Carver and Gannon Update

Here’s an update on Carver and Gannon and Kramer…

The biopsy was done today.  We’ll get results Tuesday or Wednesday.   Patience is something we are all working on.   Kramer had a good day…likely the best he’s had in a couple weeks.

Now for a story from Kalissa, she writes:

You may have read Mom’s post yesterday that Carver started crying when he saw a picture of Gannon with all the tubes and wires and tape. That just broke my heart when I heard that.

Today I picked Carver up from Grandma Debbie. I flew his door open and the FIRST thing he said to me was “Baby Gannon?” 😭😭He just ADORES his brother. He asked the whole way home when he could see baby Gannon. Here I was all upset because I’m sure he misses his mom and dad but he just really misses his brother.

I told Carver that Gannon was so silly he put tape on his nose! Carver laughed and laughed and said “Silly Gannon!” I told him he was even sillier for putting a sock on his hand! (to cover the IV). Carver brought it up lots of times and said “Silly Gannon!!”

Tonight we video chatted with Craig and Gannon and my Aunt Wendy and cousin Carly who were keeping Craig company at the hospital. Carver saw the tape and the sock and the tubes and wires and he just laughed and said “Silly Gannon!” And then he took his own socks off to put on his hand and went and got a sticker from my mom’s sticker drawer for his nose so he could be just like Gannon


Kalissa is such a quick thinker to ease Carver’s mind and make his scary picture of Gannon into a silly picture.  I’ve said she’s an awesome mom and she really is.  Both of the boys are so lucky to have her on their team.

We are all hanging in there.  We are anxious for news on Gannon and thankful that Kramer had a good day.  Little moments with Carver make all of it just a little easier.

As always, thank you for the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  I’m hoping these regular updates aren’t becoming overwhelming or annoying for all of you.  I write about what’s on my mind and my family is about all I can think about right now.


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  1. This is such a scary ordeal both for Kramer and Gannon, as well as all of you who love them so very much! Please do not worry about giving too many updates! I have thought of all of you and offer up many quick prayers for you all! God bless!

  2. Carolyn berroeta

    Îm all the way over in France, and the first thing when I wake up (you write at night, I see it in the morning) , I look to see if there is any good news coming from you. I think about all that is happening to you so much, in that very different world of yours, and wonder how you do it. I live just outside Paris, there is a wonderful hospital just down the street (yes, tested it), we get free medical care.
    So I have always enjoyed your stories so much. Now of course I am so very worried about you all, wish there is something I could do.
    Thinking of you very very often and sending you my best wishes thqtvKramer and Gannon are soon on the mend.

  3. Please keep us posted on your husband and your grandson. So good to see Carver is feeling better about his baby brother. What a hard time your going through. If I lived by you I’d take your daycare kids no charge. I miss those little folks!

  4. Penny Holliday

    It’s always good to hear from you Jo ~ good or bad! Glad Kramer had a good day & hope you get some answers from Gannons biopsy! Kalissa is a good mother just like you are & very creative in soothing little cutie pie Carver! Keeping your family in my prayers & sending all hugs!

  5. I also live near Paris and every morning look forward to reading your posts on a life so different from mine. Now I worry about you and your family and hope each day there is better news.
    I wish there was something more helpful I could do from over here except keep you in my thoughts and hope for a fast recovery for Kramer and Gannon.
    Please keep writing the updates as I’m sure the rest of your Country Junction community are as concerned as your friends in France.

  6. Good morning Kramer family. We all keep you in our prayers.

    I share your stories and happenings with my husband too. Carver is evidence of such family love. It just gets passed down to each generation.

  7. Denise Briese

    We feel like we are a part of this family! I check twice a day for updates.. we all send loving healing vibes your way! Thank you for including us

  8. Hettie Pringle

    Don’t ever think your posts are becoming overwhelming. I read every sentence and am grateful for the amazing normal life I have (as you wished in a previous post “for some normalcy”. Always keeping you in my prayers all the way from sunny South Africa.

  9. Go, Kalissa! Nobody is quite as resourceful as a mom or dad when it comes to their kids. Prayers continue for you all out here in the Mountain West.

  10. Oh, if all parents were just like Kalissa! Reassuring your child when you’re unsure yourself takes lots of inner courage and love. Your whole family seems to have lots of both courage and love! All of us out here in blogland are in awe of your family and sending our best wishes for positive outcomes for everyone.

  11. Loved hearing how Kalissa dealt with Carver’s worry! Good to hear you had some encouraging things happen and hope the good answers come soon for Gannon! I also don’t want you to worry about what you write. This is your blog, your life. My only concern is that keeping us updated doesn’t becomes a burden to you. Keeping your family in prayer.

  12. Marianne Barta

    How touching is little Carver! So sweet. You are not annoying at all — I am sure it helps to write things out for you and your family. Prayers always for your little Gannon and Kramer. Hugs

  13. Jo, write what you need to write. It’s your platform. I appreciate all that you share. Such good news about Kramer. What a relief. That Carver is a dolly and he’s very creative as well. How sweet that he wanted to look like Gannon. Makes me smile. Hope your day is filled love and smiles. Hugs!

  14. Betty Woodlee

    The updates on your family are what I want to hear right now. I rush a little faster to read your post to hear how everyone is doing. It’s kinda like your family is a part of my family now. So sorry you have reached a very rough time of life. Prayers for better days ahead.

  15. Praying earnestly. A little good news helps. When I was going through radiation, I would start out praying the Lord’s Prayer. Then I would launch into prayer requests and before I knew it, it was over. The Lord’s prayer helped me through it as it is now.

