Buck’s House

After my blog post about our antiques sale I had promised a post about Buck’s house.

Buck got divorced in February.  As a mom I was a little worried about him.  (What mom wouldn’t be?)

I was surprised a couple weeks later when I asked how he was doing, he said he hated the way the house looked.  The walls were empty and that made things feel more empty.

I wanted to offer to help but to be honest, I need a decorator.  I don’t decorate.  I have no eye for that at all!

Next thing I knew he was busy re-doing…re-inventing and finally I got to see his work.  After begging and pleading he finally let me take some pictures.  I knew you’d all love to see it too.  It looks so good.

This is his dining room table.  He built is and the benches.


I love it it’s chunky-sturdy look.


Flanking each of the windows is a plant….but look.  He made the hangers. The tops are pulleys.  I asked how he came up with that idea.  He smiled and said, “Pinterest”.  Awesome right?  Behind is a cool rustic antique mirror.


In the living room he made this picture framed wall hanging.  He bought old frames, put tin in some and stacked them.  It was cool.


He has a truck from an end table and on it is his old tool box that he bought.   He got it a tag sale for $65.  It looked so neat there.  It’s in wonderful shape.  Being he is a carpenter it’s very appropriate too.


On his living room wall he has this…  He made the big tic tac toe shelf.  He collected some fun rustic things and added them to the shelf.  I was so impressed.  He did a great job.

He had this shelf back when he was married.  His ex-wife had displayed some other things on there.  Then the shelf looked a little too chunky.  Now, it looks great with the rustic stuff on it.


He also made a great wine/liquor shelf but he was out of wine and liquor so didn’t want me take a picture of it but I loved that too.

We happened to catch him mid-project.  He had just made a batch of peck boxes.  He uses them during canning season.  The boxes hold eight canning jars or a peck of produce.

I was so impressed with the house and the updates he’s done.  It’s so good to see him thriving and happy.

Speaking of happy…he’s dating and we met his girl friend.  I can only say good things about that.

It does a momma’s heart good to see her boy happy and he definitely seemed happy.


14 thoughts on “Buck’s House”

  1. What a wonderful home your son has made for himself, very creative and I think his shelves turned out perfect. I’m glad he let you take the pictures. Woo hoo on the new girlfriend.

  2. It looks great. I’m so impressed that he identified a problem and got busy on a solution. Next time you feel like you need a decorator, maybe you should ask *him* for tips! I’m sure you’re a proud mama.

    I especially like the picture frame picture. I’ve never seen anything like that before, even on Pinterest! :)

  3. I like a guy who is resourceful and tries to figure things out, even if it isn’t in a ‘guy’ area or something he might normally be interested in. I agree with you, he seems to be on a good path.

  4. He should be very proud of himself-everything looked great! Glad he’s moving on in all areas of his life. Must be he comes from good stock!

  5. Buck has made a fantastic job with his carpentry and decorating; his house looks amazing. The table and benches are fabulous and totally blend with his other creative touches. I’m so pleased he is doing well. Thanks Buck for allowing total strangers a glimpse into your most attractive home.

  6. Sharon Hughson

    Jo, I had to laugh at the pics of your son’s home. Thinking he may be dating, I wondered if the axe display might be put out of sight when any perspective dates come for dinner. LOL He sure is creative. Runs in the family.

    1. Happily his girlfriend bought a fixer upper house and has been redoing it herself! She is a real do-it-yourselfer with carpentry skills herself. I don’t think she would mind.

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