It has been the busiest of days for me today.  I woke up with a plan in my head and that plan quickly changed.

Kalissa came over…I can’t even remember why she originally came. Oh, I know, she was going to help move the red tin cabinet.

My neighbor to the back yard had someone there with a skid loader and they were moving dirt.  I’ve wanted that red cabinet in my sewing room but there was no way to get it there.

I thought a skid loader could hoist it to the upper door of our house that goes directly into my sewing room.  Remember our staircase is too tight for anything to get up the stairs?

So I walked out and asked if he might stop over when he is done and I’d pay him to help us get it into that upper window.  He said sure.

I called Kalissa to help.  Karl was already here.  Ah.  I was finally going to get this done.  Kalissa came with the boys and the guy walked over to our house and told us, no.  He didn’t think he could do it.  He thought the skid loader would be tough on my grass and that he might ruin my cement pad.  AH.  I was so disappointed.

Well, Kalissa was here by then.  She was disappointed too.  Then she kicked into “she-man can do all things” version of Kalissa.  She was bound and determined that she and Karl were going to get the cabinet up the steps.

Here they are trying…

…and trying.

Nope.  It would not go.

So then Kalissa went and did some local shopping to get some Christmas present shopping off her list.  I watched the boys.

Then the guy with the skid loader came back.  He had an idea and was sure we could get the cabinet into my sewing room.  He said he’s come back at noon or so.  Hmm..okay.

Two hours later Kalissa was back and was now in the mood to do everything she could to help me.   So she edited videos.  She helped me do a couple of other things while I kept Carver and Gannon busy with me working on these Spider Web String blocks.

The guy ended up coming back to my house.  He didn’t have the skid loader and I was really wondering how this was all going to work.  I wish I could have gotten a picture but it happened so fast there was no time.

He took two boards and laid them out as a ramp to get the back of his pickup onto the cement.  Then Kalissa and he lifted the cabinet into the back of this pickup.  I was in the doorway on the upper floor and I grabbed and guided it as they pushed it in.

Here’s a picture of my upper door so you can get an idea of how it all had to work.  I don’t love heights at all so me in the upper door was a bit of a challenge for me.  Kramer and I had intentions of building an upper deck here but it didn’t happen.

Look.  Here it is in my sewing room.  GLORY BE!!  It’s in there just like I wanted it!

I’m so happy.

The guy was so sweet.  He’s 19.  He doesn’t know us and tried and tried to refuse to take the $20 I was trying to give him for helping.  What a great kid.  I hope his parents know how kind-hearted he is.

Kalissa was still on a mission.  So next the new television that I bought several months ago got set up and the old television went to my sewing room.  About then Craig called and was getting home from work.  Craig and Kalissa were going on a date so in a whirl she flew out of here with the boys.

I was left with toys all over, television boxes and packaging everywhere, dirty dishes but was a VERY, VERY happy girl.  I’m getting closer to having the sewing room the way I want it.  I really needed that cabinet upstairs.  Having to deal with the aftermath was a tiny price to pay for the help.

So I started cleaning up.  I used these to wrap up by cords.  Have you seen these?  They are awesome.

The cables are silicone and have magnets in the end.  I wrapped them around the cords and then popped the magnets together and they stuck.  It was perfect.  I bought mine HERE on Amazon.

They can be used for so much stuff.  I bought a 12 pack but I’m already wishing I had bought a 20 pack.

Anyway…I have the television in the living room all programmed and ready to use.  I’m off to do that with the upstairs one….and I’m spending the rest of the day sorting and organizing in there.  I’m getting so much closer to having my sewing room done and I could be happier!!  I think I’m going to be feet up and stitching by 8:30pm tonight though.  What a whirlwind of a day!!

…but most importantly, I’m really happy.  So happy.  Like really happy.  I hope you all have had a good day too.

P.S.  Did I tell you how happy I am?  I really am!!

24 thoughts on “BUSY DAY!!”

  1. Jo, I’m so happy for you! Of all people, you are the most deserving of happiness. I’m so grateful to that guy for helping you out!

  2. What a great day with all your helpers. Isn’t it wonderful to meet people who are happy to help others! Enjoy your time this evening stitching with your feet up!

  3. Thats a wonderful day Jo!! I am so happy for you. There are good people all around us. But I am also a huge believer in Karma. When you are good to people they are good to you. Enjoy and I can’t wait to see the pictures of your new sewing haven when you are done.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    You finished my nearly perfect day with a laugh. Your happiness shared and the inventiveness oh Kalissa and you 19 year old young man just was what I was needing to hear. Delightful blog. The red cabinet really sparkles your sewing room.

  5. Because you are so happy, made me happy. I am worn out from painting in a new house and I needed to hear you say how happy you are!! Your sewing room is really coming together.

  6. Friends gave us an old vanity when they were moving. It was in the house when they moved in and we tried every way we knew to get it down the narrow stairway to no avail. Needless to say it’s still in that house.

  7. What a great day, Jo! So glad that you finally have your red cabinet where you needed it to be… and you are getting closer to having the televisions all set up….looking forward to the reveal of your sewing room!!
    Enjoy your cross stitching this evening!!

  8. A fantastic day for sure! Happy Happy Happy. Your happiness makes US happy :-)

    Cheers to Kalissa, Karl and mystery man for getting this done for you!

  9. So happy for you! And what a wonderful young man! In our last house we had wide doors and openings in the house. When we moved here my husband and son got our sofa stuck trying to get it into the front door. Thankfully we have french doors to the dining room off the deck so they had to take it around back and bring it in that way.

  10. Hi Jo!
    YEAH!!! Happy for you! Be sure to post lots of photos of how your sewing room looks when you get it the way you want it to be. Thats my plan for January. I have a majoy re -organization on my horizon too.
    Happy Thanks giving to you all!

  11. It looks perfect in your room Jo! So happy for you that you’re getting closer to how you want it! I’ll bet you’re a happy girl….LOL

  12. I’m sure most people, self included, wonder why you have a door to nowhere on your second floor. Now we know. I had a designer friend in California decorating an old house. They had to take the window out of a room in order to get the new furniture in it.

  13. Happy Day for YOU!!! YAY! We’ve had a similar awkward furniture move. Our sectional couch had to go through a window when putting in new windows (we remodeled our current home before moving in). The couch will stay here forever and the next generation owner of this house will have to like it or use chain saw to get it out, ha! Luckily for you your family and kind neighbors saw you through your sewing room remodeling!! Goes back to you treating others as you would want to be treated, your motto for sure!! God willing, more happy days ahead for you Jo!!

  14. As a cross stitcher you may already know this, but I use those magnetic cable things to corral excess cross stitch fabric when I’m using a Q-snap. It’s the best solution I’ve found for that.

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  16. What a lovely, lovely day you had! Surrounded by family and sweet helpers and lots of productive activity. Your post lifted my spirits!

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