Busy Weekend

My weekend was really busy…

Saturday was errand day…and I went to the movie Harriet in the afternoon.  I’ll have a review of that coming up.  By the time I got home and got the groceries put away, it was later in the afternoon…I went up and did some sewing knowing I wouldn’t have sewing time on Sunday.

The first Sunday in November is always a busy day for us.  It’s the craft show in town where we ALWAYS buy kolaches (it’s a Bohemian fruit pastry).  We go to All Saints Day at church and the evening is the local school Music Boosters chicken dinner.  We’ve done this all for many years.  Kelli was coming to join in on the fun.

Kelli got to my house early so we could hit the craft show while the kolaches selection was best.  We checked other things out…On I love these bags made from rugs.  I really like them!!  I didn’t buy one.  $60 was a little much for my budget.

The gals I used to do childcare for were there…Kelli was their after hours babysitter.  They are the nicest girls.  It’s so fun to see them all grown up.

Kelli got some of her Christmas shopping done…

Shopping with someone who likes to shop (Kelli) is not always fun for those of us who don’t really like shopping (Kalissa, Gannon and I).  Kalissa ended up waiting in the lobby with Gannon.  Thank goodness it was a small craft show.

From here it was off to church.  It was All Saints Day.  A tough day of church when you’re from a family who lost a family member.  Kramer’s name was announced in church.  We all know he’s passed.  We’re not in denial but seeing it in writing in the bulletin is a little much still.

We got back to my house and Kalissa offered to make lunch.  It’s a recipe you can find HERE on her blog.
It doesn’t look the best but it’s actually quite good.

In between it all, I was working on my hourglass blocks.

…and Georgie was playing in the bounce which she finally figured out.

Kelli was coffee tea dying some cross stitch fabric.

…and Carver was her trusty helper.

Here it is drying in the laundry room.

It was about then that I decided that I wanted to make Shutterfly photo albums for the grandkids that are ABC books about Kramer.  Kelli and I jumped on it and I got quite a ways along once I got some picture from Kalissa.  She’s the picture keeper.

By the time we got to this point it was time to go pick up our take out chicken meals from the Music Boosters.  Happily Craig was able to join us for supper.

It was a big long day….but a fun one with family.  It’s not often that I get to hang out with Kelli anymore.  I only see her for a few minutes here and there.  I miss Kelli days.  The days when we used to sew the day away are days I’ll always remember.

So that was the weekend.  It went by WAY to quickly!

P.S. If you want to read Kalissa’s take on the day, as for her it was a little more dramatic, you can read about it HERE on her blog.

5 thoughts on “Busy Weekend”

  1. As a band mom and the treasurer of my school’s music and fine arts boosters, THANK YOU for supporting arts in the school!!

    1. Brenna…My kids were always in the plays, speech, choir and even band so the arts are very valued in our house. I’ve always said, these skills go with your for forever…

  2. I’ve always enjoyed shopping with my daughters – especially when Steph has the brood with her. Those days are the best memories!

  3. Family time is the best! You will get more Kelli time as Georgie grows. Maybe she will love to sew with the both of you…wouldn’t that be fun on a cold winter day!

    Love the photo A,B,C book idea for the kids. One for you too. All saints day is always hard. We read the name, light a candle and ring a bell. You have two new angles to watch over you, Roger and Jody.

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