Carver and the Combine

Kalissa has been trying to get Hubby to take Carver on a combine ride since the beginning of harvest.  It hasn’t worked out.  Either Carver was sick, it was raining or it was on a bad field.  Well finally the stars aligned and he got to go.

Here’s the combine off in the distance….


Here’s Carver and his Grandpa (Hubby).


He loved the big windows to see out into the field.


Carver only road for a round.  He was overdue for a nap and melted down the just as they were coming to the end of the round.


I’m so happy that Kalissa took the time to do this.  It means a lot to Hubby and I that she wants to share our lives with him.  I’m extra thankful to Hubby’s boss for allowing it happen.  With liability and insurance, people have to be so careful now days.

Kalissa said that she put Carver in the car and was about a mile down the road and he was sleeping.  Doesn’t he look innocent sleeping?Don’t let that fool you…He’s a spitfire!


I bet next year he’s going to be really into the combine and harvest.  He’s definitely all boy!!

Check out the blankie Kayla knit him.  She gave that to him when he was just born and it’s his favorite!!

Kalissa called me last week and said, “Mom, what am I going to do?”  I asked about what and then she told me that she woke up in the middle on the night to Carver standing by the side of her bed.  The little bugger is only 14 months old and he can climb out of his crib.  Oh NO!!  He doesn’t have the brains to hand what his body can do.  I told Kalissa that first off she needs to complete child proof his room and shut the door every night.  Second she really needs to push to teach Carver how to go down the stairs in case they forget to close the door and in case he would go down the flight of stairs rather than into their bedroom!!  This boy is a hand full….I sure to love him though.

11 thoughts on “Carver and the Combine”

  1. Carver’s such a cute little guy riding in the combine with Grandpa. My twin grandchildren got to spend some time on the farm with their much older cousin Ashley this fall. I’m assuming they got to ride in either the combine with her boyfriend or with her in the tractor pulling the grain cart. The twin’s daddy had to teach them to go down stairs by the time they were 9 or 10 months old. They started climbing those stairs when they were pretty young, well before they could walk. What is it with little kids & stairs anyway? They must see them as a challenge they have to conquer.

  2. When my boys were younger they loved “mighty machines”, as they called them. Many happy times with Grampa on the combine and the grader. That’s awesome!

  3. She might consider grabbing a toddler bed really soon so he doesn’t accidentally hit the floor with his head. Better he crawl out of child bed than fall that far :-(

    She’s on the run now :-) and so lucky you are close and available to her. What a great relationship you 2 have.

  4. Soon as they were mobile I taught my kids how to navigate the stairs on their butts. They loved it and I didn’t worry about them toddling down the steps and tumbling head over tea kettle!

  5. Carver looks happy riding with Grandpa in the combine. What a great idea. Wow, he is crawling out of his crib at 14mths! what a clever little man.

  6. Carver is such a cutie! I agree that Kalissa needs to finish child-proofing his room. She might also want to look into getting a child gate for the door to his room. We got one for our boys’ room specifically to prevent nighttime wanderings. That way the door can be left open and she can hear if he needs her, but he can’t go where he shouldn’t.

  7. We taught our boys and all of their cousins to sit on their bottoms to come down stairs. They would sit down and scoot down one step at a time. Of course it became a game to race each other especially as they got older. It kept my “practice grandbaby” safe too and she taught her brothers.

  8. Your grandson is adorable! I agree with other commenters that Carver needs to learn how to go down the stairs on his butt. A friend of mine had one child who got out of his crib and ended up getting out of the house and walking down the street. A neighbor coming home spotted him and woke his parents up. The next day, they took down the door to his room and hung a wood screen door with a eye bolt latch on the outside so that they could hear him call out but he couldn’t open the door on his own. Maybe a little extreme but he was safe.

  9. Back in the days when my youngest son was very little, he was a sleepwalker and we found him asleep in a not so safe place. We put a gate up he couldn’t undo, and also took him to the doctor to find out what was causing the sleepwalking. Scares the heck out of you!

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