Bucket List Challenge-Hawaii Sunset 1845

Back in early June I sent out a Bucket List Challenge.  I was planning to make my Hawaii Sunset 1845 quilt and I challenged you to make a quilt that you’re always been wanting to make.

I didn’t plan to drop everything and make the quilt…I just planned on starting and not letting in move into the UFO stack.  So are you wondering how I’m doing??  At the time I didn’t have time to spend a day cutting so I just grabbed a stack of 2″ strips and started cutting to make the four patch blocks in the border.  Here’s how far I got.

There are 42 four patches done.  I was tidying up after getting a couple projects done so I stopped and cut out the rest of four patches.  My goal for this month is to finish up the four patches.  At this rate it is going to take me a long time to make this but that’s okay…someday I’ll have it done.  I do know that when I go to Country Threads next week I am going to see if I can find a few more fabrics to add variety to what I have.

This mode of working on a project is kind of nice.  No pressure to have it finished and no deadlines…that’s my favorite kind of sewing!!

So is anyone else making a Bucket List quilt?

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  1. Stephanie in AZ

    It’s not one that I’ve always wanted to make, but it’s one I’ve started. It’s a Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler. It has 140 6″ finished blocks. I’m on 59. I have a ways to go, but I’m going to finish it come hell or high water! :)

  2. Laurel from NW Iowa

    Good morning, Jo!
    I don’t have a bucket list, per se, but I do have the goal of getting some of my 12 quilt flimsies made into real quilts. So far, six are quilted and four more should be by the end of August. I don’t quilt them, but I have some really nice friends who do! With me not being able to sub at school due to my chemo schedule, I can’t justify taking the quilting money out of the family budget. I just kept making tops with fabric I already had and hanging the completed tops in the sewing room closet. Two friends found out about that and they are helping me get them finished. YAY for great friends!
    Here’s a question from a non-farmer: Are Crocs enough protection for your feet if you’re helping around cattle? Just wondering, not criticizing. You would certainly know 1000% more about this topic than I!
    Headed to Oelwein for a Mon-Fri retreat in a few days. Pat Zajicek from Protivin is coming. If you’re in the area, please stop at LouAnn’s Quilt Garden – I’d love to meet you!

  3. I’ve pulled the pattern and have placed it front and center in my design area – does that count? LOL!!! I plan to start pulling fabrics next week when I get home from visiting grandbabies. I just love this quilt and really want one of my own :*) Good job on getting yours started!

  4. I think my hand-sewn feed sack bowties are my bucket list quilt. I keep changing my mind about how I’m going to put them together. So I just cut some more and sew some more.

  5. I sorted strings so I had all of the brights so I can make Fair and Square by Bonnie Hunter. This afternoon and tomorrow are sewing days!!! :)

  6. Pauline Kennelly

    I was so excited to see your Hawaii Sunset this morning. I tried and tried to find that pattern, but couldn’t so just started making it starting with 2½ strips. I was even unable to purchase the magazine from their back issues. Had to do some adjusting of size to fit the 6 flying geese. Your picture is the first time I’ve seen anything but the cover, so at least now I know how many blocks to make. I’ve finished 5 so have a long way to go.
    Would love to see the directions. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt. I really enjoyed seeing yours and hope you post more of it as you go along. Thanks!

  7. Jackie Livingston

    I have a Bucket List. One quilt one the list, was a Double Wedding Ring, I took a class and got the top done, but yet to quilt it, Second on my list is a Lone Star quilt, and third on my list is A Carpenters Star quilt. I hope to do these 2 quilts yet this year.

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