Brownie Delight

Here’s one of my hubby’s favorite desserts…I like it because the kids can make the brownies in the morning and I can finish up the rest later in the day.


You can make your favorite box brand of brownies or you can use my homemade recipe.

Here’s my basic brownie recipe:

2 sticks of margarine softened
2 eggs
2 t vanilla
2 cups of sugar
1/2 c cocoa
2 cups flour

Mix.  Bake them for 23 minutes in a 350 degree oven.  Cool.

After the brownies have cooled mix:
2~ 8 oz. packages of softened cream cheese
2 cups powdered sugar

Fold in 2 cups of whipped topping.  Spread on brownies.

In another bowl mix
2 cups of milk
1~large box of instant chocolate pudding

Pour over brownies.  Let set a bit.  Spread more whipped topping over the brownies.  I often drizzle chocolate syrup over the top or sprinkle a few nuts over the top…

They are yummy and a nice cool dessert for the summer.

4 thoughts on “Brownie Delight”

  1. They sound so YUMMY!! In my younger days I had migraines, aggravated by chocolate, but those day are done now and I have lots of missed chocolate to make up for. :) DH now tells me chocolate doesn’t agree with him any more……MORE for me!!

  2. Oh Yummo! Good thing I saw this recipe before I went grocery shopping today. I can see this being a favorite at our house :o)

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