Do you want to know how cold it is here???  It’s so cold that I had to through another blanket on the bed. joke.

I couldn’t decided which quilt to add to the bed…I thought about Lazy Sunday and almost didn’t as it isn’t queen sized.  I ended up throwing it on my bed anyway.  I put it on width wise rather length wise…

I quilted this one with baptist fans and my oh my do I love that….  It kept us warm for the night in these horribly cold temps.  Monday and Tuesday again we’ll be in wind chill warnings with -50 degree wind chills.  Hopefully we won’t have to throw on yet another quilt but rest assured if we need one, I have one….or 25?!?!

So how about you…what’s on your bed?  Want to link up and share??

11 thoughts on “BRR…It’s COLD!!”

  1. Hey Jo! I am glad you are staying warm! I too am in the deep freeze and have been having snow everyday for who knows how long! So sick of it too be truthful!
    Can’t share a quilt as I still have none! One of these days, but as a full-time student and trying to work it won’t be any time soon!
    I love to be able to see what you have made and well it gives me hope at sometime I will have a quilt for my bed!
    Stay warm my friend… give all the dogs a big hello from Tiki, Chloe, Dutchess and Dahlia- their doggie friends here in NW Wisconsin.

  2. Jo, it’s not as cold here in south Louisiana (Baton Rouge) but the sleet and ice shut us down for a good 36 hours as it was around 28 degrees for over 24 hours. Iced all the interstates and bridges and stopped traffic totally. We simply are not equipped for freezing wintry mix in this part of the country. Yes, it’s returning on Tuesday here also.

    Love your blog, I follow you every day and so enjoy reading about your family life. BTW, my 100 lb. boxer sleeps next to me and so I rarely need much cover. He’s like a big heating blanket.

  3. It was a balmy 9F this morning. We have 2 wool blankets and a jewel toned Lone Star I made years ago. Love that quilt! The guest room has a mystery quilt made in deep earthy tones of burnt orange, goldenbrown, brown, a green plaid and flecked black. Love that quilt too.

  4. I’m sure I’ll throw another quilt on the bed tonight too. The forecast is for -4 and the way the wind is blowing it’ll be plenty cold. Right now I have Roll Roll Cotton Boll over one called Kitty Corner that was in a Fons & Porter magazine 15-16 years ago. That one finally got quilting & finished about three years ago. My quilt tops sometimes have to mellow for a while before I get to them. LOL

  5. Even down here in Arkansas it’s been COLD! We are up to a bottom flannel sheet and 3 quilts on the bed…….2 I made and 1 that my cousin gifted to me some years ago…Been years since we’ve had this kind of cold here….

  6. Oh, I like what Linda in NE said about her quilt tops needed to mellow for awhile. I’ve got several that are mellowing. I do have a scrappy quilt on the bed, not sure of the name of the pattern. I’m thinking about throwing a rag flannel lap quilt on top of that for the next
    couple of nights. Read where it was suppose to get to minus 45 F with the wind chill. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Not a blogger but I have a yellow and blue squares queen size quilt I made on my bed. The spare bedroom ha all blue squares quilt on its bed. I sure hope my grandchildren will be snuggled under their quilts tonight.

  8. Please don’t flog me but it’s very comfy in Central Texas 50 degress right now. Don’t envy y’all in the north. It’s just too cold for me. Although I grew up in Missouri and lived there 42 years of my life so I know a little bit about cold weather. Warmer times are coming!

  9. Pretty frigid in Kansas City, but we’ve had no snow to speak of so far this winter. I don’t mind the cold, as I can always throw on another quilt, but can’t handle the summer heat.

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