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I told you earlier that a nasty sickness ran through the childcare.  Finally after two weeks when it first started, almost all of my kiddos are here at childcare.  That doesn’t mean that they are all completely healthy.  It just means they are here….runny noses and coughs are still here.

My hold out that isn’t here is Carver.  This was Carver last night.  He was completely miserable.


Earlier in the day he had gone to the doctor.  He was also in urgent care on Sunday.  This trip he had gotten a nebulizer treatment and then sent home.  He was worse than before he went.

That evening Kalissa was working.  Craig had a fireman training.  Hubby and I did what we could to make him comfortable.  We timed it and he couldn’t go a minute without coughing.  It was miserable.  We were constantly asking should we take him back in.  One minute we’d be ready to leave and the next  we’d say no stay home.


I was nervous to send him home with Craig for the night.  Craig is an awesome Dad but a heavy sleeper and Kalissa wouldn’t be home until 2am when her shift was over.

Craig came and he decided that he was going to take him in to the ER.  It’s good he made that decision.  They ended up admitting him and keeping him overnight at the hospital.  It’s all breathing related.  He’s had some meds and is coming home this afternoon.  He does have an ear infection too.  I was hoping he wouldn’t be an ear infection kid but he just might.


Here’s a picture of him from the hospital.  They are getting him ready to go home.  Kalissa wanted me to see what his shirt said.  I love it….I am a rocking grandma so it’s perfect.

I’m glad he’s on the mend.  Unfortunately, I think I’m heading down the same road….there is something “wrong” with my throat.  I have a short little dry cough and I’m starting a runny nose.  UGH.  I was bound to get it….all the kids here have had it.  Yesterday I was feeding Carver in the rocking chair.  He was coughing.  There was a kid on each of the arm rests and both of them were coughing.  Three coughing mouths within 12″ of my face…ugh.

I have next week off for medical testing related to my thyroid cancer.  This sickness shouldn’t mess up that.  My hope is that I can make it through the next couple days of care and be well by the time kiddos come back on the 17th.

Kids can be so scary when they are sick…I’m so happy Carver is on the mend.

9 thoughts on “Carver Update”

  1. Debra Hageman

    Jo, drink pineapple juice for your cough!! You can also give it to Carver. I read it somewhere that there is something in pineapple juice that works at stopping a cough. When my sister went to the dr. with bronchitis, her dr. said drink pineapple juice during the day and take a cough medicine for sleep. It really worked for her!! I’ve taken it since too, and it worked for me also.

  2. Oh my how scary! breathing issues and Carver is so little, glad he was taken in and is on the mend. Fingers crossed that everyone else gets better soon.

  3. So sorry to hear and I know how stressful it is to have a sick baby. We take care of our 3 grandchildren a couple of times a week. They just got over the “hoof and mouth” illness. Talk about misery. My 3 year old grandson has so many blisters in his little mouth, he could not eat or speak. He was pointing to things he wanted instead of verbalizing. It finally ran its course after a couple of days. They make them wash their hands upon arriving at pre-school each morning and throughout the day, but it wasn’t enough. God bless little Carver. Hope he feels better soon!

  4. So sorry little Carver got so sick. Poor thing. Hope everyone gets over the sickies soon. Take care…Hugs!

  5. Poor kid, the pic of his little watery eyes, Carver looks so miserable. I’m happy he’s feeling better!

  6. My kids had Influenza B a few years ago, complete with the high fever and croupy cough. The doctor made me keep them home for a full week each because it remains contagious for so long. Keep washing your hands and stay hydrated and maybe you can avoid it.

  7. Pam in Illinois

    Poor thing! Put Vicks on his feet with socks at night.You do it , too, Jo. I do it and it helps with the cough.

  8. Sorry to see Carver looking miserable. Glad he is on the mend. When you said you were getting it my first thought was your thyroid tests, glad that can still happen. Kleenex and Vaseline are great for sore little noses. Take care of yourself.

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