Bucket List: Hawaii Sunset 1845

Slowly but surely I am still plugging along on my bucket list quilt, Hawaii Sunset 1845.  The first month I make some four patches, last month I finished the four patches.

This month I am slowly working my way through the nine patches.

They are all cut and I already have about five of the 25 finished.  This really is a slow and leisurely way to sew but that’s okay….eventually I will get it done.

There were emails and comments left by people wondering about the pattern for Hawaiian Sunset 1945 or back issues of the magazine.  I did a little checking around.  Here is a link to Quilter’s Newsletter’s website.  You can order a back issue but it appears that it is only available as a download and not a hard copy.

Is anyone else making this…oh please share a link to a picture in the comments.  I’d love to see some inspiration!!

3 thoughts on “Bucket List: Hawaii Sunset 1845”

  1. It is a beauty!! I like having a quilt that I take my time on!! I have been working on one for two years and building the blocks slow but sure, inbetween all my other projects. I think I might make 2 more then call it quits.

  2. Was so glad to see this quilt! I saw it at a quilt show a couple years ago in South Texas, took a picture of it and it has been the wallpaper on my iPhone since then. I went to the website, bought the download copy and am now gathering fabrics to make this quilt. Will probably do it leisurely, as you are, in between other projects, but I am hoping to get fabrics as close to the pattern colors as possible. I LOVE this quilt. Thanks again for posting information for the pattern. Love your blog and all the things you and your daughter are able to accomplish. Perkiomen Dreams is now also on my bucket list thanks to you!

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