Carver the Helper Boy

A post from Kelli–

I kow this is a big surprise, but I really just love Carver!  That kid is just the coolest!  At times, he can be a bit of a handful, but usually it’s because he’s a smart kiddo!

When he stayed overnight a few weeks ago, he was my helper boy once again!  I was working on cleaning up in my dining room/downstair sewing room as Puppycat had gotten into the garbage and pulled a meat wrapper out and stashed it in her secret hiding place that isn’t so secret.  While I was cleaning up the bits of paper, I also started picking up the remants of scrap vortex that have just been hanging out on the floor for a while.  I didn’t say anything to him, but he ran over to help me.  Shortly after, I was working on getting a bottle warmed up and changing Georgia and he came over and handed me a grocery sack.  I opened it up and then walked back over to the dining room/sewing room and by golly that little kiddo had picked up all of the rest of the scrap vortex scaps!  Isn’t he the best!?!?!

A bit later, I needed to take a shower because we needed to go to Decorah as I needed groceries and we had to meet up with Kalissa so he could have some Mommy time.  I called him over and asked if he could be my biggest helper boy.  I asked him if he could watch Georgia while I took a shower and his eyes just lit up.  He loves that girl and loves to help take care of her at every opportunity!  I told him that if she cried, he needed to give her her pacifier and if that didn’t help, he needed to come and get me.  He was thrilled with the responsibility.

NOTE–I know that he is too young to babysit.  I was more or less giving him something to do so that he wouldn’t find any trouble.  Also, he is well aware of the rules when it comes to babies–No picking them up, be gentle, no pushing their paci, etc

When I was in the shower, I’d stick my head out of the shower and listen.  Thankfully, all I heard was Blippi!

When I was almost done, Carver came roaring into the bathroom and told me Georgia was crying.  I quickly finished and came out to find this–

For some reason he felt it necessary to take his shirt off–Why?  I have no idea.  Often times, I count it as a success as long as he either has his shirt on or bottoms on.

He had helped her get her pacifier back and she was content.  He also decided to share his doll with her.  He can be a handful, but sometimes that boy sure melts my heart!

Before long, we were off and ready to go!  I had a big list of stuff to get at the grocery store.  I was a little worried to try and tackle it with two littles, but I wrapped and wore Georgia and Carver was a big help in the important jobs like which bag of carrots to buy or which bunch of celery we should get.  He happily threw them in the cart and thought he was on top of the world.  When it came to canned goods however, I quickly learned that throwning them in the cart was definitely not the best idea.  Hopefully I’ll have some time to get it down going grocery shopping with one kid…

11 thoughts on “Carver the Helper Boy”

  1. What a fun peek into life with Carver around. Their enthusiasm for helping is such a joy. Thanks for sharing that story.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Love the way your Carver Lois after his cousin. Sharing his Baby doll that a big deal. Way to go Carver give him an extra hug from us

  3. Mary Ann Mettler

    Well grandma you have more energy than this grandma – how cute is that and good job!! By the way when looking at the pictures of Roger as a young boy – I say Carver looks like his grandpa.

  4. Donna Pheneger

    Love hearing about Carver – takes me back to when my kids were little – all born with 18 months of each other. And now my grand kids are doing the same thing. I laughed when I read about the canned goods. Yes, they can be deadly weapons! LOL!

  5. Brenda Fiedler

    What a fun and loving story to read. You and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers dear lady.

  6. Penny Holliday

    I love how you treat Carver as a big boy & your best helper & he responds so well to that! The two cousins are so adorable in your pictures!

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