Breaking News on the Cancer Front

Okay..I’m sure read today’s post that told you that we didn’t get any real results from the scan.  That is true…we didn’t.

Today I sat down to lunch do eat my leftovers from yesterday and the home phone rang.

I almost didn’t answer it as I it’s typically a telemarketer or someone doing a political survey.  I answered it and it was my doctor from Lacrosse.  YES, she was at work and calling on a Saturday.  She’s a clinic doctor.

She said that she was in today…she was wanting to study my case.  While she was doing that, a couple of my blood test results from yesterday came in.  Remember my Thyroglobulin Tumor Marker that was supposed to be under 2 had jumped from 17 to 26 in just a month.  Well…that number exploded again once it was stimulated.  Typically stimulated it goes up a few points like to 32.  NOT ME….Mine jumped to 53.  So here we are.  What do we do??  That’s what Doctor Thida was studying.

She presented to me that she thinks it’s in my best interest to treat not.  She told me I have the option of waiting if I’d like but she was suggesting based on the stimulated number of 53 that we treat.

For me, treating means the diet, shots, and a treatment dose of radioactive iodine.  At this point she is still talking with the Tumor Team…they will help decide the dosing.  At this point we’re leaning towards a 150 dosage which is what I got last time.

When this all will happen, I’m not sure…likely the diet will start in a week or two.  With that schedule in mind I will likely be on quarantine for Thanksgiving….that will be a little sad but we have to do what we have to do.  We can’t risk anything as we have little ones here and pregnant moms.  I’m jumping the gun to even think that far ahead.

I thought I’d give you the update.  I know so many of you have our family in your thoughts and prayers so you deserve an update.

P.S.  I didn’t scold my doctor for being in and working on a Saturday.  She said she was worried about my case and wanted to do some research to make sure she was doing all she could.  No that’s a dedicated doctor.  Should cancer be the thing that takes me out, I don’t want anyone to ever question my doctor.  She’s doing all she can…and I love her all the more for it!

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  1. A Saturday working doctor??? That’s marvelous & not leaving you hanging. Sorry the news was not better. You will remain in my prayers. Susan

  2. Prayers are with you and with all of the doctors studying your case. Hope they come up with on answer soon and that even if you have to miss Thanksgiving you will be all ready for Christmas!

  3. I know you have some relief to know you will have a plan in motion soon. A quarantine over thanksgiving has to be hard, but I am betting it will be hardest for your kids. You will sew!! (Can you? I don’t know the rules about radioactivity. Can you touch fabric and then later give it to someone? Or does it get “contaminated “? I sure hope you can see!!)

  4. DORINDA Fleming

    Hang in there you are not alone you have a large extended family out here with you. You are stronger than you think sometimes. You and your family are in our thoughts.

  5. Sometimes, it’s easier to read, think and put things together when there aren’t a lot of interruptions. I was not a doctor, but I found a few quiet hours on the weekend was far more productive on my deep thinking work than maybe a whole day or two that was broken up with calls and whatnot. She’s really doing all she can to come up with a good course of action for you. So glad you’ve got a great doc in your corner.

  6. Having a plan must feel better than not. And I add my admiration of your doctor to everyone else’s. What a gem you have caring for you, but then, we’re all think you’re a gem!

  7. I am sorry the news isn’t what we hoped for. It sounds like you have a dedicated doctor, that you like. This is so important in a situation like yours. You will be in my prayers Jo. Live life to the fullest, one day at a time.

  8. I’ve included your doctor and caregivers in my prayers along with your family. It doesn’t harm to pray for blessings and guidance. Take care. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Thank God for a doctor like yours!! Praying they will figure out exactly where your tumor is and know how to get rid of it permanently. Lifting you and your family in prayer as you again navigate the deep waters of “c”.

  10. Jo, thank you for taking the time to update your blog on a Saturday. What a caring Dr. you have!!

    My prayers will continue for strength and for your complete healing!!

    Love ❤️ from Manchester!

  11. Thank you for this update. Prayers going forward… for you, your family, your wonderful doctor and your team. So many unknowns. But one known… God will be with you! ❤

  12. I’m impressed with your Dr & her dedication! She seems to be taking such good care of you! Keeping you/Kramers in my prayers & sending hugs to all!

  13. What a dedicated doctor! It’s nice to know how much she cares. Not the news you expected to be sure and the timing stinks but sometimes getting the jump on something is the right thing. Praying that the timing for everything works out and you get through this treatment as easily as can be. Praying!

  14. Jo, you’re one in a million and your numbers that continue to stump the docs and the tests just prove it. That being said it’s good you have such a caring doc who’s doing her best to come up with a plan. Kramer Strong!!

  15. Have they identified any lymph node involvement? What type of cancer do they believe it might be? Tall Cell or just a general thyroid? Check all of these things. Have they said anything about surgery?
    You are in my thoughts and hopes daily.

  16. You will be in my daily prayers. I know your dr already has a handle on what it going on and that helps too. May the Lord wrap his healing arms around you as well as guiding your medical team.

  17. I’m still wondering about that suspicious module they couldn’t biopsy. If it is the culprit will the proposed treatment take care of it?
    Sending you big hugs and prayers. I’m thankful for the dedication of doctors like yours. The holiday timing is unfortunate but Thanksgiving can be celebrated anytime—including very soon before the diet even begins again! ❤️

  18. You can take comfort in knowing that your doctor is doing everything to make sure you receive the correct treatment. Keeping you in my prayers!

  19. Prayers for you and your family. What a tough year this has been but it’s also been one filled with the blessings of new grandchildren. Take comfort from your family and know that a lot of people are praying for you.

  20. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Prayer warriors reporting for city with new marching orders! We’re on it. Gotcha covered.

    You’ll be able get those quilts done for your childcare kiddos. And then time with your family will be even sweeter.

    Jo, your spirit, faith, and grit are amazing. You are a real witness.

  21. Prayers, prayers and more prayers. Just thinking of all of you and asking God for strength to hold you all through this. Warm hugs for each of you.

  22. Judith Fairchild

    Oh my what a great blessing a dedicated good Dr is. I tank God for her. Prayer continuing. Enjoy whatever you’re able to eat.

  23. I’m so glad you answered the phone and its wonderful that your doctor is investigating what is going on with you. I continue to keep you in my prayers.

  24. Debra - Australia

    I agree with Luara. Have your family’s Thanksgiving before you go on the diet and under treatment, after all it is more about the intent of the day rather than a specific arbitrary date. Give yourself & your family good memories to keep everyone strong and positive. Good luck for a successful outcome to the treatment.

  25. Prayers for you and your family. What an ordeal to deal with, it has been a difficult year for all of you.
    Your in my thoughts. It is wonderful that you have an awesome team trying to find ALL the answers for you.

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