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Hello all…

I’ve recently gotten requests from a blog reader who has come to be a friend of mine.

The request comes from Nell. She writes:
In your thrifting or donated fabrics could you please keep an eye out for yellows, purples and oranges, My middle schoolers are sewing up a storm and have used most of those color families.”

Here’s a picture of Nell from the retreat.
She’s a ball of fun and energy.  One place she spends all that energy at is teaching.  She works at an Indian reservations school and has started a quilting group for the middle schoolers there.  She’s a wonderful giving person and could use a big pat on the back.

I got a chance to catch up with Nell at retreat.  This girl is passionate about her students and is doing all she can to support them.  She is exactly the kind of person we need in out schools.

Here Nell is hiding behind her finished Easy Street quilt.
So…if you are sorting through your fabric and are looking for a good place for some it to go, how about sending some to Nell and her kiddos.

I put a bag of goodies together but those are colors I RARELY buy and have very little of.  Do any of you have an over stock of orange, purple or yellow?  If you are weeding and cleaning out, keep Nell and her students in mind.  They could use your help.

Drop her a note to get an address on where you can send some goodies…

If you are a part of a charity group that quilts that would like a shout out here on the blog, drop me a note at my email, and I’ll feature you here on the blog.  Please send some pictures, a note with your needs and tell me where your quilts are donated to.  If people learn your mission and your needs, they will likely send some goodies your way if they get to organizing their sewing space.


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