BUT WAIT!! There’s more.

Last week I did two different posts about the antique/vintage sale I went to. In the first post, I showed you many pictures of the goodies that were at the sale and then I told you to pick which piece I bought. I had left you hanging and encouraged you to guess which piece I picked.

A couple of you chose correctly. It was this piece.

I brought it home and was SO HAPPY with the piece. It fits perfectly on my pump organ. I’ve gotten LOTS of requests for a story about the pump organ and I will tell that soon.

Many of you thought I had bought the red table…this one…

Admittedly, when I saw the preview pictures and saw the table, I started looking around the house to see where I might possibly put the table. Nothing had struck me so sadly, I had left it there at the sale and didn’t buy it.

I wrote the blog post about the sale and the piece I got on Saturday evening after I had been playing around and redecorating. I had left you saying that I was waiting for someone from the family to come and hold up some different pieces that I also wanted to hang with this.

Patience is not my virtue. I’m terrible at it. I decided what’s another nail hole to patch and just did it. I added another picture and took two of my cross-stitch pieces and hung them too. That made bare walls in other rooms…ugh. But I loved this!

I liked the looks and felt it was really “me”. I love the eclectic antique look. The new pieces looked great but I still had that little red table in my mind. It was haunting me.

The sale was on Sunday too. So Sunday morning after thinking about the red table all night, I called Kalissa to see if she wanted to run down to the sale.

We did…and the little red table was still there. I immediately went to the counter and told them I wanted it so if they could “unpack” it, that would be great. They did and Kalissa and I shopped a little more.

They had moved lots of stuff around and added things. Honestly, it felt like a new sale. SO FUN!

We came home and I started playing. This is what I came up with…

I already had everything except the $85 piece that went on top of the pump organ and the red table. Everything else, the other table, red chair, and others I already had. I just stole them from other places in the house.

I kind of do that. I collect things I like. I put them in the house in “okay” spots then I finally decorate something and pull the pieces from here and there. A person almost has to do it that way when you are an antique/prim/junk decorator. I can’t find all the goodies in one place and I can’t afford them all at once either! So this works.

The bottom table was a thrift store find for $2 years ago. The childcare kiddos used it to play house. I’ve been debating on painting it red but wonder if that might be too much red. Thoughts??

This was so fun playing around and putting this together.

I love that everything has meaning to me…Coming from a farming family, I LOVE both of these matching pictures. Both are works by Jean-François Millet. I put my Goodness and Plenty cross-stitch pieces here in a bowl to go with them. They were intended to be more of a fall piece but I really like them here and think they might stay out all year.

The frames are broken up and in tough shape but I’m keeping them. Again as homage to the gratefulness of the harvest and frugality I enjoy. I did spruce them up with this product called Rub and Buff. You can find it HERE on Amazon.

The little red chair and the box came from the vintage store I love in Sumner called Maker’s Market. Izzy bit the corner of the red chair when she was a pup..no worries. I’m going to put some stain over it to blend it in a little now that it’s on a more prominent display. I just loved the box and had to buy it…remember I love all things wood. The table topper came from the thrift store. I finished the cross stitch pieces.

The wooden box under the red table came when Kramer and I were antiquing at Gold Rush in Rochester. We had been out to the Oronocco show and didn’t buy much. We came to the Rochester show and I saw the box…WOOD of course.

It’s a very old piece and was handmade by someone’s husband using scraps of wood. The top lid opens and then there are two drawers. I kind of reminds me of a log cabin with curved wood pieces. I really liked it but it was pretty expensive at the time…like $65.

Kramer and I talked. We decided we would look at everything else and if we didn’t get anything, we’d come back and buy it. We came back because we hadn’t bought anything and stood there looking at it. I really liked it but for me, $65 was a little high. That’s when the owner came up and said how about $50? We took it. I have kept it on my roll-top desk until now. I like it here more. It holds a happy memory for me of the times Kramer and I went antiquing. I gotta say, I miss that a lot.

Since his passing, I haven’t gone to any big shows and antique sales. It was just not fun without him but this year, I think I’m going to try to get over that and just go at least once…even if I only go by myself.

The red box came from a day my daughter Kelli and I went junking to the shop in Sumner. That day also holds some happy memories. Georgie was just a little baby, not walking yet. That box holds all of the mini stuffed animals that the grandkids play pet shop with. I love having toys but also having them stored away.

