Carla’s Sour Cream Apple Bars

I’ve told you in previous blog posts that Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and I are friends. We often walk our dogs here in town. Carla has a beautiful Australian Shepherd named Luna. I have my two, my beagle Gracie and my Aussiedoodle Izzy. Carla and I often share garden produce, quilt books, canning equipment, recipes, and treats.

Carla recently shared some yummy Sour Cream Apple Bars. YUM!!

Even though everything is disposal, Carla always does the nicest presentation. She has the cutest paper plates and the closure is often a little ribbon. I wish I were so organized. Me, it’s usually just tin foil over the top of a recycled take out container. HA. Thankfully Carla still appreciates it.

The most recent share was these Sour Cream Apple Bars.

I gave them a try as soon as Carla dropped them off. Oh my. DELICIOUS! They are almost a bread or coffee cake texture.

I was a nice mom and shared one with my son Karl when he stopped by. He loved them as well…but I only shared one with Karl. I was determined to save one for breakfast. I reasoned with myself that it was a “healthy” breakfast after all there was oatmeal, walnuts, and apples in it. Not much different than a granola bar….HA! I won’t mention the sugar or sour cream.

Anyway. Carla was sweet and shared the recipe too and now I can share it all with you…Here’s the link.

Carla is such a sweet friend and so good to me.

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