Breakfast Sandwiches

One thing good and bad about being a fairly good cook is that often I like what I cook better than what we get at the restaurant…but then I don’t get to go out to a restaurant and get a break from cooking.

Long ago we quit going out for pizza.  We all like what I make better.

We now no longer go out and have breakfast sandwiches or anything like that either.  They are so quick and easy to make at home that I have trouble paying for them at a restaurant.  Since I discovered the sausage patties and the everything bagels at Aldi’s these are even better.

My big griddle that I have is perfect for making these.


I butter the bagels and lay them on the hot griddle.  I fry the eggs on the bagel.  The sausage gets microwaved.

Once the eggs are done, assembly begins.  The bagel bottom-the sausage patty-a slice of cheese-the egg-the bagel top…YUM!!!  Hashbrowns top off the meal.  It’s a real favorite of both Hubby and I.  If you stop buy for lunch after church on Sunday, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be served up one of these.

Give them a try sometime…Quick and oh so easy!

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  1. I know what you mean about going out to eat. I’ve become so bad that I pack a cooler when we travel and we just eat from it. I’m tired of paying high prices for inferior food or getting hungry in an hour (especially from a fast food place). Don’t get me started about the lack of fruits or veggies. I make the same “egg muffins” only a different method using English muffins. It’s my favorite “go to meal” for a quick brunch or supper if I can’t think of anything else or am just plain too exhausted (lazy) to cook anything else.

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