Busy Weekend

Do I ever write a blog post that doesn’t have the word busy in it anymore??
I don’t think so…

I told you Friday that I had a busy week up to that point and I told you it was scheduled to continue to be busy.  That was in fact true.

Friday I took the day off and went to Kelli’s.  I’ve been helping Kelli do some deep cleaning at her house.  I got there at 9:30 am and got home at 9:00 pm.  It was a LONG day.  We went through the entire kitchen.  We washed and reorganized all of the kitchen cabinets, then cleaned the refrigerator and microwave.  It looked so nice when we were done.  Kelli hasn’t been in love with her cabinets and I was convinced that she just needed to do some better organizing.  I think I was partially right…and she was partially right.  We are definitely on the right track now.

Saturday I was up early.  I had an appointment to test drive a new vehicle.

I had an old 2008 Chevy Silverado that was getting pretty rusted out.  If you aren’t familiar with these trucks, pretty much every 2008 out there has rusted fender wheels due to poor design.  If you see a pickup with rusted fender walls you can make a pretty close bet it’s a 08 Chevy.  UGH.

I’ve been putting off buying a vehicle.  Kramer, my husband who passed away, did all the vehicle buying.  I’ve always HATED dealing with car salespeople.  I always feel like they are lying and I’m getting screwed…or I’m being pressured.  I hate all of those things.

I would have probably gotten one last year but Covid happened and I didn’t drive anywhere.  In the end, that was good as I was putting money away for instead of just buying one.

I had decided I wanted a Chrysler Pacifica.  I wanted it to be used and wanted red.  I’ve been looking for some time and not finding something in my price range.  I’ve had no luck.  The whole computer chip not being produced is really making finding cars hard.

I ended up getting this…  It’s a 2017 with 19,000 miles.  I am okay with it.  I actually really like it.

It does smell a little smokey…like someone smoked in it…that I don’t love.

I tried a new car smell de-odorizer and it’s better but not as good as I’d like it.  Any suggestions?

Buck suggested that I have the cabin air filter replaced and I plan on doing that.  He said Lora did that in a car and that really helped.

If it only gets as good as it is, I’m okay with that but if I can improve it, I want to.

After I bought the car, Buck met me and he took my truck and I took his kids for an overnight.

The kids and I stopped at Kayla’s to see Jasper.  We ended up taking the kids all to the park.  Here’s Jasper…

Here’s Lucy…

Here is Lilly.  This little girl does not have enough fear in her.  She’s a bit of a dare devil.  She’s a few months younger than Jasper but she gives him a run for his money.

After Kayla’s house, we made the trek to my house.  It was a long day for me again.

When we got to my house the first thing Scotty asked me was, “Does my Dad have your big swing set done yet?”  HA!  Nope…you have to put up with my old falling apart swing.

Lilly has such bright eyes…she’s so pretty.

Lucy is at the silly stage when kids think they are cuter when they tilt their heads.

Scotty is in the mischievous stage…he can be a handful.  When added to Carver, it’s busy and hard.

I braided Lucy’s hair.  She loves getting it braided.  I take that back.  She loved having braided hair.  She does not love getting it braided.  She doesn’t sit still the best but being she’s only three, I give her a pass.

Carver and Gannon came to play on Sunday morning.  As I said, Carver and Scotty together are a handful.  They rotate from everything being unfair and someone has this or that that the other wants, running, squealing, getting in trouble and being best friends ever and playing perfectly.  It’s a swinging pendulum.  At one point they were being naughty and had stood on my coffee table which they both know is naughty.  I didn’t know what they had done but heard Carver say, “It’s okay.  Grandma Joey isn’t watching.”  I had been on the computer in the adjoining room and heard that.  Carver got a lesson in how his grandma’s ears work even when her eyes can’t.

I love them both and they are just at the most terrible age.  It will get better I know and I love them regardless but I really have to be on my toes with them…especially because impressable Gannon is right on their heels.

Lucy on the other hand is pure joy…super sweet…loves to sit at the table and play every game or toy that I have hidden away in my cabinets.  One of her favorites is the Melissa and Doug toy you see below.  I recommend it.  You can find it HERE.  She asks to play it every time she comes.

