Camp at Country Threads

Connie and Mary asked me to come over for camp and teach a bit about crumb quilting.  Imagine my shock when I walked in the door and several of the gals said, “That’s Jo Kramer!”  I am always surprised when I go out and people recognize me.

Here are the gals busy sewing away.

Here are some of them showing off their crumb blocks….Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

They seemed like a great group.

I always have to laugh when I meet people who read my blog.  People say things like, “I am Abby and I comment all the time.”  I am thinking, “Abby…I don’t remember an Abby.”  Then after some investigation the person’s internet name is “stash momma” or something like that.  Real names with different online names are really hard for us bloggers.

I think the gals are having lots of fun….Country Threads has another camp in October…I think there still might be an opening.  Mary offered that I could stay the day and sew with them.  I am so tempted!!  I could use a little get away.

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  1. Of course, Jo, all of us feel like you are our BFF. We read about your life, your family, and your adventures. Of course, when 100 of us post comments, you probably have a hard time remembering all of them. Your crumb class looks like fun. I wish I was closer so I could join in.

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