Busy Beginning of the Week

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Off-da. I had a super busy beginning of the week. I’m getting too old for weeks that are so crazy.

I told you I had a busy weekend. Saturday was the Stitchery Nook and family. Sunday was grandkids…Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were grandkid filled as well.

Kalissa, my daughter was working overnight nursing shifts. They are 12-hour shifts and four of them in a row for her means me as her childcare person is on duty. Craig, her husband, is a huge help and takes on kid duties awesomely but he had extended hours of work as well…so I did what I could to help.

Monday the boys were here. We had a really busy day. We had a day camp for Carver and swimming lessons for Gannon. Anders was great in his stroller so I squeezed in a few stitches. We live 20-30 minutes from anywhere so a simple half-hour swimming lesson takes a lot more time.

I had the boys all day. In the afternoon I did a lot of work for the Animal Rescue that I work for. I was working on checking applications. Then that evening Carver had a ball game. Kalissa’s family was scheduled for the concession stand so Craig did that and I watched Anders and Gannon…and the game.

Anders ended up falling asleep there.

I think it was about 9 pm by the time I was kidless. Whew…that was a long day. I now know why we are meant to have kids when we are young.

In the mix of all of that, I found out that Fiona my foster dog who had gone with her new family wasn’t working out. It happens. The other dog was frisky, young, and super energetic. Fiona just wasn’t interested and got a little snappy with her. Fiona would be coming back to me on Tuesday.

Tuesday was another day with Kalissa’s boys. This time it was just Carver and Gannon. Anders was at the hospital with his parents. He ended up getting tubes in his ears. I had the boys at 5:30 in the morning.

This day after swimming lessons, my daughter Kelli and her crew met me at the pool and the kiddos played in the splash pad.

Gannon and Georgie just loved it. They are both 4 and the perfect age for the splash pad.

Emmet in the yellow loved it too…he however wouldn’t let me take a picture of him.

We couldn’t get Eli to do too much. He wasn’t much of a fan. Kelli really tried to get him to warm up the splash pad.

In the end, it was Carver who got him more interested in the splash pad. Carver can be such a good big cousin when he wants to be.

From there we picked up a pizza and had a pizza picnic in the park. Then the kids played on the playground equipment.

They played and played. We finally ran out of liquids so headed home. I picked up Anders from Kalissa who was home and needed to get to sleep to work the next shift.

Again over nap time, I worked on applications for the Animal Rescue I volunteer with.

All the kids were good. Thankfully. Kelli and her crew ended up at my house after the playground. They all hung out until about 8 pm. I was pooped.

Fiona came back…She loves other dogs…just not ones with a lot of puppy in them. Here she is loving up on Freddie.

Wednesday was another day with Kalissa’s kids. It was another day with swimming lessons and day camp. Carver’s day camp only is for an hour and coordinates with Gannon’s swimming lessons. Anders was the best boy and slept through swimming lessons. There was a nice breeze so we sat in the car, him sleeping and me stitching.

From swimming we hurried home and met Doreen. She’s a local friend who is a very generous lady with a huge heart for helping others. Someone had given her fabric and Doreen wanted to donate it to the Cresco Ladies and whoever else I thought could use it. I did pull some flannels and set them aside for Jazz and some heavy-weight fabric for Lana who does school bags for Lutheran World Relief.

Doreen is super sweet to Kalissa’s family as well. She has a soft spot for kids. She had to get the totes out of her convertible so the top had to come down. She took Carver and let him push the buttons. It is automatic and really cool. I was impressed and Carver and Gannon were even more impressed. You’d have thought Dorren was James Bond!! HA!

Many thanks for your kindness, Doreen. I love that you have adopted our family.

Gannon, my forever dog boy, spent part of the afternoon loving up on Fiona. Happily, she had a new applicant and she came and got Fiona that afternoon.

I made arrangements for Freddie too. His family is coming on Saturday. Whew…and on a happy note. Brandy has an applicant (I told you about here HERE) and they are coming to her this weekend. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Throughout these days Mr. Freddie has figured out that he likes to chew toys and things. Nothing is safe…Anders toys, the kids’ shoes, the television remote. Whatever he sees he thinks would be tasty so I spent my days monitoring the floors searching for things that the boys left on the floor. Oh my. I was going crazy… I can sacrifice a toy or two but the shoes and remotes thankfully I caught quickly enough.

Needless to say by the time pick-up time rolled around, I was one pooped foster dog mom and one pooped Grandma. I was thankful to be having a couple of days off with no grandkids. I needed to catch up on sleep…I needed to eat something that is not kid-friendly…I needed some quiet…I mostly needed some adult time and some time at the sewing machine. I felt about like Gannon in this picture…

Yes. He fell asleep like that.

I love the dogs…the grandkids…but I love me some me time too!!

This all starts again on Monday. Seriously…I don’t think I could do regular childcare like I used to. This is plenty!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, such busy days! No wonder you were pooped! The photo of Carver holding Eli’s hand made me melt – so cute. Gannon has such a beautiful connection with dogs – they can obviously sense it.

  2. Hang in there and remember to take care of yourself. I know that grandkids are so much fun, but also exhausting!

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