Busy Week

What a busy week and it’s only Monday….

I was up early and off to Lacrosse for my blood draw and shot.  It was 5:30 as I was leaving.  I was about as blurry as the picture below.

It was a nice drive.  No hiccups except I had to stop and get gas….normally I would have gotten an ice coffee but all of that is off limits with my diet.  You can bet I’ll have one on my way home on Friday if possible.

The sun was coming up when I hit the Mississippi River and crossed over into Wisconsin.

I was early for my appointment even with the stop for gas.  There was so little traffic.

First it was a blood draw and then it was a shot in the butt cheek.  Tuesday when I go, no blood draw but a shot in the other butt cheek.

On the way home I took a different route that took me along the Mississippi.  I was on a mission…I was headed to New Albin to the meat market.  None of the good things I love were things I could have on my diet…but Kelli could and she was home at my house doing childcare on a no school day!!  There was a house full.

My hope was that by treating her with AMAZING smoked salmon, ring bologna and meat sticks, she would still love me when I got home to take over the chaos.

From the Meat Market I went on to Decorah…Oh, my look at the shelf…
I am SO impressed with Wal-Mart.  Look at all of the versions of seasoning that they carry that have NO SALT!!  I only have a few days left but I splerged and bought THREE different ones.

I got the onion and herb, spicy hot and regular.  I tasted them all and they do a good job of combining spices to cover the lack of salt.  Boy I wish I would have had them last week…but I’m going to be thankful for what I have.

Tonight..it will be pork tenderloins for supper.  I can modify things enough to make that work…eggs will be egg whites only and spice will be one of these.  I am so excited…I think it will be my best meal on this diet yet.  Everyone else can sprinkle salt if they really need some.

My day was suppose to be a little different.  Originally I was suppose to have afternoon shot appointments but Kalissa has to take Gannon to the doctor tomorrow in the afternoon and hoped that I might be able to ride along.  We figured this out just before closing time on Friday so I had to scramble and get my appointments changed to early morning.

I have a wild day tomorrow.  I get Gannon in the morning.  He has to go with me to Lacrosse.  We need to leave about 6:30 but Kalissa has to drop him off at 5:15am.  After my shot, I come back, hang at the house for a bit and then Kalissa will get off work and we have to fly to Iowa City.  Both trips are two hours drives.

Thank goodness Kelli could cover childcare or this wouldn’t have worked.  I’m off the rest of the week so we don’t have to worry about childcare coverage then.

I’ll let you know Wednesday morning what we find out about Gannon after seeing the surgeon.

I had good travels today…fingers crossed for easy trips for the rest of the week too.  I’m so thankful to be in a supportive family.  They make it easier to be #Kramerstrong.

P.S.  Kelli was thrilled with the goodies from the Meat Market…Puppycat even tried to get in on the goods. Georgie did too but she’s still a little bit to little for smoked salmon.

Seriously…if you are even in NE Iowa, give New Albin Meat Market a try.  It’s a little dumpy of a store but the meat is AMAZING.  The smoked salmon is a MUST!!

6 thoughts on “Busy Week”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    We were told of a little meat market close to us. We tried it and we’re very happy with it. Prices are comparable with regular stores food is so good. Got summer sausage. One morning I decided I wanted the summer sausage with my eggs so I popped several slices into the pan then my eggs. Oh my it was so good. Take care travelling. Praying all goes well.

  2. It sounds like your time with the dreaded diet is almost over and will be time to celebrate!
    Glad Kelli was there to help with the child care – sure made it easier!
    Good luck this week – I’ll be thinking of you.
    Love and prayers

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