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OOPS. I put the wrong contact email for Sandra and the Cresco Ladies. Sandra’s email is I decided to reprint the post in case some of you were trying to reach Sandra and couldn’t because of the incorrect email address:

The Cresco Ladies are at it again…helping people. Those ladies are some of the most generous ladies I know. If you’ve read the blog, you already know that the gals make LOTS of quilt tops. Many of the tops you see are completed by finishers made by the Cresco Ladies.

The Ladies also finish many tops of their own. They have an in-house finisher who finishes many tops and the Ladies donate them locally.

Recently Sandra, my contact for the group, contacted me and asked if I would keep a watch out for any lace, buttons, or trims. I wanted to know what she was up to that made her need them. She sent me a picture of these cute little hearts.

The Ladies have been making the hearts but need some supplies to jazz them up a bit.

The program that came up with this idea is called “I Found a Quilted Heart”. You can find their website HERE. Feel free to follow the link to learn more about it. The idea looks fun and some of you might like to participate in your area.

Sandra asked if I came across some buttons, trims, ribbons, or laces…I said I typically don’t. BUT, I said I bet that some of you might have some things that you might want to donate. If you do, the Ladies would love any donations.

But wait…there’s more.

You know those Cresco Ladies aren’t busy enough already. They have yet another new project they have been working on. These…

These are cardholders. They are making these and will be donating them to the area nursing homes. Many people there like to play cards but their fingers and hands just don’t work the way they previously worked.

These cardholders are made with CDs. Does anyone have any unwanted CDs? The girls would love to get them and put them to good use.

If you have any donations that might help the Cresco Ladies, please contact Sandra at this email address:

It would be most helpful if you contacted Sandra directly. She can answer any questions or share her email address with you for sending items.

The Cresco Ladies aren’t the only group I would like to help with donations. If your group or organization is looking for simple items like these to use to make charitable items that you are going to others, feel free to send me a write-up with pictures and I can make a blog post like this for your group. I can never guarantee the response. It might be a little…it might be a lot depending on your request. You can send the request to

19 thoughts on “Can You Help??”

  1. Such a great idea for using old CDs. There was a time I threw many of those away when we didn’t need them in our office any longer. Oh my and all the lace and trimmings I got rid of before I moved the last time. I will start watching for those items. The hearts are so cute!

  2. Definitely will look in my supplies to see if there are any items still around.
    I have made some major trips to the charity shops so it cannot be a lot but hopefully there will be enough of that have small amounts to still be helpful.

    the doctors report is gobbledy gook.

  3. Making hearts and sharing them is really a great idea, I will have to check and see if I have any of those items left from numerous moves.

  4. I’ll contact Sandra with items to donate, but wondering about the pattern for the CD card holders….I personally would like some of those. It kills my hands to hold cards, and the hubs made some wooden ones, but they sit too far away for my readers to focus on them…plus I confiscated 2 of them to hold my rulers..

    1. Search “CD card holder DYI” in your search engine and you should find several tutorials. These would be great for children too.

  5. Hi Jo

    I read your blog all the time. I especially love news of your family and your quilts. But lately I’m having difficulty reading your entire post, it just reads like word spaghetti! Is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Every once in a while here lately, I click on a post for this site and get a black page with white lettering….word spaghetti is an accurate description.

  6. Unfortunately your doctor ‘s report is not readable.
    I recently moved and gave away tons of buttons, lace and other small decorations. Sooooosad.

  7. Unfortunately your doctor ‘s report is not readable.
    I recently moved and gave away tons of buttons, lace and other small decorations. Sooooosad.

  8. FYI: check Becky’s blog on The Quilted Twins website. She has been making these hearts and placing them around her area of Poland. I love all of them that she has made. In one post she gives basic instructions on how she makes them.
    I will check what items I may have that could be useful for the 2 projects. I know I have some CD’s.

  9. I like that CD card holder idea. Although, my car still has a CD player in it and I play them in it. I’ve even read somewhere where auto makers are putting them back in new cars.

  10. CDcard holders idea is brilliant. Personally would appreciate pattern for cardholders. I live in U K. I would like to make themto donate here , I guess you need two CDs and two buttons for each cardholder. These will be good for little hands that can not hold many cards when playing children’s board games too .

  11. This is just the request I have been waiting for. I have tons of CDs and trims, etc. I taught preschool and now elementary and can’t throw anything away that might be useful sometime down the road! Also, just in time for a move! Win! Win! I’ll get a box out after Hurricane Idalia finishes going through our area.


    I have been participating in I Found a Quilted Heart for several years. It’s such a great project and a lot of fun!

  13. I think I have some lace and trims that I can send to Sandra. However, I’m leaving for a retreat tomorrow morning and won’t be back until late Thursday. Will look for them then and contact her for her address.

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