Busy Farmer, Nervous Wife.

Every fall the guys here at the farm fill the silage bunker with corn silage.  My hubby’s  job is drive the tractor back and forth over the corn silage to pack it down so more can fit into the bunker.


The blade that he pulls on the back of the tractor is used to try to level the silage off.


The first day or so of the process I don’t worry too much.  The tractor is lower than the bunker sides and there is less of a danger of my hubby getting hurt.

On the third day, it’s more like this…


If he would drive just an inch or two to far in the wrong direction, he could easy take the tractor and himself into a HUGE nose dive.  By the third day of this he has slept little…5-6 hours a night.  I know he’s tired so I worry even more.


The first time he did it, I was nervous all day…I am mellowing with time.  Now he knows what he’s doing and trust him to do without getting himself hurt.

I am happy to say the tractor is off the pile and we all can be done worrying about that for another year.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. We put up silage on Saturday. It scares me to death to watch my hubby drive back and forth over it to pack it.

  2. I grew up on a farm, and the smell of silage is just one of those aromas that brings back so many memories! My dad still farms, and I think my mom has just decided she is better off not knowing a lot of the stuff that he does!

  3. I so understand, Jo. My husband doesn’t farm, but does own both a backhoe and a dozier and although most of what he does in using them is for his own “pleasure”, I know the risks and the dangers and sometimes when he is perched precariously on top of a hillside, etc., it just makes me sick with worry. I am glad it is over for you this year.. enjoy your blog so much. Looking forward to the “Crumb-a-long”. Cathy

  4. I agree with kwilnkats what is corn silage? I “googled” it so I know it’s feed, but which animals eat it? Doesn’t the silage on the bottom spoil? How do you feed it to animals?

  5. I have had to drive that tractor/skid steer packing, thankfully not often, I do not like the angle. I was usually the one in the tractor with the chopper and wagon in the fields. Good weather for chopping silage though.

    FYI Silage is feed for cattle and the packing helps to prevent spoilage. The silage ferments, some love the smell of it fermenting, I do not, after a few weeks it is ready to be used. Many farmers pack it in bunkers or bags, sometimes it is done in a silo.
    Silage is fermented corn and the stalk
    Haylage is fermented green (not dried) hay
    Oatlage is fermented green oats (not dried) and stalk

    That is more than you probably wanted to know :)

  6. I’m glad your hubby’s job is done for now and he is safe and sound. I grew up on a farm in central Illinois and I know how dangerous farming can be. I knew quite a few men and kids who were injured in farming accidents. My dad would work late into the night sometimes and you have to pay attention to all that big equipment. It was really great growing up as a Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, though!

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