She loves teasing and playing.  I don’t think I yelled or corrected her the entire time she was here.  She is truly a happy, happy girl.

I really have to be on my toes when all five of them are here.  We were at the table and I realized we had a 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 year old all there.  No wonder I was a little frazzled.  I can easily have childcare kids of the same ages and it’s not a problem.  Grandkids are way different than childcare kids.  Childcare kids know the rules…grandkids, not so much.  I have friends who also do childcare and they all say the same thing.

Craig was working Sunday morning and came to pick up the kids at 10:30ish.  I told him I’d keep the boys and he could go home and get a couple of things done without the boys.  Kalissa was sleeping from working the overnight.

When he came back he helped me drill some holes in the bottom of my planters.  It was great to check that off my list.

I met Buck with the kids in Independence…it’s about an hour south of me…and about an hour north for him.  It’s a nice spot to meet.

From there I went home.  By the time I got here, it was supper time.  I did some work at the cemetery that I’m telling you about in an upcoming post.

Then I picked up Karl to show off the new vehicle.  We went and got ice cream.  We swapped stories about our weekends.  He was in Milwaukee to meet up with a friend.  It’s nice to see him.

From there the day was slipping away and I had blog posts to write…including this one.  I typically write a bit ahead as I never what is going to happen around here and I want one or two written just in case.

So…in a matter of 48 hours, I saw all of my adult kids…and all nine of the grandkids.  I’ll call that a great weekend!!

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  1. Phyllis Singler

    Find someone who has an ozone generator/machine. That is what car dealers use to get the smoke or other obnoxious smells out of cars. Maybe check with your Fire Department because they are also used in homes that have had fires to remove the smell…They might know someone or a company that has one that you can use.

  2. Oh Jo. I am happy for you. The new wheels look great. We just bought a new used car, and we splurged and got one with all the bells and whistles that we have never had. It takes some getting used to, but we are enjoying it. It s wonderful that you get to spend so much time with the grands, building wonderful memories there.

  3. Get your new ride professionally “detailed”. It can cost quite a bit but really removes the smoke odor. I bought a used car, had that done and it took the smoke smell away forever. An ozone machine will remove it temporarily, but as soon as you stop using the machine the smell returns.

  4. What a weekend! So glad you were able to find a vehicle to your liking – it’s beautiful!!.How fun to see all the family at one time or another. They are so fortunate to have you close by of course, we know that works both ways.

  5. I use charcoal briquettes for removing bad odors. Open the bag and leave it on the floor for a week or so. We had a basement that had water in it before we rented the house and I stored furniture in there. My furniture really smelled when we moved out and I read about vinegar and the charcoal. The charcoal works great.

  6. Nice wheels! We recently sold my sister’s car, and it smelled like her farm. LOL. We sprinkled Arm and Hammer Carpet Odor Eliminator on the seats and carpet, left it for awhile and vacuumed. It really helped.

  7. All “fabric” in the car needs to be cleaned. Presuming your seats are a cloth and you have rugs on the floor. Until all of that is cleaned, the smell will linger. (like the carpet and a couch from a smoking home).

    What a great weekend you had seeing every single member of your family!!! Yehaw! :-)

  8. i think your sons suggestion to change the interior filter should prove most long lasting. We got the one that is just a wee bit more costly but it can be removed, washed and reused. A bit of essential oll on ones finger and rubbed over the surface can add something if you are interested.

    congrats on the new vehicle and the joyfil weekend.

  9. Congrats on the new vehicle. I second the suggestion to get it professionally detailed to remove the lingering odors.

  10. OZIUM available in Walmart in car Dept.. Works great and the filter too. You won’t be able to be in it for a few hours.

  11. Congratulations on the new car…it’s a beauty! Wow, you are really working your way through your to do list…good for you! So happy for you!

  12. You will really enjoy your new car. We bought one that smelled of cigarettes. Used Febreze fabric spray on the upholstery. Also, changed the cabin filter. Still could smell it on a warm day for nearly a year.

  13. Judith Fairchild

    Your weekend was Busy!!! Grands and a new car. You were blessed to find one easily. Love that color. Such foun with your grands.

