Busy Friday

Oh my, what a Friday I had…want to follow along and see what I was up to?

I started out with a 9 am trip to the eye doctor. I told you a bit ago that I’ve been having some problems with my left eye. It pretty much feels like someone punched me in the eye…then my right eye is watering ALL OF THE TIME. I had gone to my regular doctor about 6 weeks ago or so and she prescribed an antibiotic for me and told me heat and massage were what I needed to do. That all seemed to help my left eye but it never quite completely resolved it.

Fast forward to early this week. My left was back to the same old feeling of being punched in the eye. Everything around my eye was sore. I decided to call into my eye doctor. They got me in on Friday.

Long story short…It is thought that this all might be a complication of the radioactive iodine treatment I had back in early 2022. BLAH. They put me on steroids for my left eye and eye drops. So I have to put eye drops in eight times a day and have to go back to the eye doctor next week. I’m terrible at putting eye drops in my own eyes, but like the doctor said, by the time you’re done with this, you’re going to be a lot better at it. HA!

From there I decided to kill a little time at the thrift store. I knew the pharmacy wouldn’t have my meds ready right away. While I was going in, I found a penny on the ground. I hoped that meant I was going to have good luck in the thrift store.

I did find some goodies but overall, sadly…

the prices at my thrift store are going up.

I know fabric has really gone up. Pieces that typically were $1 are $4 now. Things that were $2.50 are $5 now. I think a new person is pricing the fabric. T-shirt fabric that I buy and send to Carolyn to make baby gowns has gone up in price too. I hate it but what’s a girl to do.

I have a friend that collects old cross stitch pieces. I previously shopped for her. Sadly the pieces are more expensive now and I don’t want to randomly just buy pieces for her without knowing it something she REALLY wants. This is beautiful and well worth the $8 price. It’s just that previously it would have been $5.

I totally realize that my thrift stores were really underpricing before but it’s hard to see such a big price jump all at once.

I did find a couple of other things…I’ll share about them in the another blog post.

From there it was off to pick up my meds….then pick up groceries. From there I decided to treat myself my first order from Lesly’s Taco Truck of the season. Here in the north, we don’t have a lot of food trucks. Lesly’s was really the first one around and she is awesome!! She got a new bigger truck this season. If you’re ever in Decorah, Iowa, check her out. She’s always located near the McDonalds.

I placed my order and then asked if I had enough time to run over to Goodwill. I did.

From there it was the half hour drive home. We are 20-30 minutes from anywhere and sadly typically everything we need to do is in opposite directions. Today is was NE to Decorah and SW to the vet.

I was going to take time to eat my food once I got home but Caesar, my foster dog had a vet appointment I had to get him too. He was going to be adopted from a couple in Arkansas. On Monday I was going to meet them with Caesar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They were going to drive up on Easter Sunday, stay overnight, get Caesar on Monday and then drive home. To cross state lines, he needed a health certificate and were off to get one.

Originally Rosie was going to go to the vet too. The dogs had been romping the night before chasing around the kitchen island. Rosie slipped and fell and after that, she wasn’t the same. She didn’t move right. She wouldn’t jump on the couch. I lifted her onto the couch and later went to take her off the couch and she growled at me. That’s totally not her. I ended up sure we’d be at the vet in the morning. Luckily I had some old meds from Ruby that were pain meds. I gave her one that night and luckily she was fine the next morning and I didn’t need to take her.

Normally I would have a lot more bedding in the kennel but after all the puke and poop I’ve cleaned up when transferring dogs, I’m down to providing the bare minimum.

At the vet we ended up with meds. Caesar’s nose was a little red and out of deep caution she prescribed a medicine to help with skin problems. He’ll be on if for three weeks. He came to me that way and the vet didn’t notice it when he was neutered. It really is out of precaution.

After the vet I called the adopters to let them know and told them if they had questions they were welcome to call the vet.

From there I needed gas. While in town I heard they had opened a new thrift store in Fredericksburg. The hours seemed to be pretty hit and miss. I happened to have hit them. The temperatures were great so I rolled down the windows and Caesar waited for me for 10 minutes while I checked it out. I ended up finding a couple of things.

By that point it was about 2 pm. I decided that as long as I was this far south and hadn’t eaten lunch yet, I was going to treat myself and have dessert first. I went to the fro-yo store…Country View Dairy. It’s on highway 18 a few miles from the vet. They have a store right on the farm where they make yogurt and offer frozen yogurt that is in a container you can take home and also offer froyo soft cones. The cones are only $1. I love it!!

Just as I was pulling into the farm, my phone rang. It was Kalissa. She had planned to take Anders to the doctor. He was fussy and we were pretty sure he had ear infection again. The appointment was scheduled for 4 pm but they were moving the appointment up. She was wondering if she could bring Carver and Gannon to my house and I’d watch them while she took Anders. I had already planned on that but didn’t know the appointment was moved.

She had me on speaker phone and Gannon heard me when I said I was at the froyo store. He was upset and wanted some so I bought a pack container of frozen froyo and got my cone. Then headed home as she needed me there so she could get Anders to the doctor on time.

Kalissa pulled in just as I pulled in. The boys jumped out and she took off.

Carver and Gannon both wanted a bowl of froyo and then Carver wanted to know if he could work for me. UGH. I was totally not in the mood but said yes. We would clean the yard and flower beds. The weather was so nice…really perfect for it.

