I pulled the frames out and gave them an updo.

All of it is hand embroidery.  I loved making them…

I didn’t want this blue color so the frame all got painted with chalk paint.

Then they got roughed up with some sandpaper and then a coat of Aged Glaze by Rustoleum.

Here the frames after their spruce up.  I popped the winter one in and then realized it’s not winter!!  YAHOO!

Then I dug and found the March pieces.  So cute.   I am so sorry I don’t remember who designed these.  I know in the past I’ve looked because I was hoping to find other designs by them but never found the company.  If I remember right it was out of Texas and something about Needlecase or maybe Basketcase…I don’t remember.

Here is the large frame piece.  I think I want to change out the background fabric.

I loved making these too.

The next task is to find a place to hang them.  I’m thinking somewhere in the sewing room.

The next project was something simple in the downstairs bathroom.

After the new bathroom vanity was put in, I decided I didn’t want the towel bar there anymore.  I have a basket with individual washcloths for drying hands instead.  So I took the towel bar off and filled in the holes with spackle.

Then lightly sanded…

…and painted.  Now you can’t tell a towel bar was ever there.  YAHOO!!

Nothing big but a job I’m glad to have done.

Here was another job that nagged me.  I have this wardrobe in the bathroom.  It’s what I use for storage.  I use to have the washcloths for hand drying in here.  The kids would open the door and grab one.  Can you see exactly where their hand went??  I sure could, and it bothered me.

It was rough so I sanded it down a little and made it even worse looking.

Then my Old English Scratch Cover to the rescue again!  You can find it HERE on Amazon.
Just dampened my rag and wiped it on…all better.  I tell you all the time, I love this stuff.  It comes in both light and dark so if you have lighter wood, buy the lighter version.

Here it is hours later after it was dry.  Can you even see where the problem was…nope.

Oh, I love this stuff.

Nothing that I did was hard or hindered my progress on getting over my cold.  It sure did help my peace of mind though.  It’s hard for me when too many little things go undone.  Happily, I got many of the things off my list and I’m feeling better mentally and physically.

14 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Good that you’re feeling better. Getting all those chores off your list must’ve helped.

    I love seeing all the parts of your home — all the spacious rooms! — and the wonderful improvements you make. I’m in awe of all your skills. Next time you find yourself in Houston you might want to drop by and give my little townhouse a look over; I could use your advice!

  2. Christina Coats

    Glad you are over your cold and isn’t so satisfying when you get lots of niggling small jobs ticked off the long list in your mind. Yay.
    Jo do you ever use wadding behind embroidery /cross stitch? An elderly lady showed me to press my embroidery on the reverse side with a fluffy towel underneath. Then a slightly smaller piece of wadding than the size to be framed . I love the puffed effect . I do not use wadding on large pieces, just the small ones.

  3. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Rest is probably what you needed but even with the little things that you did, you felt that accomplishment and that made you feel all that much better. Plus finding your embroidery was an added bonus of reminiscing.
    Love and prayers

  4. Glad you’re feeling better and your cold has cleared up! And you got some of the little jobs done that make you feel so much better.

  5. Jo, you are so good at so many things. You did a great job patching the bathroom wall and repairing the cabinet and frames. I am sure it really felt good to complete all these small tasks. I am glad to know you are on the mend getting over your cold.

  6. So glad you took time to recover! And looks like you got a lot of odd jobs accomplished. Doesn’t that always feel good? Love you sharing all your house tips – Old English is amazing!

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    Good for you that you recognized you needed to slow things up a bit. There is a time for things to happen.
    Plus you still made good use of the break!! Feeling good again!! Yeah.

  8. HOWARD’S is furniture I’ve used for the 60 yrs., I’ve been a antique dealer. Coverage is unbelievable and doesn’t leave as much oily residue , i only use darkest blk walnut or mahogany, ever, on Any colour wood. No sanding, usually. The results have awed many dealers & clients. Lowe’s or Home ” despret”, only those 2 colours will give the best results. I have refreshed/rescued countless pieces with HOWARD’S. Follow your muse, Jo; always the best path.

  9. Katherine Gourley

    Glad that you are feeling better. Old English is the best, my Mom used it from the 40’s until she went to heaven. I use it too. By the way, I like the background fabric in the March frame. Pillow ticking is so sweet.

  10. Fun fact…on Old English is $35.
    I wonder why it’s so expensive in Canada…
    Your cabinet looks awesome and I love your embroideries. It always amazes me how YOU can update old frames and make them look great! Love your blog, so happy you’re feeling better.

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