Cabbage Sauteed with Chicken

I’ve been trying to be a little better with my eating…well, not really.  I’ve just been trying to balance out a few of the “bad” meals with a few good meals.  I’m always looking for things that aren’t loaded with carbs.  As a diabetic carbs are something I’m suppose to limit.

I saw a recipe for Cabbage Sauteed with Chicken and thought to give it a try…only problem, Hubby does not like cabbage.  There are very few things he doesn’t like but cabbage happens to be one he doesn’t.


Lucky for me I have a tribe of little ones that eat lunch at my house everyday.  Being I am part of the “food program”, one of the requirements is that I try new foods occasionally.  Well sauteed cabbage is something I don’t think my childcare kids eat at home on a regular basis so I thought I’d try it with the kids.

Here’s the recipe.
Follow this link.  It came from a site called Cooktoria.

I did a few changes to the recipe being I was serving it to the kids…1st change-I added more chicken.  Doing the math with serving sizes and what I’m required to feed the kids, there didn’t seem to be enough chicken in the recipe.  Change 2-I cut down the amount of paprika.  Typically my kids don’t like spice so I cut it down a bit.  Change 3-I didn’t have tomatoes but did have whole canned tomatoes.  I just substituted them.

If I was making it for my family I think I’d try out the full dose of paprika and I’d add an onion.

So did the childcare kids like it…the answer…YES!  I was actually surprised that they ate it as well as they did.  I’ll serve it again for sure.  It makes a pretty large batch so if there’s just two of you a half or even 1/4 of a batch would likely be enough depending on the size of your cabbage.

4 thoughts on “Cabbage Sauteed with Chicken”

  1. Yay for new foods! And how nice that they like something you like but Hubby wouldn’t enjoy. Sometimes, a gal has to be creative on this things.

  2. I make a recipe similar to this, but used sliced smoked sausage instead of chicken. The chicken sounds good so will definitely try it. Thanks for the new idea.

  3. I am a newly diagnosed diabetic so I am also watching my carbohydrate intake.
    My problem is portion control with carbs as I love them. So I can eat wonderful salads for dinner all summer long ( we don’t have air conditioning and we live in California were fresh salad stuff is abundant).
    But with that salad they want a protein okay that is easy add chicken, beef, fish but I also have to have carbohydrates so add bread like a slice of bread heck I want 1/2 a fresh bagette or 1/4 loaf of roasted garlic bread.

    It’s the baked or processed foods that I miss
    I drank sodas but more water than sodas so that has not been too difficult
    I do like candy but if I don’t buy it it is not around to tempt me and I can pass it up in the store
    I love fruit and again I have poor portion control but I am learning to spread my fruits over the course of the day
    Cake, cookies, bread, tortillas, crackers, grains, potatoes, winter squash these are hard to limit and pass by
    Oh vegetables I do enjoy them cooked and raw

    And I am trying and having success at weight loss
    I’ve lost 20 pounds and now I have 5 pounds that is being lost over 2 weeks then found over 1 week so I need to add in exercise another thing that being diabetic I need to learn to do and love but so far I have been terrible about doing physical activities even walking which I used to do but now I am very much not wanting to do

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