Carver has been “working” for me. He really is a good help and I’ve been paying him. He really wants to buy more Pokeman cards and Kalissa said she will buy him one pack each month but if he wants more, he has to earn money and buy them himself…so he come to my house to “work”. As I said, he really can be a good help.

Do you remember all of the spring flower bulbs I planted last fall? They are all coming up now. I can’t wait to see them. Gannon is standing by them in the picture on the left.

Carver is on the right. I picked up his sweatshirt at the thrift store. It’s a really nice John Deere brand one.

We did yard work for about two hours and then Kalissa came home and got the boys. It was Good Friday and we ended up making plans to go to church at 7 pm. Craig was staying home with Anders because he was fussy and could keep Gannon too. It would just be Kalissa, Carver and I going. By now it was 5:15 pm. I had a little bit before I had to be in the house so cleaned off another flower bed.

We didn’t get all of the work done but did get a big chunk done.

Once in the house I realized the groceries weren’t put away and um…I still didn’t eat my food from the taco truck. The day had just gotten away from me. Oh my.

I put some of the groceries put away and ate. I sat down at the computer when the phone rang.

Caesar’s family backed out and they were no longer going to adopt him. WHAT?? I had spent all the time going through their adoption application. I had spent a lot of time on the phone with them. I had been sending pictures of him to them every day. I had rearranged my schedule to meet them. AH!!!

Oh my word. I was so disappointed. It really had sounded like a great home for Caesar.

I contacted the rescue to let them know. UGH. Caesar really is a great guy. He had another adoption fall through as well. None of the failed adoptions are Caesar’s fault, in fact, none of the people actually met him. They were both out of state adopters from 6 or more hours away. In the end, I think they all were initially excited and then thinking of the drive they changed their minds.

I feel so bad for the guy. In both cases, the people committed to him early on and then the rescue listed him as adoption pending and took him off Pet Finder so no other applications came in for him. Then we waited for the actual adoption date then as it came close, the adopters backed out.

The longer a rescue stays with the foster, it’s harder for everyone. We all become more attached and the dogs have to make big new transitions yet again.

But back to my Friday…
I looked up at the clock and I had just enough time to change my clothes and get ready for church.

Church was fine…it was Good Friday services. We were taking Carver and trying to quietly explain why church is supposed to more somber. If you’re a regular church goer you likely know that as the service ends, people generally aren’t dismissed. People are encouraged to be quiet, reflective or prayerful in their pews for a few minutes before they leave the services.

We did that and then left and went to the car. Kalissa made a comment and said she always feels a little awkward leaving Good Friday services. Carver pipes up and says, “Ya, why don’t they say, “Rise and go do something.”

Kalissa and I died laughing.

By the time I dropped off Kalissa and Carver and got back home it was 8:15 pm. I was pooped. I still had things from town that needed to put away. Caesar had spent more time than I like in the kennel and needed some free time so I walked him and then let him romp in the house.

I changed my clothes and then did a few things. My steam had worn out. At 9:15 pm I headed to the couch. I ended up cross stitch for two hours and then was off to bed. Phew. That was a long day. I should have gone to bed sooner but I was trying to finish a cross stitch piece. I am no quite finished but I’ll be finishing it tonight. YAHOO!!

That was my busy Friday. So much jam packed into one day!!

9 thoughts on “Busy Friday”

  1. Wow – what a day you had – I know it’s not the way you wanted but someday you’ll look back and see it was exactly the way it was suppose to go. :-)
    Good luck with finding a home for Caesar. I know there’s someone out there who are perfect for each other.
    Love and prayers

  2. Oh Jo, I was exhausted just reading this but you resurrected 10 year old memories of similar days with my daughter’s boys who were 2, 3, and 4 at the time. Mom ended up in the hospital for 8 weeks until she delivered their brother who only lived for 3 days. Question about t-shirt knits for your friend – I’m purging and have at least a box of t-shirt knits. (I was a supervisor at Northwest Fabrics back in the day and accumulated too much!) I would have no problem shipping if your friend is interested – would love more shelf space for quilt fabrics. Happy Easter! Praying you can find some rest today.

  3. We had a Lutheran pastor from Nebraska end every service with:
    The Lord bless you and keep you.
    The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you
    The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.
    And then we could leave.

    I have this on a wood plaque in my living room and I enjoy reading it each day. I kinda like Carvers idea too.

  4. What a jam-packed day! Can’t wait to see your cross stitch finish! Speaking of cross stitch…I love love the one you found. Flowers AND a bird in a nest, oh my! Happy Easter to everyone!

  5. Very strange. I use to be able to see and read all the comments to your blog, which I find almost as interesting as your blogs! Hoping it’s just a temporary glitch, but no comments are visible, although at the top it said 5 comments.

  6. Shirley from Calmar

    Another full day of memories.
    I have a bid help for eyedrops. I am awful trying to get drops in my eyes, with or without help. One day a nurse friend told me how she was taught to do drops. Lay flat, slightly tip your head/face toward opposite side, close your eye and put the drops in the corner. Put your face straight up and open your eye. The drops roll right in. I really hope this works for you.

  7. What a crazy busy day you had, so glad you survived it. How nice of Carver to help you outside. Hope someone steps up for the adoption.

  8. Gosh, what a busy day! You managed to pack so much in! It’s such a shame Caesar’s adoption fell through, especially after all you did to get him ready :( I hope his forever family are just on the horizon.

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