Buster the Foster Pup

Last night I got a message that there was a pup that needed fostering.  Ruby is feeling better and back to her normal self so I volunteered.

This is Buster.  He’s a beagle-collie mix.


He is 8 1/2 weeks old and is a little cutie.


He is unique in that he has one blue eye and one brown eye.

I think it’s going to be more on the collie side of things.  The coloring is collie…He’s bigger too.

He is socializing wonderfully with the other dogs.  Ruby likes him even.


Kelli is completely distracted with the puppy around….

Well if I’m honest, I’m distracted too.

Our daughter Kalissa thought about adopting him but she wants a beagle…or at least one that looks more like a beagle.

If anyone is interested, you can fill out an application for him at the Northeast Iowa Humane Society.

6 thoughts on “Buster the Foster Pup”

  1. So cute & he has lttle or should I say big white boots! I too think w/ the bigger feet he is definitely going to be larger & more like a collie than beagle. A very cute combination, tho!

  2. We had a Beagle – Collie mix when I was a teen but he was much more ‘Beagle coloured’. He was a beautiful dog with a fluffy plume of a tail and the most gentle and loving suck we’ve ever had. If Buster has the same temperment, whoever adopts him will be a very lucky family.

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