It’s a really busy day here on the farm.  They guys are chopping haylage again today.  There are tractors and wagons in and out about every 15 minutes.


To the south of the house major construction is going on.  There are construction workers, trenchers and bin builders.  I happen to take a picture when one of the crews was on the back side of the bin and another was to lunch.


Dump trucks are in and out bringing in fill.  It has been so-so busy.  At one point Hubby counted 17 workers on the farm!!  I sure am glad I don’t have to feed all of them!!

While all that was going on…someone (our daugther Kalissa) noticed that there were some really cute construction workers there so she decided to mow lawn.

As long as I didn’t have to mow, I didn’t care.

In the mean time, I was running in out and in and out trying to catch Hubby and talk to him.  We have some negotiations that we are working on (more about that later!)…but it was important and I had to talk to him.

Ruby however was very sad.  She could only go outside on her tie out cable and that’s not nearly as fun as having free rein to roam the farm…but it’s all for her safe.  This evening it won’t be so busy and we’ll let her free.  As for me, I am writing a couple blog posts and waiting for the phone to ring so I can run back out for more negotiations.  It truly is a busy-busy day.

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  1. In your parents day, I bet they did feed all those workers. But then it wasn’t quite so easy to drive some place for dinner.

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