  16. Congrats on being so creative in such a scary situation. Do the Drs. have any other thoughts if this is not Hirschbu xyz xyz..?

  17. Mary Ann Mettler

    So thankful for the updates – Thank you for taking the time. Praying through laughter and tears. Glad things are going better for Kramer and that Gannon’s biopsy will provide the needed answers.

  18. Jo, your writings are most welcome. This terrific extended family is so prayerful, loving, encouraging, interested, & kind . . . We read our exact thoughts and prayers by one and other! Love to all the Kramer’s and prayers!! Wonderful Grace of Jesus!

  19. Jo their is no better in life then a mothers love for her children. God gave you a wonderful loving family that support what ever comes its way. thanks for sharing and updates on the Krammers family. We all are their for every one. Prayers going for all.

  20. Thank you for the updates. I’ve been praying that Kramer have a good day and he did, so I feel like I may be helping you all as you travel this path. Carver is adorable and I’m so glad you found a way to relive his concerns for Gannon. Blessing to you all and I will continue to pray for comfort and answers for you all.

  21. Where do you think she learned to be such a good Mom?! I think we are all anxious to hear what is going on with your family-it’s like waiting to hear of our own family members. Just know that you have all our thoughts and prayers. Love & hugs to all.

  22. I love your blog and read each and every update eagerly. You and your family are in my heart and on my mind and in my prayers. You’ve touched me in a way I can’t explain, so please keep those updates coming!

  23. Hugs, dear. This is all just too much. We are all giving you strength. Write as much or as little as YOU WANT AND NEED. Don’t hesitate either way – write a long post, or a short one. Or if you need to, not at all. You are caring for lots of people right now. If there are ways we can help, don’t hesitate to let us know.

  24. Patricia Boelens

    I’m not sure I can add much more than those who posted before me other than adding my prayers. Thankful for doctors who are trying. For mothers and aunts who are creative with their little ones. For grandmas and wives who are trying to do it all. Please take care of yourself also. Do what you feel is needed. Blog if it helps and don’t if it gets in your way. Prayers are there each day.

  25. What a treasure little Carver is…I too wait with concern to read each day how kramer and Gannon are…Sending prayers and hugs…..

  26. Such a wonderful story about Carver.

    I am so concerned for you and your family. My thoughts are with you.

    Yes I am the jean in nh that sent you some calicos and you had them correctly attributed to me. It was fun to see them on your blog.

  27. Thank you for the updates. Glad to hear Roger is feeling better. Before long Gannon will be better and your world will tilt back.

    Continuing to pray for your family.

  28. Please don’t stop writing about Kramer and Gannon. You are all so much in our hearts and prayers and on our minds. We really need to know the outcome of all your drama. God bless you all, you are being so brave. May God hold you in the palm of his hand!

  29. Thank you for the updates! Please keep us updated on all the Blessings you are and will still receive. You all are always, forever, in prayers from around the world. I always look forward to your updates. Until we hear from you again, our hearts and prayers continue!

  30. Thanks for the updates on your family! We all are concerned about Kramer, Gannon and you as well as the rest of your family. Your girls are such good mothers because of the wonderful example you have set for them. I love hearing about your wonderful family and love that you all are so close!

  31. Mary Etherington

    Annoying? Hardly. I am not interested in what you might or might not be sewing at this time. I would be disappointed if you didn’t keep us updated on Gannon. This is your life right now. And how is Georgia?

  32. Please post when you can! I think those of us who believe in the power of prayer are reminded to say another prayer for all of you each time we see the update. Life gets so busy, it is always good to pause and pray!

  33. I look forward to your updates everyday and pray for answers soon. Glad to hear Kramer had a good day. Jo you have a wonderful family.

  34. Praying for good news on Gannon. The pictures have brought me to tears, I can only imagine how hard it is for you.

    Continuing to pray for Kramer and all of the Kramers.

  35. Please keep us updated on your family situation. We are all with you and really want to know how it is going with everyone. Praying for all to have a great outcome. You are a strong lady to keep up with all of what is going on. You take care now and God Bless you and your family

  36. I love your blog and look forward to each update.
    I can’t imagine the stress of dealing with Roger and now baby Gannon’s illnesses! Such grace under pressure! Bless all of you and, by all means, keep those posts coming!

  37. I also have hope and send prayers for your hubby and baby Gannon. I’m glad the “bit” was a pleasure.

  38. I read the posts because you are a friend. A friend I just haven’t met yet ;) In a few months when all of this craziness is behind you, you will be glad for the diary. prayers to the family.

  39. We are all very thankful for you posting all of the updates about your family as we all feel like we are an extension of your family. You always give us not only a laugh now and then as well as teaching us something whether it be quilting related cross stitch related, what to look for at auctions or resale stores, how to repair old dressers, how to shine up sewing cabinets….and the list goes on and on Jo! So thank you for all you do for us your faithful blog family. Continued Prayers for each and every one of you!

  40. Like so many others I look each morning for news on your family. We are separated by thousands of miles across the pond and yet it feels like you are a dear friend who lives up the road. Thank you for sharing and allowing us, your friends, near and far to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Sending love and best wishes from the UK.

  41. We’re all so thankful that you are including us in your lives. Thank you for updating us on how everyone is doing – it helps so we can pray more specifically.
    So happy to hear hubby had a good day – praying for good news about Gannon so they can proceed with what needs to be done to get him healed and home.

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