Cable Car Quilters

Last week Kelli and I had a chance to do to Dubuque and meet with the Cable Car quilters.  They have a pretty big group of ladies and we were happy to meet them all.  Getting out and meeting people is always so fun for me.  Remember, I spend most of my days at home and don’t have work buddies.  Getting out and meeting people is just what I need to do sometimes.

Monday evening we did a trunk show and then on Tuesday we taught a class.  The quilt we were making is our star quilt…here’s Kelli showing ours off.

When I teach, I have a different approach than most instructors do.  Most want to make sure you do everything perfectly…Me I show how I do it, but expect participants to make mistakes.  From there, we learn which mistakes can be “fudged” and which mistakes have to be removed.  I love for everyone to find their own grove and what works for them.  I will happily help people find their groove but never ever will I stress that there is only one way to do anything…or that there is even a best way.


The ladies in our group were delightful.


One was working on her blocks intending it on being a Quilt of Valor.

Some where excited and ready to sew, sew, sew…..


Some worked in a little more of a controlled scrappy look.

One gal left before we realized we didn’t have her picture…

It’s so fun to see everyone’s interpretation of the same quilt.  I will never tire of that.  Thanks so much to the Cable Car quilters for having us come and big thanks to the gals who took our class.  It was fun getting to know you all.  When you get your quilt done, send me a picture.  I’d love to see them!!

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  1. Hi Jo,
    Where can I find your pattern for the star quilt? It is beautiful and I would love to make one!
    Thanks Lynn

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