Busy Weekend

I had a busy but relaxing weekend for the most part.  The kids started arriving on Wednesday.  There was a houseful.  They started leaving on Thursday evening but the last to leave was Kayla on Friday early evening.

This message came to me from Buck before anyone even got here…
What’s better than having the family together for Thanksgiving?! Fixing your sons jeans of course!!! See you soon!”

Oh that boy of mine!  yes..I did get them patched.

I had hoped to get a picture of me with the grandkids but it didn’t happen.  Instead I have a few snapshots.

This is Georgia and Lucy.

Kelli and Georgia.

Kalissa playing with Lucy.

Kayla braiding Lucy’s hair while Buck is holding her.
Scotty showing me his shark….I love this picture!!
Scotty again.
We aren’t a football watching family on Thanksgiving…more of sleeping family but rightly so.

Kalissa is a nurse and worked the overnight on Wednesday so was needing sleep on Thanksgiving.
Carver was almost sleeping then saw me the camera and “woke”.

Kelli had worked the overnight Tuesday night and then “short slept” on Wednesday so she was behind on sleep and slept.

Jason has been working at getting the crops in and hasn’t been sleeping much at all.  One night earlier in the week he slept for ONE hour…that’s it!  He’s sleeping here with Georgia.

But someone didn’t sleep…Gannon!!  He was way to busy working on his latest milestone.  He can pull himself up.  He’s just thrilled that he an too.

It was a good Thanksgiving.  I was worried it would be hard but the kids and I did okay.  The hardest was that Lora couldn’t come.  Lora works in big box retail in management.  She can’t be here for Thanksgiving.  Lora video messaged the kids and it ended with Lucy and Lora both crying-and me all teary eyed.  I wish when people were running out to get their big deals that they would realize what and who is behind that “deal”.

In other news…My Christmas cactus is starting to bloom.  I need to repot it and plan to after Christmas.  This is my third year with this one.  It is always loaded with blooms.

…and I’ll close with this picture of me and Karl…
Kayla bought me a cheese advent calendar.  Every day I open it, I get cheese!!  I’m sharing with Karl.

That was Thanksgiving 2019 here.  It’s just a casual day with the kids and grandkids.  We couldn’t help but think to next year.  It was crazy with the five kids here.  I have no idea what it will be like with Georgie and Gannon on the move and two more babies here!!  It’s guaranteed to be fun…and LOUD.

15 thoughts on “Busy Weekend”

  1. Jo , so happy you had your kids with you for your Thanksgiving. The white flower is a Thanksgiving Cactus I think. The pointy leaves are Thanksgiving. Mine is like that too, and the rounded leaves are Christmas Cactus, at least that is what they tell me.

  2. I didn’t get a family picture either…but did manage to get one with the grandkids all in one spot. It was a blessing to spend time with family – I’m so glad you had a special time with yours as well. Love your photos.

    I am often inspired by your posts, but haven’t yet dusted off my sewing machine. I’ve been SO busy seeing to the needs of my mom that I haven’t pursued quilting. Well, it’s time to put away that excuse. My son asked me to make a Christmas stocking for their foster daughter. Thank you for your part in keeping me interested in pursuing my passion.

  3. Carolyn Sullivan

    It was so busy here too. Not all came, but NO ONE took pics! except of the GGbaby we did get a 5 generation picture. Someone took a video of the baby’s watching the trains (trees and Trimmings are up) and one GGB ‘played’ the player piano w me LOL. it sounded really good LOL

  4. My cactus are all blooming. I haven’t repotted in years because I heard they like to be root bound. They are doing wonderful since I’ve also learned how to ignore them. :-)

  5. My family is also the relaxed and casual Thanksgiving type. Hooray! Having worked at a hospital, I know what a bummer it is to work on Thanksgiving or Christmas. One of the many reasons I refuse to shop anything “Black Friday” before 6:00am on that actual Friday. Now I’m just a wee bit jealous of your advent calendar, mine usually just has cheap chocolate.

  6. Claire Lonergan

    Jo how do you transplant your Christmas cactus? I have a huge one here desperately in need of re potting but am afraid it might die. Do you use a special dirt? How much larger should the pot be? Than ks!

  7. Glad you had a great day with family. I had 8 family and friends over for dinner but the daughter and grands live miles and miles (states) away. I’ll see her in January for the birth of her baby. When you repot the Christmas cactus please blog about it as I need to do mine and always forget.

  8. The picture of Buck with the jeans made me laugh because the other day my son asked who was going to inherit my sewing machine so he would know where to bring his mending.

  9. What a wonderful holiday for all of you, just being together. I love the “fix my jeans” plea and Karl looks great with his beard. So happy that you all gathered, sorry Lora had to work. I wish businesses would stay closed on holidays, but times have changed.

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