Bridal Shower for Kelli

Sunday afternoon Kelli’s aunts hosted a bridal shower for Kelli.  Being the two families live about a half hour from each other we picked a neutral spot to meet and held the shower together.  It was great but it made for BIG bunch of ladies….

Of course, true to form for me when events are going on, I didn’t get many pictures.  I get busy visiting and forgot the picture part of it all until I got home and went to write a blog post.

The little girls of course wanted to help Kelli and Kelli loves kids so they were in most every picture.



Here Kelli is opening a present from our blog reader Ila…it’s a sixpence and a vintage handkerchief for Kelli.  Ila says the rhyme used to go something like this…”Something old, something new, something borrowed something new-and a sixpence for your shoe”.  Well Ila supplied the six pence.  The handkerchief was a special one from a grandma.  How sweet…Kelli was happy.


Here are the girls in the bridal party….Jason’s sister, Caitlyn-our daughter Kalissa-Kelli-our daughter Kayla and Kelli’s crazy friend Fergie who we love too-who is the personal attendant.


Here’s one of me and the girls.


I didn’t get around to visit with everyone who came…I feel so inadequate at these types of things…There are so many people who we know from so many different parts of our lives.  There were my family and Hubby’s family and neighbors and my old childcare families and our friends.  5 minutes each- with all the people we love is just never enough.  I feel so bad when people have traveled so far to get there too…or people who we don’t see as often as we wish.  I just always hope they understand.

Kelli is so blessed.  Jason’s family is wonderful, helpful and kind.  Now that wedding is only five weeks away!!

2 thoughts on “Bridal Shower for Kelli”

  1. Hi Jo,
    I live in Scotland and our saying is slightly different.
    Something old
    Something new
    Something borrowed
    Something blue. (usually a lacy garter)

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