Cast Day….

Thursday the 4th was surgery day…so a week later I was to come back and get a cast…if all went well.

Well with the luck I’ve been having this year with my health I’ve come to expect the bad and be excited on the occasion the good does happen.  Kalissa and Kelli both were free on Friday so they decided to take me to the doctor.

The first step was removing the splint they had put on after surgery.  There were layers and layers on that….gauze, ace wrap, batting, the actual splint, and more ace wrap.  It took quite awhile for them to get to my foot.

Kelli and Kalissa both were all eyes.  They love yuck and gore…me not so much.  Kalissa actually took a picture of the top of my foot where you can see all the incision and all the stitches but I opted to not include that one.  It looked miserable.

One thing I didn’t like but was told was completely normal is that my foot didn’t “feel” the same.  I had to “think to move it”.  It twitched a lot on it’s own.

The girls were really silly and had the nurse laughing.


Next up it was cast time…any guess on what color I picked for my cast??If you guessed red, you were right.  Red is my favorite color.


After a few more stops were were at last home and the cast signing began.  It really is not easy to go shopping even with the scooter to help me get around. I was pooped.

Tomorrow is our family picnic so I’m taking the sharpie marker with…I’m sure all my nieces and nephews will want to sign it.


Word it that the cast will be on for five weeks…then an x-ray..and if all is well I get a walking cast.

Doc said that typically people are in a shoe again about 8-10 weeks from initial surgery.  Eight weeks puts me just past Kalissa’s due date to have the baby.  I’m so hoping that the end of September brings us lots of joy…no cast and grand baby too!  What could be better?

9 thoughts on “Cast Day….”

  1. Hello Jo
    Listen to the Dr…take it easy. It takes time and rest to mend the body. I just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. I am also a quilter who’s canine companion is a beagle. He is my quilting buddy, he is getting older now and listens better but he is the biggest food thief ever.
    Take care

  2. Glad things are progressing the way they are supposed to be. Your family will have that cast looking pretty in no time! When my leg was in a cast (I didn’t have a choice of color – it was white), my step daughter drew pretty, colorful flowers all over it. Made it much more cheery!

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