Busy Weekend

I had a lot of stuff going on this weekend…well a lot for me anyway. I needed to do errands and pick up a prescription. I wanted to get some glass for my Christmas Garden cross stitch piece that I finished.

Friday night I came home from work, wrote blog posts, and stitched. I didn’t do a thing else. It was a long week. I didn’t touch my mail. I just had some leftovers for supper. I didn’t even shower. I was tired…and I went to bed at 10 pm and that never happens on a Friday night.

Saturday morning I was up and at ’em early. I immediately wrote three blog posts so I had that out of the way and then I went to town for errands. The Perfect Edge is my frame shop. They do a great job…and she lets me bring in an old vintage frame and works with it rather than requiring me to purchase a frame from her.

Then it was off to Walmart. I had a grocery pick up order and I needed my meds. I went to get the med and they weren’t ready so I racked my brain to see if there was something else I needed but didn’t have on the list…bird food. I got that and then told myself I should go to the magazine section. I could kill some time there. Then I stopped. Nope. That will cost me $15 because I’ll end up buying a magazine and I didn’t need any. Look at me being good. Finally, my meds were ready so I picked them up and headed to the thrift store.

I picked up this…I might paint it black and attach a cross-stitch piece to it. We’ll see. For 50 cents, it was worth the risk.

Look! I found magazines. I know I said I didn’t need any at Walmart but these were only 25 cents each. I love the Taste of Home magazines which are special editions.

I also found this quilt pamphlet in the magazine section and picked it up. The patterns for the four quilts shown are in it. I like the quilt in the middle picture. I think it would be jelly roll-friendly by looking at it but haven’t read the instructions yet.

I stopped at Goodwill next. I found some stamped embroidery blocks that I bought and will send to Jazz. She is always looking for some.

Being I was close I used the rest of my gift card from Sandra to Starbucks and got myself a chia latte. THANKS!!

I got home and opened my mail from the day before. More goodies…also from Sandra. She’s watching out for me when I’m on my diet and sent some goodies.

Another box came from a blog reader. Oh, my word. It was filled with punch needle goodies. I really want to get back to punch needle. I’ve done it before and enjoyed it.

She sent me some finished pieces, some supplies, and some patterns. Oh, I love them!! What a talent. I am truly blown away. I will happily finish these and display them. I have a friend who does punch needle so I am passing the pattern on the left to her being a finished one was sent too. She thanks you…I thank you. WOW.

Sally send me another box of goodies…fun fabrics. I have already cut some strips and will be using them to make my Tiny Nine Patch blocks. I love adding some variety and her fabric gift sure did!! She also sent a Blackbird Designs book. THANKS. I’ve been collecting them. I keep telling myself I need to get brave and try an applique quilt. We’ll see.

I’ve kind of sworn off making applique quilts. Maybe this old dog can learn a new trick.

Then I ran around the house trying to catch up on everything…vacuuming, laundry, dishes, filling the bird feeders…oh all of the things before my friend Carla came and we walked the dogs. It was a great January day!!

That night was my work Christmas party. We had a great time. What a great bunch of people.

Then Sunday rolled around. I wrote a blog post in the morning then got things together. I was headed south to catch these two girls, Lucy and Lilly, at their dance recital. Oh my. How fun!! They had a special feature dance where the two of them did a duet dance. Lilly in only three and did a great job with Lucy leading the way.

Kalissa, my daughter, went with me. We ended up ducking out early. We were there for about two hours and had another two hours plus a stop at the pet store before we were home. We had an urgent need to get a waterer for their gerbils.

It’s always something. As I’m sitting here writing on Sunday night, it’s 8:30 pm. I need a shower and then I hope to stitch for an hour before bed. Typically most of my stitching happens on the weekend. Not this weekend. That’s okay. I had fun and time with my son Buck, my daughter Kalissa, and my two granddaughters. That trumps stitching any day. It was a busy weekend, but lots of fun!

This next week looks to be busy too. I hope it’s as fun.

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  1. Your two granddaughters look like twins, so pretty. You sound as if you are doing great and I’m glad. I know you are going to have a rough couple of months ahead but know we are all behind you.

  2. What a fun time with your granddaughters, it is a chore to keep up with all of the activities! Sending prayers your way.

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