Carolyn Strikes Again!!

I have a blog reader Carolyn in Texas.  She’s sent me so many goodies.  Some I can keep and some I end up passing on to do good in other places.  I love getting her boxes.  Monday I got FOUR boxes from her.  I unpacked it all and set it all out.  I tried to snap a picture of it all but had trouble as Ruby wanted attention.  I ended up just snapping the picture with her peeking out from under the table.


Here’s the goodies…and there are lots.  There were several Kansas Troubles projects including this kit.  It’s Christmas themed.


Here’s another Kansas Troubles themed kit.  The layer cakes and all the fabric that’s needed to make the top are here.


Also included was three coordinating charm packs and a jelly roll.  That’s awesome as between the left overs from the kits above and these coordinating fabrics below I bet three or maybe even four quilts could be made.


Here’s my favorite of the bunch…it’s a horse themed quilt.  This one is complete with backing included.  Check it out.  Isn’t that horse themed backing fabric cool?I love it but I’ll admit, I do have a soft spot for horses.


Included in the bunch was a Texas themed kit too!!  Carolyn put a note on it saying “Thinking of Karl”.  How sweet.


…and then yarn and yarn and more yarn for Kayla.


What a treasure trove!!!  I can’t believe all the goodies that were included in the boxes.  I had a fun evening looking through it all and reading the patterns.  Next up, I need to find the best uses for it all so it can benefit the most people.  Thanks goodness the yarn part of it is easy…Kayla will love that and make great charity projects with it.

THANKS so much Carolyn.  You are a real sweetheart and I appreciate all you’ve shared.


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