All in all, I’m really happy with the display. It’s a little bit of all things I love…antiques, collecting, family, memories, quilting, cross-stitching, RED…my farming roots. Everything I love!

Who knows, I might add a few more cross-stitch pieces if there is space and inclination allow.

For now, I’m pretty content with how this is looking. So all of you guessed the little red table. I guess you were right too!! So fun that you all know me so well!!

And for those of you who want to know about the pump organ…more on that coming soon.

22 thoughts on “BUT WAIT!! There’s more.”

  1. You have such a good eye for grouping things together! But I have to ask, how long does it take for you to dust everything?! Your house always looks clean and dust-free!

    1. That was my question…I love the idea of having such cute arrangements around the house, but I hate dusting! My husband always says our house looks abandoned because I won’t put any Knick-knacks out.

  2. beth A Jadwisiak

    I love the picture of the “Angelous” (the couple praying in the field). I did not know of the companion picture. Glad to see someone else also has this picture. really like how you it everything together.

  3. Wonderful display of all things loved and special memories. I enjoy reading about your adventures and projects.

  4. You did a great job of grouping your loved treasures! Painting the bottom table the same red as the top red table (with a little distressing of course) would pull the whole area together and help the red box blend in more.

  5. My first thought even before you mentioned it was to paint the bottom table red too. But as I thought on it more, I think it will take away from the red box under it. Perhaps if you just worked some of your Jo refinishing magic on it and kept it natural wood, it would work? There is not wrong answer here. It is a great addition to your corner.

    1. You expressed my thoughts perfectly. If the little table were painted red, the impact of the other red table and items would be lessened. Now they are “spark” of red that stands out. Just my thought.

      1. so agree about the amount of red being just right. It gives everything a very special look the way it is placed throught the montage.

  6. Looks great Jo! I kind of like the character the Izzy bites give the chair-but i’m weird that way. I thought you told us all about the Pump Organ at one time. Here it is:

    Ask Jo: My Pump Organ
    4 Comments / By Jo / January 29, 2014

  7. What a nice grouping! I’d leave that bottom table as is. However I’d think about swapping the 2 tables around, it seems a bit top heavy as is. That little chair on top is Sweet.

  8. I really like the way you grouped all these different items and with the pictures. You have a good eye for putting such meaning items together and then they look great.

  9. I love anything wood and really like how you put so many of your favorite pieces together and created your wall of Memories! It came out Awesome! So glad you went out and got that little red table, it all came together after that!

  10. I love your new pieces! They look great all together. It is so much fun to gather things around the house and create a new place with some of your old favorite things! Great job! I love all the red that you add. Red is my go to color!

  11. I guessed right! But the added bonus of being able to purchase the red table, too, was terrific! I wouldn’t paint the little brown table….your pieces all have character and you’d lose that if you painted it. Plus the red table and other red items stand out ‘as is’ right now. You have a knack for picking up great pieces and knowing must where to place them. Had to laugh, though – hubby & I were just commenting about all the beautiful antiques on marketplace here as the millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z don’t like ‘used’. We’d have to sell some items, though, to make room — but it’s SO tempting! Bet you we end up doing just that, though — we hate to see antiques thrown out or going to heaven knows where because the decorating cycle will turn again to antiques. We used to sell antiques for years (on the side), so we appreciate the character those pieces give a home…and its pure love on our part.

  12. The thrift store table should be left natural wood. The way you have the wood table with red box under the red table with the wood box is simply perfect. They mirror each other without being too matchy or too much of any one color. Good for you that you know your style and can find such good deals. There is nothing like a bargain you really love!

  13. I don’t blame you for thinking & thinking about that little red table – it’s fabulous & I’m so glad it’s yours now!

  14. I almost missed this story! I love your new grouping of all things loved! Also happy the little red table is part of it! It’s just perfect!

  15. I love it all, Jo! It looks great. You might consider dry brushing just a little blue on the other table, but still let the old shine through. That would compliment the red and still show it’s beauty. Also, the box beside the red chair with its lid open is the perfect spot to pop another cross stitch piece into. The lid would act as a frame. I would love to tour your beautiful home!

  16. Jo, my house looks like yours , lots of nick knacks . I love vignettes I have two up at all times and change them with the seasons. I have two many quilts around and truly my husband is not a fan of all my stuff. Maybe I should pair down. To please him, but I do love it all.

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