  14. Just like your own children, your own grandchildren know how to push your buttons and know exactly how to push the boundaries!! I remember when my kids were little and overhearing them say they knew the could do THIS with Grammy (MIL) but not with Manaw (my Mama). How Grammy would make different dinners on the same night so everyone had their favorites to eat but Manaw always had adventures planned. They learned pretty early what they could get away with whom. Such imps!
    We had a conversation about ‘love languages’ and how different people show their love.

    I love hearing about your adventures with the grands. When I was in high school, an adult cousin came to visit and remarked how it always amazed him how the 5 of us could be so different. I thought No duh! Insert teenage eye rolling here. Now I catch myself thinking the same thing about the very different personalities of our 5 grands! Hahaha

  15. Congrats on the new car Jo. Its very nice! We had to get one of those bombs you put in your car with a used vehicle we bought one time as there was a smoke odor in it and it got rid of the odor, but after using the bomb, you will need to air out your car a couple days. The one we used was Dakota-Odor-Bomb-New-Scent. We got it through Amazon. Just read all the reviews and questions and see if it will meet your needs.
    Loved all the pix of the grandkids ….yes, you do stay busy!!!

  16. Great car! Great buy! I agree on the car sale but my son now sells cars and he is different. He is there to “help” you find what you want. I bet a used Honda with smokey smell. Not bad and it gradually wore off. Bar of soap left in the car maybe?

  17. Karen Blankenship

    Jo, I once had a sour odor in my car after water seeped in during a hurricane. I had it detailed and had them shampoo all of the carpet. My DH was surprised when the odor went away so I recommend you get your car detailed and shampooed. We have a new to us truck from my brother and he kept those awful car fresheners in there. I’m trying to get him to detail and shampoo the truck!

  18. Virginia Grenier

    I’ve found the best way to get rid of odors is to wash all surfaces, apply surface treatment called “Cover All” and put open containers of baking soda to absorb the odors.

  19. Kudos on successfully meeting the stressful challenge of buying that vehicle on your own! Good job, well done; it’s a sharp looking vehicle and seems perfect for your needs.

  20. We got a Chrysler Pacifica a few months ago while our car was being serviced. It freaked me out because it turned of when you idle or come to a stoplight. Then it starts back up when you put your foot back on the pedal

  21. Congratulations on the new van Jo! I actually have the exact same van, same year, color, everything. I bought mine new and have loads more miles on it though:) I love it, the only thing I’ve hated since I bought it( and didn’t know it had when we bought it) is the auto start/stop- the van turns off when idling to save gas. Ours has malfunctioned constantly over the last four years, being taken in to the dealer dozens of times and they’ve never done anything that helps. They just reset it and it does it again a week or so later, causing damage to our batteries, and loss of power out of the blue. I think ours is just a lemon though and pray yours has zero issues! It’s such a fun van to drive, and I love all the convenience features especially the power doors and lift gate, never thought I’d need them but I have four kids and couldn’t do without them now;)
    I do agree with replacing the filter too, it worked wonders for getting kid stink out of our van and was an easy fix. Charcoal does absorb odors as well. Good luck!

    1. I think if I bought a brand new car and had the same problem over & over I’d be seriously on that dealer’s case. And then move on up the ladder to the Chrysler CEO if that’s what it took. They should have really fixed it or replace it if they couldn’t. A friend had a Chevy Equinox, bought new, that was a lemon & finally her husband took it in and laid down the law. It was replaced.

  22. Deborah Stokes

    Many many many years ago my cousin owned a used car lot. He cut apples in half and placed one on the floor in the backseat to remove odors. I’m sure the newer methods others have mentioned work better but might try that until you can get the stuff others reccomend.

  23. Your new car is a beauty! I actually like that black cherry color better than red red. Since it’s a Chrysler product, does it have touchy brakes? We’ve had two Plymouths and both had the touchy brakes as well as the Dodge Durango a friend had. The last two cars we’ve had I had to go buy. My husband would rather have me driving an unsafe, falling apart car than have to do the buying himself. But at least that way I get what I want instead of the cheapest, ugliest one he can find!

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  25. Jo you can have the carpets shampoo.
    It will help tremendously. And yes replace the filter.
    Hope you enjoy your new car. It holds lots of grand babies

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