Busy Sunday (Last Sunday)….

I had a very busy Sunday (LAST SUNDAY).  All of it was filled with family fun- my favorite kind.

Earlier in the week Buck and I were talking.  I said I needed him to come home and be my helper for a day.  I have plans in the sewing room that need a guys touch.  Karl is great for lots of things but has more experience and sometimes, it’s easier to default to the experience and ask Buck.

He said sure…and that maybe we could swap.  He said that Lora and him wanted to go on a date and have a day away.  I could maybe come and watch the kids.  Well, that sounded good to me.  Sometimes I need an excuse to visit.

So the plan was that I would go to Bucks on Sunday.  Well as the week progressed Kayla said, “If you’re going to be at Buck’s, maybe I’ll just come and visit you there and Jasper can see his cousins.”  Kayla only lives about 35 minutes from Bucks so it was an easy drive to get together vs the 2 hours a normal trip is to see me.

Then Saturday Kalissa found out that Craig would be working Sunday so she said she’d love riding along if I didn’t mind.  Then Carver and Gannon could have a cousin day.

Then Karl said he planned to hit a trail and go hiking on Sunday and I asked if he wanted to ride along and he could hit a new trail somewhere around Buck’s house.  He loved the idea so he rode along too.

So, Kalissa, Carver, Gannon, Karl, and I loaded up Sunday morning and headed towards Buck’s.

Kayla and Jasper met us there and we had a big hang out day!  Once we got there Buck and Lora were hesitant to leave but I got them out of the house.  With three kids five and under, they don’t get out on their own much and need to…

So here are some pictures of our day.
Here is my grandson picture!!  It’s Carver holding Jasper, Scotty, and me holding Gannon.  What a fun bunch of guys.

Here is Karl with Lilly.

I’ll admit to being a little nervous about Lilly.  She’s just at the age where she doesn’t know me as much as I wish..and I’m like a stranger to her.  But she did fabulous when mom and dad left.

Lilly was born the end of March this year and due to COVID we haven’t seen her a lot.  Also, just because of her age a few time Buck came to my house and brought the older kids but Lilly stayed home with mom.

She has the biggest prettiest blue eyes…I’m in love with her.  Those blue eyes come from Kramer.

Jasper has blue eyes too but they could come from either side of the family.  He is 10 weeks older than Lilly.

Both of them are scooting around and crawling.  They both sit up wonderfully and both are easily entertained by watching the “big kids” play.

Lucy was especially fond of Jasper.  Here she is giving him a smooch.

The big boys get a little wound up.  Check out Scotty in the basket.

Here is Kalissa on the floor playing with Lucy and Gannon.  Kalissa and Lucy have a sweet connection.  Lucy loves for Kalissa to braid her hair…and Kalissa loves hanging with a girl for the day.  Don’t get me wrong…Kalissa loves her busy boys and she’s a great boy mom, but she can sure appreciate Lucy who is quieter and plays so sweetly.

I adored this picture of Kayla with Jasper.  Kalissa took tons of pictures.  I only took a few.  I was so busy feeding the kids, cleaning up after them, and trying to keep the oldest two at a more manageable noise level.

It’s a wild time with these guys and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love how our family has grown and I love that they happily include me in their lives.

I had a few things kind of bum me out last week.  The weekend with the kids is exactly what I needed.  I was reminded again that I need to make more time to visit our kids that don’t live as close.  Oh, they are so sweet and when I don’t take the time, I really do miss out…plus, they are the biggest “pick me up” ever.  They just make me happy.  These are my people and I love them to the moon and back!!

9 thoughts on “Busy Sunday (Last Sunday)….”

  1. Such a great day! All the kids are close to each other and it seems their kiddos are going to be close too. You just have to live that!

  2. Oh what a priceless time for everyone! Love all the smiles and I can almost hear all the giggles and laughter. So happy for you!

  3. Love seeing you with all the kiddos. Such a sweet blessing to have them nearby. And they are at such fun ages. Enjoy all the cuddles you can sneak in!

  4. I love how you driving to Bucks’ turned into a van full :-) Living in the moment is a gift you’ve given your children and your grands are learning as well. So much fun!!!!!!

  5. Oh, that first picture of Lilly with Karl is so Darling!! The tilt of her head, the tiny smile, the big eyes, so sweet! How lucky you all are to be able to visit one another now and then. I am grateful for 5 of my seven to be within an hour of me, but those two oldest ones are much farther. I miss them.

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